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Pit Lovin’

Who wouldn’t want to go pit diving on this boy? Imagine your face in his sweaty armpits for hours! Aljur Abrenica is smokin’! Of course, he could still bring on the goods, the screams and the shouts from a crazed audience.

Mighty Mike

It was a lonely sight. The audience hardly recognized him. People were hardly screaming when GMA actor Mike Tan wiggled out of his track pants on stage at the Cosmo bash. Still, Mike’s sexy in all kinds of ways – tall frame, lean bod, bulges in the right places, and of course, a handsome face to boot.

King Enrique!

No doubt, the star of the night in the recently held Cosmo bash was 19-year-old up-and-coming actor Enrique Gil. Right when he teased with his briefs and buttocks, the audience went apeshit twice over. There’s a new sexy boy in town and everyone’s taking him seriously now!

Cosmo Night

Sexy Jakey [leftmost] opened the show. It’s always the premier exhibitionist who opens the annual fleshfest called Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash [Frontal-Nudity-In-The-Movies King Marco Morales opened the show a few years ago]. It was pandemonium from then on, as Paulo Avelino [rightmost] revealed his new, leaner bod, Rocco Nacino [second to the right] tried to get some attention by dancing furiously on stage, and the biggest revelation of them all,young actor Enrique Gil with a certain Gerald Andersonness in him, naughty and delish in most ways!


On the occasion of the annual Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s Bachelors Bash, here are notable boys and men in the 69 “beyond-hot” list. Some are awesome. Some are not. Who will walk down the runways tonight in racy costumes and briefs? And the awards go to …….

Cute Puppy Award
Lights-Were-Off-When-They-Did-The-GoSee Award

Best Nipples Award

Promising Comer Award

Aren’t-You-A-Tad-Old-To-Be-A-Bachelor-Still? Award

Barely-Legal-But-Most-Delish Award

Big-Things-Come-In-Small-Packages Award

PLU Citation

How’d-You-Get-In-The-List-Again? Award

Package-Deal-With-Ahron Citation

Smarty-Pants Award

Hunky Boy Award

Best Uncle Fester Grin Award

Sexy Student Award

Please Breathe Award

The Jailbait Award

Just-To-Get-You-In-The-List Citation

The Amazing Moobs [Man Boobs] Award

You-Ought-To-Be-In-The-Ten-Centerfolds Award

And Fading Away

Well, he had his time. Hordes of fans were screaming. He had endless tv and movie offers. His concerts were all sold out. Now, Sam Milby‘s star is fading away. His recent prime time series was canceled abruptly. The rom-com he did didn’t do well at the box office. And nobody’s even going to his small-venue concerts. What’s next for the heartthrob?

This Guy Looks Like….

Well, if some guy doesn’t want to wear briefs and tiny ‘kinis in public because of size and propriety issues, how about making his doppelgänger wear one? This token bikini post for the day is all about Arjay Lacson a.k.a. Arjay de Jesus, a contest veteran who bears a striking resemblance to you-know-who. He’s 23 years old, stands 5’10” tall and a native of Mabalacat, Pampanga.

All I Want Is You

Amid the flurry of nearly-naked hunks in Bench Body and Folded & Hung tighty undies – schlongs and what-have-yous about to stick out of dem undergear, where is Aljur Abrenica in the picture, er, the scene? The Reluctant One is about to be left out in the Mr. Sexy Guy in Briefs department, and his star’s not shining brighter these days either. What gives?

Stuff Like That There

I wish Azkals hung man and Folded and Hung underwear endorser Neil Etheridge makes his appearance in the Cosmo Bachelors Bash this Thursday. Imagine this chunk of a man walking on stage in his F&H cotton-lycras – private parts jiggling, bouncing and flapping. And then again he might not be in the show as he’s abroad with his goalie job. In the meantime here’s the centerfold from the magazine. Happy Monday!

Premium Beef

A part of the PR goes – From the hottest men to the tastiest meats, girls know how to pick only the best among their choices. The same goes for their choice of corned beef -Highlands Corned Beef made of Angus Beef premium. Of course, it had me by “tastiest meat.” Here are the cute boys of Highlands Corned Beef.
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