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Andrew Schimmer in daring movies

It seems like Andrew Schimmer is doing the sexy route these days, what with his acceptance of roles in movies with erotic themes. After his revealing love scenes in the movie Green Paradise, expect more shimmer, er, Schimmer in movies such as Eskandalo and Project X: Pinoy Deep Throat. In Eskandalo, Andrew plays a hustler who puts a canister up the ass of veteran actor Emilio Garcia [tasteless, tasteless movie, if you ask me].  

The Amazing Transformation of Jonas Cabuay

In keeping with the theme of this year’s Body Shots modeling competition – Reborn, here’s veteran model Jonas Cabuay, one of the finalists. Top photo was taken a couple of years ago when he was still a fledgling model and bikini pageant contestant.  Lower photos are images from the Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body 2008 bikini contest where Jonas was one of the contestants.  My point is, proper grooming and toning plus experience makes one fine-looking model.  

The Transformation of Marvin Miranda

Tall and dusky Marvin  Miranda is one of this year’s finalists of Body Shots 2008 [top photo], an annual modeling competition sponsored by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines [FDAP].  Four years ago, he was a contestant in that year’s edition of the Ginoong Pilipinas national pageant [lower photos, Marvin in the Ginoo 2004 talent competition], which was quite controversial because of a sexual abuse complaint from a candidate who was then a minor.  Although Marvin did not win the Ginoo title in 2004, he went on to appear in bikini contests and shows for the past few years.  Through time, he sure did lose a lot of weight and he looks hotter now.

Cepter Maniclang is Ginoo 2008!

The impossibly-named eighteen-year-old Cepter Maniclang was hailed last Thursday as the Ginoong Pilipinas 2008. The 6’0″-tall candidate from Bugallon, Pangasinan bested 30 other guys for the top prize, including the much-touted JC Dungo of Mandaluyong City who settled for a runner-up position. It was a major upset for the city boys as the provincial candidates hauled in the major awards [Vic Martinez of Dipolog City was Ginoong ExpoWorld 2008]

Geeky Sexy: Christian de la Cruz

It’s the geeky sexy look that 24-year-old Christian de la Cruz is sporting! The 6’3″-tall former contestant of Mister Philippines 2007 is hoping to make it big in the modeling industry. So far, he has lately been seen in runway shows and print ads. He is a native of Ilocos Norte and a student of Hotel and Restaurant Management at ICCT Colleges.

Jeff Luna takes it easy

Jeff Luna missed out on the Johnron movie and he’s still waiting for the next project to come. The 6’0″-tall veteran of bikini contests and underwear shows appeared in a yet-unreleased gay indie film where he showed some skin [details coming soon].  Jeff Luna is from Pampanga but currently lives in Sampaloc, Manila with fellow freelance models.

Danilo Lee back stage

A friend of the site, herryfew, sent in this photo of Danilo Lee, ex-contestant at the 2008 Ginoong Pilipinas national pageant. He backed out during the pre-pageant, which means this photo was not taken at the Ginoo contest held last night at Metro Bar. But just the same, the cute 24-year-old is all too-nekkid in this photo, which makes for a fiery Friday finale!

Ervic vs. Zanjoe

Ervic Vijandre and Zanjoe Marudo were recently seen on separate occasions wearing the same theme – shirtless in green jeans with red belt. Ervic was flaunting his hot bod in a fashion show for clothing brand Penshoppe in Boracay on the first week of April. On the other hand, Bench model Zanjoe was working it at the Coverboys show a week ago, in apple-green jeans. Who’s hotter now?

Gilbert Lopez is red-hot!

Despite his failed bid at the Hataw Super Bodies bikini contest held recently, twenty-one year old Gilbert Lopez is still a mean chinito hottie! Note that the 6’0-tall newbie in the bikini circuit surprised everyone at the Manila Leg of the Infinit’ Party Series bikini contest called Hot Bods, when he one-upped seasoned veterans Adrian Racho and Johnron. It looks like we’ll get to see more of the Angeles City-native in the next bikini contests to come.

Heatwave 2008!

Jayson Domingo

l-r: Chris Onghay, Dexter Sanchez, Ervin Padua, Eddy Endrina Jr. and Dave Velasco

l-r: Herson Barias, Gian Oampo, JC Dungo, Kish McBride and Rex Melchor

Before the rainy season sets in, the Star Group of Malls is beating the deadline for the bikini pageant season with its annual Heatwave Bikini Showdown! The Corporate Marketing Officer for Special Events and Sponsorship of Star Malls, Mr. Jeffrey Ventura, was kind enough to share with us eleven reasons why we should all troop on 29 May 2008 [Thursday] 7 pm at the newly-renovated The Garden Resort, 4th level of Starmall Alabang [formerly Metropolis Star Alabang], South Superhiway, Muntinlupa City. According to the organizers, “Heatwave has become the flagship event that puts a distinctive reputation and flair in bikini pageantry that has become too common for comfort.” Admission is FREE.
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