Gerald and Aljur

Oh my! So this is how it is going to be? A Gerald Anderson-versus-Aljur Abrenica scenario? I hope this one’s a healthy competition, though, as the boys are hot and just doing their jobs. At least, these are fresh new faces [and bodies!] who are igniting our wildest fantasies. Both seem to be moving on the right tracks as they are the next big stars of their respective tv stations. Last night at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash was a rare chance that the two popular actors shared one steamy stage together. So hawt!

So Cosmo!

Gerald Anderson

l-r: Aljur Abrenica, Ejay Falcon and Joem Bascon

l-r: Daniel Kenji Matsunaga, JC Tiuseco, Phil Younghusband and Sid Lucero

Let’s take a short Lem break and focus on the new centerfold guys of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. There’s cute boy and hugely popular Gerald who edged out rising star Aljur for the cover boy position. Both are hot and handsome, if you ask me. The best-est pose, however, would have to be that of ballsy Ejay followed by hunky nekkid guys Joem and Daniel. JC and Phil and Sid Lucero are forever gorgeous, too! Enjoy!

The New Big Star!

He is ABS-CBN’s new big star and no one else comes close! Gerald Anderson is undeniably one of the most popular young actors today. The success of his prime-time show Tayong Dalawa has catapulted his star to high heavens. Plus, his presence is felt in the numerous advertisements he is endorsing – from clothes to health drink and food to silver bracelets. With his new-found fame, this charming 20-year-old lad from General Santos City is poised to take reins over at ABS-CBN and become its important leading man of his generation.


I just found these photos in my files and I thought I’d put them together, side by side. I’m not going to ask who’s hotter or yummier or sexier because they are both adorable. And, besides, there’s no real comparison, really –  Gerald Anderson [left] is only 19 years old and relatively new in showbiz while Richard Gutierrez, who’s turning 25 early next year, has been in the business since he was a fat little kid.  They are both popular, from warring networks but local brand Bench got them together as models and of course, coaxed into going shirtless in its shows and campaigns. And, who knows, they might just do the bikini briefs for the Bench ads soon.

Gerald Anderson in adult role

ABS-CBN’s heir apparent and resident cutie Gerald Anderson gets his first acting break as an adult in a new prime time series called Tayong Dalawa.  He’ll pit good looks and serious acting skills with another studio favorite, Jake Cuenca.  For the series, Gerald had to shave [his face] to do the clean-cut look of an Air Force officer.  The son of a Navy man in real life, Gerald says he draws inspiration for the role from his father.  

Enchong or Gerald?

Let’s do the choices thing again. If you were to select your boy for the rest of your Boracay Island stay [3 days, 2 nights, economy fan room but with free breakfast], and the options are – Enchong Dee and Gerald Anderson, who would it be and why?  Now, this is a tough one, if you ask me.  I prefer the Filipino-Chinese kid. And the Filipino-American cutie, too.   I can’t seem to make an absolute choice. Who is your bet?

Pretty please with sugar on top?

Yes, I know I just posted some photos barely a week ago.  But then again, these pictures of Gerald Anderson  are hard to pass up. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, can I tease and torment you again with these photos?  These were taken in a Boracay resort, with a wet, wet Gerald confidently showing off his young and developing bod. Happy Friday!

Heir Apparent

I know you just can’t get enough of Gerald Anderson, that refreshingly cute kid down by the ABS-CBN backlot. Reader macky79 sends in these candid photos of the boy, shirtless – of course, from the shoot for StarStudio magazine’s top 12 “most sizzling boys under 23.” The photos are proof positive that the published image of Gerald was not digitally manipulated. He’s beginning to bulk up his body and buckle down to serious mode, most probably in preparation for more intense and weighty roles as an adult.  Gerald is really poised to take over as the top guy in his home studio soon.

Candid Gerald

Oh my. Comments page, I think, under the previous entry on ABS-CBN’s next big star, Gerald Anderson, is full. So I’m putting one up here – featuring candid and most recent photos of the young actor in the beach. Shirtless and shooting a tv series. And proving to one and all that that StarStudio magazine photo was not photoshopped for the most part. Gerald Anderson’s star turn is up around the corner and nothing [and no one] is going to get in the way. The boy is really turning out to be a fine young man!

Gerald Anderson is waiting in the wings

This might just have to be Twink Week!  For the next post, here’s 19-year-old Gerald Anderson, resident cutie and top teen draw at ABS-CBN.  I’m not so sure but I’m thinking he is being groomed to be the next big leading man in his studio, this early.  He has not been vacant with work, as a weekly tv show has already been scheduled for showing in the coming month,  with his perennial showbiz love team in tow.  And the shirtless photos released most recently rather signal his transition from the teenybopper image to a more serious [and sexy] figure. I’m not complaining.
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