Vivo Ouano is ripe for the picking

Prolific Barbarella sent in these photos of 18-year-old Vivo Ouano, bit player and former artista search Starstruck eliminee. He’s always in support roles in GMA 7’s shows, last seen in the metal series Zaido and the hit drama Bakekang. But Vivo Ouano – who has been in the biz for more than a couple of years already, is apparently unfazed, as he is waiting for the right break to come along. And it looks like he’ll be tapped to fill in some shoes in that group, The Studs?

For C.

This post is for a dear friend, C., who has the hots for Paul Guesande, erstwhile danseur-provocateur from Adonis, a gay club in Quezon City. Reportedly, he is now a dance instructor somewhere in Greenhills, where his services are most needed in the most indispensable and impassioned way. Too, after retiring from Adonis, he used to drive a taxicab around the metro – thrilling his happy passengers with his bulky and beefy bearing on the driver’s seat.

Starting tomorrow, bookmark just in case you will not be able to access this blogspot address. That would have to be the new site. It won’t be bigger, not even better. Just the same old concept. Except that pretty soon, I will put up a new banner and wash with new colors – darker and less cheerful, perhaps. By the way, that’s Jero of the Calendar Boys in the photos above.

On the eve of the first year anniversary of this site, I decided to finally get a domain name. The available one is Pretty soon, you’ll be redirected to the custom domain, once the DNS servers are put into place within the next few days. So there. Thanks to the readers who have been kind enough to offer their comments – nasty or otherwise, and giving this site a semblance of a spirited forum for the free discussion of fine photos of men in the Philippines.

Jeff Luna as an angel

Miracles occur. If you care to call those spasmodic Tricks of radiance Miracles. The wait’s begun again, The long wait for the angel, For that rare, random descent.

Sylvia Plath, Black Rook in Rainy Weather

Photos above are of twenty-four-year-old Jeff Luna, a part-time model, who has appeared in bikini contests and shows in the metro. Quiet and unassuming, the 5’11”-tall hunk will be seen next in a daring role in director Roni Bertubin’s new indie movie.

Darion Cueto of the Calendar Boys

Darion Cueto of the Calendar Boys is now a full-time athlete. As Mr. May and June of the 2005 Calendar Boys, he bared his dates and numbers. But last year, the 26 year-old amateur boxer was seen in the Universal Reality Combat Championship [URCC] shown on ABS-CBN. Too, he competed at the 2007 Philippine Olympic Qualifying Games [National Capital Region] where he got the silver medal in the seniors category [74 kgs] of the wrestling event.

Ajay on a Saturday

I just realized I made my 800th post yesterday. And, time flies faster than I can see it does, as the first year anniversary of this site is on Monday, 25 February. But I have no grand plans yet on that date, so do not expect too much guys. In the meantime, it’s a Saturday. Time to relax and laze around. Here’s Ajay, one-time exotic dancer who tried to enter showbiz via the sex-oriented movies of his era.