Randy dandy

Kids do the darndest things [just to get famous]. But who’s complaining? His name is Randy San Juan, and I don’t have the 411 on the guy yet. One thing’s for sure, though, he looks lush and charming in the photos. And he looks utterly familiar, too. I’m now scrounging through my files….

Buoyant: Franky Ramirez

Franky Ramirez is a pro model in the Queen City of the South [Cebu]. The 6’1″-tall model was a finalist in the 2005 Mossimo Bikini Summit – Cebu Edition, which was won by Handrew Maxilom, who later placed runner-up in the Mossimo Bikini Summit national finals. Twenty-six-year-old Franky has done major runway shows for Cebu’s top designers.

Limber: Rogie Lumba

Rogie Lumba is 20 years old and stands 5’8″. He was a contestant in the Ginoong Antipolo contest, where he was discovered by talent scouts. He wants to go into modeling, aside from engaging in his guitar-playing. The fair-looking guy is now busy working out at the gym to prepare himself for modeling.

Spark Ding!

Yes, that is his name – Spark Ding. Born in the Philippines to Korean parents, Spark Ding claims to have three college degrees – International Business in Australia, IT in Hong Kong, and Nursing in Manila. He speaks with an American inflection -put-on or otherwise, as a result of his living in half a dozen continents in the past. He was Mr. Campus Face 2006, when he represented his nursing college [I think it was St. Jude in Manila], and was one of the featured models in the Cosmo Bachelors’ Bash in 2006.

Johnron Tanada is here again!

This will have to be the nth post on Johnron Tanada, and I hope you guys won’t grow tired of the hunk in barely-there clothing. After the commercial success of his video, Hubad: Striptease Sessions for Daring Men, Johnron needs to make a movie fast. His other contemporaries in Provoq have made movies – remarkable or otherwise, and it seems Johnron has been left out in the mainstream movies department. It makes me wonder why Viva has not been giving him roles lately in its movie and tv projects.

Gio and Jadel

The one with the fuzz cut? Or the guy with the long tresses? Giovanni Dimaano is the baldie – a freelance model who stands 6′. He took up nursing at the Lipa City Colleges. Jadel Lee sports the long hair – also a freelance model, still active in the bikini-contest-circuit. He stands 5’10” and says his goal in life is to be a flight steward.

Sikil Film Update

Roni Bertubin, the director of Sikil, sent in an update via email from Valencia, Spain, stating that the movie was featured in the Best of the East section of the Mostra de Valencia/Cinema del Mediterrani Film Festival. Then, Sikil will go to Cancun, Mexico for another international film festival in November. Sikil will have its premiere night finally at the UP Film Institute on November 20, according to Roni. Photo above is one of the male leads, Ken Escudero aka Alvin Asuncion, and recently, Vin Asuncion of the Be Bench Model Search.


The new Lucky Me Noodles commercial featured a Korean guy, who looked dapper and ethereal, perpetually yakking the word “jjampong” as the TVC rolled on. His name is Paulo Han, a 27-year-old Korean-Brazilian model doing the rounds of the runways and commercials around Asia. Just like jjampong [Korean noodle soup and seafood with hot red pepper], Paulo Han is spicy hot!

Dandy: Vince Antonio

Twenty-two-year-old Vince Antonio was supposed to be in the Private Parts Wearables show, where the amazing gravity-defying bikini was, er, unveiled. However, Vince backed out at the last minute. He used to be part of the noontime show on Channel 13, Chowtime, which dared challenge the top networks’ more established fare. Known as “Dandy” to his friends, Vince Antonio is also a freelance model and bikini-contest-and-show regular.

Two guys

Models only.

In the olden days, actors-of-the-moment Philip Salvador and Christopher de Leon [who were then in their 20’s] were reported to have been caught kissing by the poolside of a big Manila hotel. The two starred in the unforgettable Lino Brocka film, Cain at Abel, and somehow developed a friendship. Naturally, the tabloids and broadsheets at that time gorged on the story, for here were two handsome male actors apparently engaged in some lip-locking. Gossip columnists were in a frenzy in their Remingtons. However, the two male leads merely shrugged off the report and were even seen in public together, casually joking about the alleged incident. The story quickly died a natural death.