Very, very male

MacMahon4One of our favorite models Mark McMahon is back and somehow, his underwear schtick never gets tired. Of course, that bulge whole package is more than enough to raise the temps to high levels. It is surely hot seeing a full-grown man with a handsome mug, in his briefs, sexy and leggy you could almost smell a strong manly scent from between those legs [and pits]. Mark knows how to tease, really.

Beautiful boys

LuisIf he somehow looks familiar, it’s because model boy Luis Hontiveros has a giant billboard in one of the major highways promoting prom clothes. Handsome and dapper in a black suit in the board, 20-year-old Luis was a traffic hazard. When he was in his teens, he won a contest called Binatang Pinoy 2010 in his underwear.

CorbinCanadian-Filipino Corbin Edmonds first came into national underwear consciousness when he appeared last year as one of the carriage boys in white underwear (with Henrik Lagoni) in Bench Body’s Naked Truth show.  Since then he has done countless TVCs and fashion shows in town. Next up showbiz, perhaps?

redzCute with a hot body and an interesting face. That would probably how one would describe bikini boy and college student Rhedz Christian Turner Guarin (yes, that’s his name) from Angeles City. Expect to see more of this handsome guy this hot, hot season as he joins one bikini open at a time! He’s also studying to be a police officer.

Where the sun doesn’t shine

teaser copyI know you love sex tapes and scandals and what-nots. Today, I am giving you something to talk about. Actually, something to speculate about. Isn’t he a hottie, this showbiz guy who has appeared in countless movies, mainly indie-produced?

The good doctor

MarkAgasName a hot medical doctor in Manila and the one dick that comes to mind is Hayden Kho. It turns out there’s one who’s not in the Douchebag Ward, and his name is Mark Agas. Mark is a doctor now in St. Lukes Hospital. Before that, he has done magazine ads and tv commercials while juggling time as a student at the State U. Photo above could be the sexiest he has done, prior to donning the white lab coat.

Sam spreads the love

Sam1Sam Ajdani‘s tat on his lower body part reads like a hunky hipster’s half-rhyme: Fight off your demons and seek the light. Spread the love and keep the smile alive.

Sam2 Sam3He probably made that up himself. Got it from a song or a fortune cookie, maybe. One thing’s for sure, though, I love looking at that that tat on that part of his body. Now, if only I could get up close and smell the scent of a, uh, just-mowed lawn.

The Fighter

JM copyI just love boys who change for the better. Actor JM de Guzman is back and he wants to tell his cautionary tale. The cute young actor who is a self-confessed substance abuser is  now looking just fine. Let us support our handsome boy so that he will get good projects this year. He has mended his ways, and has put his mind back to work in show business!

The DILF factor

IanSooner or later it was bound to happen. That nostalgic swoon.  Now that 40-year-old actor Ian Veneracion is on tv’s most-watched prime time soap, you will request for a sexy shirtless photo of him. While Ian – happily married with three children, may be too old in your age-conscious standards for actors and male models, he’s actually in full fighting form. I do not have current photos of him nekkid or even shirtless, but this is the best I have of Ian. You can just do some wild imaginings.

New Breed

Enrique copyThere is always something naughty about the word “breed” and it’s a bit exciting. The excitement heightens if it involves young blood (and bodies). Say, for example, 23-year-old Enrique Gil, who’s a big star now in his home studio after a hit prime time soap. The King of the Gil is venturing into sexy adult territory this time. Now, that is something to look forward to!

derrickSpeaking of a huge future, the other side has a Derrick Monasterio. Although less stellar than Enrique-With-No-Pit-Hair, the 19-year-old hunk-in-waiting is prepping for stardom. He has recently been signed up by local clothes retailer Bench, and maybe, just maybe, an underwear ad is in the offing soon!


PatrickAre you a fan of K-Pop, where the boys do complicated dance moves and smile and wink while wearing shiny white clothes, and then everyone goes bonkers over them?  Aaah, the appeal of the K-Pop cute boys! To those who are awfully partial to Korean-looking guys with great pecs, washboard abs and a bubblebutt, here’s Patrick Santos Magtanong. Patrick, from Pampanga, is such a K-Pop dream, don’t you think so?

Surf’s up

Victor1Victor Aliwalas has made himself available in this site countless times. What makes it different this time is the fact that he’s outdoors in his swimwear, with all the wayward body hairs and taut skin and big, strong physique. He is so sexy in more ways than one, if you ask me. I’m gushing, so I leave you to feast your eyes on these images, too.

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