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This is the pose. Legs apart, with a hint of crotch and some gouch, you know, that area between the balls and the hole.  Oh, this Vince Ferraren is tempting and taunting. He’s blazin’ in dem rigid red undies for Bench Body‘s holiday collection. 
And here’s another pose.

Pits Bull

Those pits, with lots of hair untrimmed! I wish it’s the same in the shrubbery down there – thick, dark, and maybe, fresh. Oh, such dirty thoughts on this guy – Marx Topacio, who’s one hot, tall-dark-and-handsome model!

John Clocks In

And he’s baaack! Bench Body main hunk in the Skimpy Underwear Department, John Spainhour is headlining this season’s set of underclothes for the local brand. Expect to see John in revealing skivvies in the cold months to come. He’s making a comeback after a long hiatus from the underwear modelling scene.

More Half-Bikini Guy

And we have more of the gravity-defying bikini worn by this guy. The half-bikini guy has a name – Mark Yap Dianco! See him move around in that small piece of clothing delicately hiding his privates and some semblance of dignity left. 

Imagining Ahron

One’s real, the other fake. If you’re trying to figure out how hot Ahron Villena is, maybe this fan-made photo [right] will do the trick. More or less. The on-off bit player is busy these days with some soap stints in ABS-CBN. Will he finally go all out in a photo shoot soon?

These Days Nothing But Sunshine

I wish it’s summer in Manila again. With sun, sand, clear blue waters and some sexy Filipino hunk lounging at the pool in his undies in come-and-eat-me fashion. That’s Filipino-Aussie model Gerard Sison thrown in for good measure in this post for libidinous purposes. Happy Monday everyone!

Vintage + Sunday

Mashup vintage Sunday. A few years ago, Rhum Palermo [left] was channeling a construction worker with a raging hard-on. Last Sunday, at the GMA noontime show, bit players and underwear models Pancho Magno [middle] and Victor Basa were also rockin’ the laborer-craftsmen look in a song-dance number. If only they were more daring. I wish.

Magic Mike

This long. Model Michael Elhag describes the size of his penis. Kidding. The veteran model has been in the business for quite some time already. After winning a male [bikini] modelling contest a few years ago, his stock increased, making him more bookable with agents in the industry.

Dear Derriere

Oh, you’ve seen Dingdong Dantes‘s buttocks some time ago. I think that was when he covered the annual centerfold issue of Cosmo [Phils] magazine 6 years ago. This year, he flashed his dear derriere again, albeit in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene in his movie One More Try. Would you also kiss-sniff his ass?

Candy Cutie

Somehow, one would think newcomer Vince Velasco is better off vanilla – you know, doing cutesy stuff in bright clothes and nice shoes, rather than taking his shirt [and pants] off. He’s just so cute and adorable. Yet, somehow, the 22-year-old AB Inter-Disciplinary Studies graduate of the Ateneo is off to a risque start in showbiz as he landed a recurring role in the late-lamented show My Husband’s Lover and a half-nekkid gig at the recent Cosmo Bash. We’re looking out for this kid!
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