Vintage + Sunday

Mashup vintage Sunday. A few years ago, Rhum Palermo [left] was channeling a construction worker with a raging hard-on. Last Sunday, at the GMA noontime show, bit players and underwear models Pancho Magno [middle] and Victor Basa were also rockin’ the laborer-craftsmen look in a song-dance number. If only they were more daring. I wish.

Candy Cutie

Somehow, one would think newcomer Vince Velasco is better off vanilla – you know, doing cutesy stuff in bright clothes and nice shoes, rather than taking his shirt [and pants] off. He’s just so cute and adorable. Yet, somehow, the 22-year-old AB Inter-Disciplinary Studies graduate of the Ateneo is off to a risque start in showbiz as he landed a recurring role in the late-lamented show My Husband’s Lover and a half-nekkid gig at the recent Cosmo Bash. We’re looking out for this kid!