Refreshing: Jack Mendoza

Like the refreshing summer rain.. oops, I wouldn’t go there. It’s just that whenever I see male model Jack Mendoza, my knees wobble a wee bit. He’s cute and charming and sexy and reserved. He just smiles a lot and he looks fresh all the time. Too bad, he didn’t get famous and he didn’t get into the bikini open circuit like his buddy Joseph Kidwell. I wonder where he is now. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Rafael Revealing

Of course, we are all used to a nekkid Rafael Rosell in this site. The 26-year-old actor has been seen in various stages of undress, and the only thing he has not shown in this site is his penis. We would love a little mystery, natch! Like how he teases us in the photos above – with all the bows and bends, crooks and curves hidden by the gauzy-gossamer Bench briefs. Rafael is such a dear boy, isn’t he?

Joash and Paolo Get Ready

The new gay movie Heavenly Touch is coming out on May 13 and its lead actors Joash Balejado and Paolo Serrano are getting ready. The two actors figure prominently in this Joel Lamangan-directed flick, a follow-up to the highly successful Walang Kawala film released by DMV Entertainment a few months back. The trailer is now uploaded to YouTube and Joash gets to top Paolo and Marco Morales in the sensitive scenes of the same-sex persuasion.

Anthony Logan is here!

Spotted: Provoq guy Anthony Logan at the Ice Cream Bar in Rockwell’s Joya Tower with a tall and decent-looking older person, possibly a resident in the area.  It seems that this shy Provoq guy is comfortable in the company of his unmanly friend.  Anthony Logan, who is not active in showbiz anymore, looks better in person with his clear and fair skin and muscled body. All along I thought he is still in Macau’s entertainment bars.

Another X for Andrew Miguel

Just a little bit more of the patience, guys, and Andrew Miguel‘s new video Freshman will be approved soon by the MTRCB. Just recently, the sexy flick went through the Committee on Second Review after an X rating in the initial showing and classification. Unfortunately, Freshman was disapproved again. There will be an appeal soon and maybe some of the more delicate and sensitive scenes will have to go through the cutting room. Let’s wait and see…

Marvin Wijangco Engaging

Spotted: Cute boy Marvin Wijangco in a Filipino resto in posh Greenbelt 5 with his manager and the owner of Bench Body underwear.  Is something cooking at the underwear brand for Marvin, who is not busy at the moment with regular tv shows and soaps?  After his stint at the Manhunt 2008 contest, it seems that the showbiz offers got more scarce for this 5’11”-tall model from Bulacan.  His only regular stint now is a spot on the dippy Coverboys, a sing-and-dance-while-shirtless act on ABS-CBN. 

Little Boy/Big Boy

The Parola, Antonio and Kambyo dynamic duo of Lex Bonife and Joselito Altarejos is coming out again with a new digital movie. This time, Lex says it’s a happy gay film. Entitled Little Boy/Big Boy, it stars Paolo Rivero and Douglas Robinson. No, Douglas is not the big boy there, as he has put on some poundage [but still he looks mighty fine to me]. The movie’s about a “carefree urban gay male” who suddenly gets the sole responsibility of being a father to his nephew.  Lex says this one’s a feel-good flick, which will be shown sometime in May.

Aki is Back!

Spotted: Brazilian model Akihiro Sato grappling, sparring and live drilling with cute and hunky guys somewhere in a studio along Castro Street in Makati City.  Aki’s back and he’s doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu [BJJ] in a nondescript workroom at the back of the condo where he lives. He has gained a bit of weight, but he looks cuter than ever.  Glad that he’s back!

Super Bodies Winner

Proclaimed as the grand winner of the Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4 was Robin Kelly Ocampo, a 22-year-old front desk attendant at the ABS-CBN studios. The 5’8″-tall cutie who also romped off with the Mr. Hataw and Mr. Photogenic awards bested Clark Campbell a.k.a. Cris Quizon [1st RU], Jimwell Bondoc [2nd RU, Mr. Remate and Best in Fantasy Wear], Mark Daniel Alarcon [3d RU] and Ralph Darrel Mateo [4th RU]. Top favorites AJ Ona won Best in Swimwear while Gamac Mendoza took home the Mr. Flawless award.