George on top

george iAnother of those countless George Irineu underwear shots and I never get tired of this hunky chunky Brazilian man! Just look at those legs, the plump buttocks and the healthy bulge down there. Of course, he has this handsome and rugged mug. I’m imagining I’m pulling down those tighty whities!

Father and Son

IMG_1409Quick! Think of a hot father-and-son tandem in showbiz! Aside from the Bueranos or maybe Luis and his dad, I can only add these guys: Piolo and Iñigo Pascual! While we’ve seen Piolo in various states of undress – unwavering in his handsomeness, we’re furtively hoping barely-legal Iñigo’s going to follow his papa’s path to sexiness. Starting with swim trunks or Bench Body underwear, maybe.

Fair of form

Jules copy

Although he’s been featured in this site more than a couple of times, Jules Aquino never fails to stir some loins with his provocative shots in underwear. Like this one, which brings a bit of a chiseled glow to his modeling portfolio. He cuts quite the striking figure, eh?


Johann copySometimes I think there is great injustice when 28-year-old actor Johan Santos is not given the right projects in showbiz. I find him cute around the edges, and sometimes, rough and dirty, too. He’s done relatively admirable thespian work on tv and the movies. It is a good thing, actually, and he should be lead in his home station, if you ask me.

International Man

Neil PerezA couple of days ago, Neil Perez ended his “reign” as Mister International by passing on his “crown” to the new winner. He may not be Mr. International anymore, but Neil doesn’t need a title to be this sexy chunk of a man, always admired for his beauty, character, demeanor and of course, uh, crotch.

Wet wet wet

JohnSpainhourNo stranger to skimpy, penis-hugging underwear shoots, John Spainhour is back in his, er, underwear of course. This time, he dips and dives, and delights us with some discernible parts of his anatomy. John knows how to tease and torment, really.

Lay Down

IMG_0310Today is a good day to lie down and relax. Maybe watch a movie or even the television. While you’re at it, tune in to Karelasyon later after Eat Bulaga on GMA. The episode, which is actually pushing the envelope on risqué subjects, is all about kept men  Jeric Gonzales, Martin del Rosario and Mark McMahon. I must say, the rich gay guy has taste.

jakeyMaybe if I’m that rich person, I’ll take Martin on Mondays, Mark on Tuesdays and Jeric on weekdays, with an all out party with dem three boys on weekends. But I digress, all I’m saying is that we should all watch later. The other guy lying down is Jake Cuenca who has not actually hung up his underwear for modeling purposes. He’s the newest endorser of Guitar and I can’t giddy-wait for his next shots!

Friday VPL

DomWhat time is it? Time for some handsome, VPLed Canadian model! Dominic Samoisette shows us sexy and how! Here, Dominic emphasizes his point and flaunts his wares – six-pack abs, killer legs and the plat de resistance VPL, proof that he’s cut for this kind of job. Underwear modeling, that is.

Brent versus the upstart

brent7It is sometimes unfair to make a choice, say, between Brent Javier and Mark McMahon, cutie-hotties both, no doubt. They’re both lording over the Underwear Endorsers Club, so I guess it is difficult not to compare.

markm6Brent’s been in the biz for quite some time but he still has the goods to show young upstarts like Mark how it is done. I guess it is always a good thing – these eye candy, bring-home-to-momma boys in underwear. These hot and sexy, cute and adorable chunks of man-meat delight!

Lean Martin

IMG_1314Young actor Martin del Rosario reminds you, fat person, not to eat too much rice or pork chops or cake. The 23-year-old actor with puppy-dog eyes keeps himself trim and slim on a strict diet. It shows, of course, in his half-naked photos for his Bench Body endorsement.

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