Seb-eral more

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More Seb in action. Because today is lazy Thursday.  Perfect time to stay in bed. And maybe snuggle-cuddle with a cute guy like him, nekkid and all. Who doesn’t love this cutie?

The size of it all


Remember that reed-thin model at the Bench Naked Truth show a few months back? Name’s Louis Mayhew, a 24-year-old American model who was flown in just for the underwear extravaganza.  It turns out, the mixed race (Native American, African-American, Scottish and French) model could be a little more daring.

Louis Mayhew copy

Like this.

Louis Mayhew Nudes-9-July-2014 (1)

Or this one. Too bad, he didn’t flash that lightsaber during the show.

Model Man

MartinRemember the model who wore his wet tighty whities in the 2013 Cosmo Bash? Martin Flores is back and he’s in for some more teasin’! The 24-year-old model grew up in Papua New Guinea and lived there for ten years. He speaks fluent Pidgin. He took up BS Biology at the De La Salle University and once took up Medicine in the same school.

Full Frontal


Guess who’s in the harness. More later.


One more clue. Get it?


Et voilà!


Lucky photog!

Pole Position

victor6 copy

Handsome underwear model and seasonal actor Victor Aliwalas shows us how it is done. Pointing the penis in the downward direction for underwear modelling. The thing with Victor is that he looks so potent and virile, he actually delivers that raw and manful bearing he has always been known for. Plus that scruffy rugged handsome look, just enough for that manly hotness!

Clean Cut


Up-and-coming model Henrik Lagoni is trim and neat.  Actually, waxed clean. I envy the person who did this in the waxing salon. I could just imagine the cute 23-year-old Danish-Filipino model getting a good boyzilian.  Smooth is good down there and underneath. Would you still give him oral with untamed pubes?

Never So Big


Singer and occasional actor Mark Bautista is sorely missed on Philippine shores. He’s still in London’s West End doing that Imelda musical. Mark’s working his ass off in the cold city (I hope I said that right.)  Of course, he’s still looking swell as ever.

Dancing Delight



Isn’t he just adorable?  Zeus Arellano a.k.a. Zeus Collins calls himself the God of the Dance Floor or something. He’s more like a Greek god to me, sculpted bod and bulges and all.  He has appeared in the recent Bench Body show and the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash, in his underwear, of course.

Here Lies Love

img331 copy

Piolo Pascual‘s latest sexy picture. Admit it, he’s still hot as ever!

Lightning Rodjun


Because he is sexy, Rodjun Cruz can do this. Oh, how he teases us so. We would have preferred to see him in underwear, teenie tiny underthings or thongs, or maybe those flimsy white cottons where we get a hint of his throbbing manhood. I’m imagining too much, gushing actually. Hopefully, he’ll wear those things though, pretty soon.

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