Paulo Avelino is ready

The thing is, when Paulo Avelino was still young and barely legal he ran away from school and family in Baguio City [where he was born] with a person he barely knew, and he was trusting and unquestioning with the freaked out fancy of making it big in showbusiness, which he tackled with delirious optimism and buoyancy as shown by his patience in going to auditions, VTRs and go-sees for tv commercials and bit roles on tv, until his big break came when he surprisingly made it as one of the finalists in GMA-7’s talent search Starstruck in 2006, and although he did not win and Aljur did, Paulo went on to join the GMA roster of talents and started to get noticed glitter by glitter, er, little by little, such as this important role in Aljur‘s All My Life on prime time tv, which is really a far cry from the former fledgling teenager [he is now 21 years old] residing in a small condo unit in Makati City with another innocent-looking and wide-eyed guy from the province named Harrison Chua a.k.a. Harry Chua a.k.a Harry Laurel of Parola fame, and that’s an entirely different story.


Whatever happened to Alfred Vargas‘s career? It has been a while since he’s gone butt-naked for a calendar, a photo shoot, a movie and a tv soap. The 27-year-old hunk was once one of the top actors-in-contention-for-leading-man-status over at GMA-7, and his star has now been relegated to the hazy backdrop of bit and supporting roles on tv and occasionally, film. If his handlers are not that judicious in charting his career path, he might end up in character actor assignments. Too bad, since this swarthy hunk is one of those rare talented and educated actors around.

Mirror Image?

Ever since commercial model, aspiring singer and town councilor Alex Castro [left] came out as a contestant in GMA-7’s Are You The Next Big Star?, people have been telling him he looks a bit like diminutive actor Dennis Trillo. I think there are some angles where the 23-year-old Alex resembles the 28-year-old Dennis. This spitting-image issue is being played to the hilt by the handlers of Alex, who aspires to advance in the popularity, talent and looks contest. Do they really look alike?

The Real Big Star

He is an excellent actor and performer. People love him for his talent and looks and charm. Piolo Pascual is indeed the real big star of his generation. Now that he’s appearing in a new prime time soap for ABS-CBN, Lovers in Paris, the PR slant is that he’s courting yet again the female lead of the series. He says that he prefers “to court KC Concepcion the traditional way.” The thing is, we love Piolo. But it is such a drag [no innuendo intended, really] to hear such things over and over – that he’s making moves to be romantically close to the female lead. This happens every time there is a new movie or soap for the matinee idol. It’s exasperating because nobody seems to care anymore about the second-guessing on the actor’s preference or orientation. It doesn’t matter, really, because he is a great and handsome talent.

“Gotta Have That Body!”

That’s the current catchword of beleaguered Belo Medical Clinic in this traffic hazard, er, EDSA billboard of actor Piolo Pascual.  It’s a double entendre, but whatever it means, everyone’s craving for that body, finely cut and curved in the proper places.  I’m thinking Piolo Pascual is getting better despite getting along in years.  After his stint in Cannes for a movie he produced, he’s busy yet again with tv and film projects. Too, he’s producing another flick, this time a comedy formula with fellow Bench and Belo hunk Dingdong Dantes in the cast.  

Is This Coco?

Recently, photos of purported screenshots of Coco Martin in the Cannes-entry Serbis circulated in the worldwide web. This was supposed to be the scene where Coco is having discomfort while doing the deed with the lead actress because of the nasty boil on his buttocks. A friend who has the video of the Cannes version swears that there was no such scene where the penis of Coco was displayed for what seemed like eternity. Yet, the screen captures being posted around were generous in the dick shots, which had Coco in hard work with the woman. The video of Serbis where the sceencaps were ostensibly taken, was bought abroad as released by Fortissimo Films [the film distribution outfit that snagged the international rights to sell the movie].

Geoff gets ready

GMA-7 is making a big gamble on the adaptation of the Mexican telenovella Rosalinda by casting Geoff Eigenmann as the male lead Fernando José. I’m thinking he is less mature, less sexy and less of everything for the role, which was made popular by the Venezuelan actor [and dreamy hunk] Fernando Carrillo. Just the same, Geoff Eigenmann is all set to fill in big, big shoes as he stars in the new primetime series of his home studio. Let’s see how he throws some punches in the localized soap.

Dion gets cute

Resident GMA 7 hunk Dion Ignacio is in the new afternoon soap Ngayon at Kailanman and he is getting cuter by the day!  After a failed bid at going sexy via the boy-group The Studs, Dion Ignacio is now focused on doing dramatic roles however small they are.  In Ngayon at Kailanman, he plays second or third fiddle to lead actor JC de Vera.  Dion Ignacio says he doesn’t mind playing support as long as there’s work in his home studio.  The 23-year-old actor is still waiting for the big break.

Dashing Diether

It’s dashing Diether Ocampo for a Saturday treat! The soon-to-be 33-year-old actor once created some buzz when his camp announced that he was jumping ship to rival station GMA-7 for a princely sum.  That move did not fully materialize, though, as his home studio since 1996 [the year he was launched as one of the homegrown talents comprising what used to be Star Circle] – ABS-CBN, offered him a better package, e.g. more shows and soaps plus some bonuses. These days, Diether loks fit and fab [and younger] as he endorses Pizza Hut, Bench and Bench Fix Salon.  

Piolo Goes To Cannes!

Top actor Piolo Pascual is thrilled and tickled pink – his movie Manila was included in the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival’s Out of Competition/Special Screening section.  The 32-year-old actor is also one of the producers of the movie, which is actually a two-in-one presentation of the Filipino movie classics Manila By Night of Ishmael Bernal and Jaguar by Lino Brocka.  A few days ago, Piolo walked the red carpet at Cannes and showed real Pinoy Pride.
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