Who is this guy wearing Bench Body briefs? Intense and expressive, he is making some distinct mark with his white underwear. His name is Ji Huan Bo, a 29-year-old Chinese mod, who’s currently the signed model of the Bench brand in his home country. Now, if only Bench can ask its models to do the same here – sans the photoshop treatment of its billboards and posters – bump, bulges and all.


This post is an image overload of model and actor Jiro Shirakawa, front and back. He is making rapid strides in the world of showbiz via shows and soaps of ABS-CBN. His star turning win at last year’s Mossimo Bikini Summit easily established his street cred among talent agents and scouts. After dropping out of school and seriously pursuing a career in front of the klieg lights, Jiro is slowly but surely inching his way to the top.


In modeling parlance, a go-see is an arrangement or opportunity for the model to interview with clients such as magazine editors, art directors, casting directors, catalogue houses and the people who make TV commercials and movies. There will be a Bench go-see today, 12 May 2010 [Wednesday] from 1 p.m. till midnight at the Isla Ballroom of the EDSA Shangri-La Manila. Bench will be holding its biennial underwear fashion show [yes, 2008’s Blackout Show seems so recent] on 2 July 2010 and as early as now, the underwear company is looking for male mods 5’10”-tall and up to fill in those tiny colorful briefs. Bring photos, bio, portfolios and wear Bench briefs to audition.


So what happens now? Another suitcase [full of Bench Body briefs], another hall? Loyal Bench Body models Jon Mullally [left] and Rafael Rosell were noticeably left out of the summer launch of the underwear brand’s new line. In fact, Bench went all out for the solo spotlight on Jake Cuenca. Although Jon and Rafael were included in the summer campaign, Lost in Summer, along with a bunch of models and actors, the two guys – who could easily drop their pants at the drop of a penny, er, peso, were obviously excluded from the summer show. What gives?


Speaking of casting couch, here’s the poster boy – Jake Cuenca. He never runs out of shows in ABS-CBN, and prime projects in local underwear brand Bench Body. Lately, he’s been in the news as he was the featured boy in Bench Body’s summer collection of skivvies. Although his show last Saturday at the Mall of Asia was a big letdown [because he didn’t drop his pants], a catalog was released, featuring Jake in all his Bench Body glory.

Jake’s Striptease

An announcement from Bench: Get Lost in Summer with Jake Cuenca as he takes off with Bench Body’s summer collection. Come and witness as he bares his flesh in style on 27 February 2010 [Saturday] at the SM Mall of Asia’s Main Atrium in front of the Bench store, at 6 pm. We hope to see you there! Now, that “bares his flesh in style” spin got me curiouser and curiouser so I’m definitely going. How about you?


So, there really is a controversy brewing about Jake’s billboard in Magallanes. Here is an article from the Business Mirror dated 7 February 2010 [Sunday]: Aside from the potential danger they pose to pedestrians and vehicles during typhoons, it is more often than not the questionable contents of the colossal billboards dominating the busy and crowded city roads of Metro Manila that become people’s object of criticism. The most recent one is Bench-Body’s advertisement billboard of “new second skin” product depicting Jake Cuenca, Bench model and one of ABS-CBN’s celebrities, in a “provocative” pose wearing only a pair of scanty briefs. The complaint came in a letter to the editor from Atty. Romulo Macalintal, veteran-elections lawyer, stating that “the advertisement is an intentional and blatant disrespect for family values.” He said the campaign is a total disregard of his children’s right to be free from an excessive public display of vulgar, lewd and unwholesome product endorsements. Erected at the Magallanes interchange, the billboard serves as a “welcoming view” to motorists and commuters alike upon entering Makati City. The issue raises the guidelines being followed in approving an advertisement material.” Read the entire article here.