James or Phil? The brothers Younghusband heat up the summer in their shirtless, wet-shorts states. Do you like the taller, older James? Or the more popular younger one, Phil?


Wasn’t it in a recently-aired morning show where Daniel Matsunaga revealed casually that he takes a shower once a week, Wednesdays perhaps? Or maybe I was just hearing things. Which got me thinking: Would anyone still want to sleep with this hot, hot chunk of a man, given that revelation? 

Boy in Bed

Doesn’t he look sexy in horizontal position? Inviting, come hither. Bikini open contestant Jheem Kazumi [yes, that’s his name, or how he wants his competition alias to be] could be the type of boy you want to wake up with in the morning. Half-naked, with morning wood, of course.

Apollo’s Belt

The most insane Apollo’s belt belongs to model-bit player Miko Raval. In case you’re wondering about what that belt is, it means that part of the anatomy that runs from the hip bone to the pubis.  It is most often used by bodybuilders [and gymrats] to describe the two shallow grooves on the stomach and groin area.

Rob Pits

Extreme weight loss reality show a.k.a. The Biggest Loser host Robbie Domingo is going sexy. Well, he’s 24 years old, enough to dare and bare for the ogling public. He’s seen here displaying his wares – pits, torso and all. Maybe in due time, he’ll follow his friend Sam Concepcion‘s sexy Bench Body path.


After a horrific motorcycle accident that nearly ended his life, model Jiro Shirakawa is back in excellent form. Well, almost. Although he gained a bit of poundage, he’s still working the underwear modelling bit just fine.


You know it’s the season of the sun when the bikini boys come out to play! The huge playground is called the bikini open competition, of course, where the boys wear small underthings – warts, bulges and all. This is Stephen Dorschner or Stephan Cativo – they change names most of the time, anyways. He’s a constant contestant in dem sexy competitions and we’re not complaining.

R & R

Oh, these brothers! These fine young men with great muscles.
Rodjun the Elder and Rayver the Younger. 
They’re blazing, blistering under the hot, hot sun.

How do we describe them again? “Broad shoulders, narrow hips,
and their abdominal muscles ripple as they walk.”

Rez Fil

That’s the name he’s using. Rez Fil . Quite unique for a name. A couple of days ago, he was the surprise first-runner-up to Allen Molina in the Daragang Magayon  2014 Bikini Open.  The Lubao, Pampanga native looks so boyish and naughty, isn’t he? Maybe we’ll see more of him in the bikini season.

Allen Molina is the king of bikini competitions

Well, Allen Ong Molina just won last night’s biggest bikini competition in the South – the Daragang Magayon Bikini Open 2014.  You have to see him in action how he does it. It means winning every title and award from every nook and village in Luzon. Take for example this Magayon contest.

The minute he stepped into the stage for the introduction, he owned the crowd 
(that sweaty-wet shirt giveaway never failed).

The fantasy wear segment featured him in “snow angel” costume.
No matter how ridiculous the outfit, Allen came out ultra fine.
And sexy.

He knew how to turn on the charm.

With a bonus of buttocks.
The contest had a program called the “showdown” where the contestants had to dance.
Allen gyrated, to the delight of the girls and girls alike.
He swayed to the left, too.
Of course, he had to do his signature moves.
The push-up.
The awesome handstand.
No one can top him.

He had to win eventually.

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