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Isn’t he the cutest bikini open contestant ever? That crooked naughty smile, actually. It helps that AJ Cruz has a smokin’ hot body, too. During the bikini open season, the 22-year-old hottie goes around the metro and the provinces in his tiny-tight skivvies. When he’s not busy competing, AJ’s one of the featured Bikini Boys on Saturday nights in the dance club, Bed.

Hottie Agassi



It’s pretty amazing how Carlos Agassi has maintained his hot bod for years. It is all about discipline and hard work, of course. It helps that he has a handsome mug, too.  Here, he celebrates the end of summer by dipping in the pool and showing us a piece of heaven. Just a bit.

The Other Padilla


He may not be as famous as his younger brother, the teen sensation Daniel Padilla, but 25-year-old RJ Padilla is slowly making a name for himself in showbiz, too. Once a part of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited [c. 2011] on ABS-CBN, he’s now with GMA as a sexy sweaty dancer in the variety shows and a sensitive actor in the afternoon soaps.

Budding Performer

AVERY copy

Mr. Curly Top is 20-year-old Avery Paraiso, a member of the NYOB group that performs in casinos around town. The 5’9″-tall commercial model won the 2009 Circle of 10 model search, which paved the way for a showbiz career. He can sing and dance.

In the Buff


Pretty soon, we’ll get to see Big Brother’s first evictee, Chevin Cecilio in the buff. After his failed attempt in the reality show, of course, he’ll do showbiz, capitalizing on his fifteen minutes of tv fame.  Will he top older brother Cherubim‘s racy photos of the past?

Riding in bikes with boys

Maui0 copy

Isn’t he adorable? Time was when Mauro “Maui” Lumba was a struggling model flitting from one go-see to another. Then he got discovered for the runways.  Next followed the bit roles on tv. These days, he struck big after winning the 2014 edition of the Century Tuna Superbods. What’s next?

The Pouch


This could be your next favorite bikini! As modelled by bikini open contestant Jayvee Rodriguez, the underwear with minimal coverage has a fit and comfy pouch, held safely together by a thick yet soft waist band and four leg straps, to keep the balls [and the penis] from peeking through the sides and seams. The cotton lycra yarn provides extra comfort where needed. Tee-hee.


PJ. Go!

PJ Go1

PJ Perez Go is Not Your Ordinary Boy. The 6′-tall former model is now a singer-performer-actor. He’s in the cast of the afternoon fleshfest Moon of Desire, where he gets to show his acting abilities. Plus more. Prior to his tv stint, he sang and danced in casinos as part of the NYOBG group [with Maui, Ian, Benj and Bonj].


Ever wondered about the two [most photographed] hunky boys  at the CrossFit event, Manila Throwdown last weekend?

They’re brothers Ed [left] and Ant Haynes, fitness trainers based in HK. Rawr!

Superbod (could have been)

The guy tipped to win this year’s edition of the Century Tuna Superbods, Filipino-Spanish Antonio de Murga went home empty-handed. He’s in that mold of last year’s winner, Mr. Spainhour – athletic, models, half-Filipino. When he’s not in the spotlight, Antonio plays for the United Football League as midfielder of the Loyola Meralco Sparks. In case he looks familiar, this hunk’s in that LSS-inducing breakfast commercial of McDees (Hooray for today!)
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