Playmates is a story about two exes who reunite after a long period of separation. [No, silly, this isn’t about Piolo and Mark!] They decide to have dinner together and bring their two current boyfriends. What ensues is a night full of unbridled passion and unrequited emotions. The movie will feature an orgy between the four cast members. It is apparently the most daring orgy to be shown on Philippine cinema. In photo is one of the lead actors: Andrew Aquino. Cute, eh? Playmates will start showing on Wednesday, 30 November 2011 in theaters who support indie films like Robinsons Galleria, Remar, Ruben and more.

Getting On

Well, the bikini episode has come full circle, unwinding in its final bedraggled hour. This is actually Alken Miranda [yes, that’s him, with the prominent tats], who was hot as a Hotmen member three, four years ago. Now, he’s still at it, competing in a small bar [actually at the Palawan Bar on the seedy side of Cubao], among younger, leaner boys of the streetwalker variety. It has come to this.


Filipino-British Gareth Leslie “Gaz” Holgate might just enter showbiz one of these days. That is, of course, if the 23-year-old hunk can take time off his Japanese rugby club Kyoden Voltex. Gaz was part of the Philippines squad for the 2011 Asian Five Nations Division 1 in South Korea.

Up and Down

I don’t know their names, but they’re hot. Can you help me identify these models – Brazilians or from some exotic South American country, cut or uncut? These guys modeled for Bench Body recently at the fashion week series, and you know how Bench makes their underwear – thin cotton/lycra fabrics just enough to encase the genitals.


On the occasion of his being a father, here’s young actor Albie Casino shirtless with a full promise of showbiz importance ahead of him. The 18-year-old cutie, hero or heel or whatever you might want to call him these days, is slowly climbing his way up his network’s pop acceptance with various projects. And don’t get me started about that issue on boys with big noses.