Boyish-at-thirtyish actor and ex-underwear-model Jason Abalos is busy on television again. He’s in the Filipino remake of the popular Mexican telenovela Maria Mercedes. Jason is playing the role of Clavio, the childhood friend of the lead skank.  Expect to see more shirtless scenes of the guy in the series.

Lots of Paulo

In case you missed Paulo Avelino on tv and in the movies, the good looking actor is making a  comeback via the big screen. He’s co-starring with Jakey in Regal Films’s Status: It’s Complicated. Of course, Paulo gets to do sexy in most of his scenes in the comedy flick. And while you may have noticed he put on some poundage, he’s still looking fine and hot!


The guy tasked to portray the Filipino comic book character Zuma on prime time tv is erstwhile varsity baller and model Derick Hubalde.  He’s the big and scary green man with two giant snakes on his shoulders. The 6’2″-tall hunk was also an underwear model in the past.

Indie Boys

The indie boys are groovin’! Sometimes we get diamonds in the rough in the indie and bikini open circuit. The one on the left is John Canterbury, half-Brit veteran of bikini contests. He also starred in a couple of indie flicks of the gay genre. The guy on the right is Richard Bradley Arma, half-American veteran of bikini contests, too.  He has appeared as bit player in the movies and in tv soaps. Who’s your bet?

Gettin’ Ready

Oooh, this Dennis Trillo is getting hotter! Buoyed by his sudden fame via GMA’s top prime time soap My Husband’s Lover, Dennis is one of the featured centerfolds in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual treat. To prepare for his runway spot next week in the Cosmo Bash, the young actor is hitting the gym every day. I wonder what surprise he’ll bring in the show.

Lihis Showing Today

Troop to the movies y’all! Today is the start of the commercial run of the much-awaited and much-buzzed about movie Lihis starring moonlighting-underwear-models  Joem [in photo] and Jake.  Lihis – directed by Joel Lamangan from a  screenplay by Ricky Lee – is part of the first Sineng Pambansa All Masters Film Festival exclusive in SM Cinemas from 11-17 September 2013.


He’s stripped down to his undies again and Joem Bascon can’t be any hotter these days. Of course, he is promoting his daring new flick Lihis with Jake, showing on 11 September as part of the  Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival All Masters Edition. Don’t you just love hot and robust young men?

Real Man Joem

I don’t know with you, but when I look at actor and ex-underwear model Joem Bascon, I can smell S-E-X. I see sweat, body hair. I get a whiff of a strong musky, masculine scent. Blemishes and all, Joem is oozing with real man imperfection and irregularity. And I’m oohing. That said, watch Lihis, as our dear Joem dizzy-dazzles in his moments in the gay-themed flick starting 11 September in SM Cinemas nation wide.


Romance. Erotica. There’s more to the story in the new indie flick Lihis as Jake and Joem explore gay relations and fornication and Marxist leanings.  In the movie, Jake and Joem play two activists who go up the [Brokeback] mountain and fight not only for the country’s redemption against the dictatorial regime in the 70s but also for their love for each other. Nice. Lihis will be shown in SM Cinemas from 11-17 September 2013 as part of the Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival All Masters Edition.

Water, Water

Water, water everywhere! To those who can’t go out of their homes because of the flooding in the Metro and nearby cities, here’s our ultimate gay boy fantasy, er, gay fantasy boy, uh fantasy gay boy. Uhm, fantasy boy – Piolo soaking wet, wet, wet and sexy nonetheless with his shirt on. Keep safe everyone!
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