The Hills

His name is Justin Hills, a 6′-tall model who is the new It Boy of trendy local brand Folded and Hung. Since Brazilian-with-Japanese-blood hottie Hideo Muraoka has gone off to greener and bigger [modeling] pastures, this Filipino-British hunk is now the current denim endorser of the top brand. His multimedia advertisements plus highway billboards are sure to keep the girls and girls in some hunk-hankering episodes in the days to come.

Pitik Bulag Rated A

The new movie of Marco Alcaraz, Pitik Bulag, has been rated A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. This means that the producers are entitled to a 100% tax incentive. Pitik Bulag will be Marco’s most daring move and movie to date. Directed by Gil Portes under ALV Productions, it is “a sexy erotic drama” about a sexually adventurous couple. The movie will be shown without cuts starting tomorrow 1 July 2009 at Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Remar, Cinerama, Gotesco Grand Central, Gotesco Ortigas and Ultra-Vista in Cebu.

Bayaw caps

These are screenshots from the new movie Bayaw starring Paolo, Janvier and Andrew Miguel. The movie’s amusing catchphrase is “brothers-in-law become brothers outlaw.” Whatever that means, I’m guessing it literally conveys it’s a prison movie where the guys are nekkid in the showers and there’s a rape scene somewhere. Of course, this one’s a dramatic movie, which looks more like a tragedy, but one of the better highlights, if you ask me, would have to be the scene where Paolo does a frontal nudity scene [see topmost photo, right]. That is, if the MTRCB will not get in the way in this exhibition entry at the 2009 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition, which will be held this July.

Joeffrey Javier for Lips

I must admit i haven’t gone out in a while. I miss the interesting places where there are nekkid guys dancing or competing on stage. Like Lips Bar in San Juan, for example. I heard it changed its name to Ate Chin Chin, which is quirky and funny. A wee bit campier than “Lips Bar.” And then again, news went around that it closed most recently. I have not visited the place recently, and I’m guessing it must have gone out of business. Too bad, because it was the little bar that could – people went there for the out and out shows, where boys are loose and well, licentious. In photo is Joeffrey Javier, a Lips Bar regular. He competed in the bar’s numerous contests where the guys had to wear sheer fabrics and sometimes, nothing. Joeffrey also appeared in some straight-to-video flicks like Masahe: M2M. I wonder if Lips Bar is still open these days.

The Real Big Star

He is an excellent actor and performer. People love him for his talent and looks and charm. Piolo Pascual is indeed the real big star of his generation. Now that he’s appearing in a new prime time soap for ABS-CBN, Lovers in Paris, the PR slant is that he’s courting yet again the female lead of the series. He says that he prefers “to court KC Concepcion the traditional way.” The thing is, we love Piolo. But it is such a drag [no innuendo intended, really] to hear such things over and over – that he’s making moves to be romantically close to the female lead. This happens every time there is a new movie or soap for the matinee idol. It’s exasperating because nobody seems to care anymore about the second-guessing on the actor’s preference or orientation. It doesn’t matter, really, because he is a great and handsome talent.

The New Big Star!

He is ABS-CBN’s new big star and no one else comes close! Gerald Anderson is undeniably one of the most popular young actors today. The success of his prime-time show Tayong Dalawa has catapulted his star to high heavens. Plus, his presence is felt in the numerous advertisements he is endorsing – from clothes to health drink and food to silver bracelets. With his new-found fame, this charming 20-year-old lad from General Santos City is poised to take reins over at ABS-CBN and become its important leading man of his generation.

Wee Willie

Hey Willie Winkie, see there he comes! The story goes that last summer Will Sandejas was scheduled to sing [he used to be a singer for a band and a Philippine Idol semi-finalist] at the grand finals of a relatively big bikini contest somewhere in Quezon City. As printed in the posters, he was one of the guest performers in the competition where he won as runner-up a couple of years ago. On judgment day, he was nowhere to be found. It turns out Will Sandejas was somewhere in a distant northern province competing in a little bikini contest with big prizes. He only got runner-up position in the competition.

Lucas Gil was in Manila

Gorgeous Brazilian male model Lucas Gil is our Friday guy. He was in Manila recently to do some work in commercials and print ads. The hunky guy from the city of Belem in Para, Brazil won the Mister Brasil Mundo 2007, which earned him the right to represent his country in the Mr. World 2007 contest in Sanya, China. At the international competition, he landed first runner-up. From then on, he was offered modeling jobs in the Asian region. He is now in New York City to pursue his dream of being a successful international model. Happy Friday!

Yul in Dose

On 1 July 2009, the Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival entry Dose [Twelve] will start its week-long run at the Robinsons Galleria Indiesine. The movie, from the screenplay and direction of Senedy Que, tackles the sensitive story between a twelve-year-old boy and a gardener. Yul Servo [in photo, from a still in the movie], plays the gardener in this entry at the 11th Barcelona Asian Film Festival.