Hot male model Marx Topacio brightens up our day! He’s one of the most in-demand models for A-list designers these days. During the recent Philippine Fashion Week, he was practically in all the runway shows for menswear. Although he’s now sporting a thick mane, he still looks gorgeous and stunning. The tall, dark and handsome male mod is such a delight to watch!

Raph and Ready

Hottie alert! This is the how-you-wish-the-pants-would-suddenly-drop pictures of sexy model Raph Almeda during the recently-held Philippine Fashion Week. The guy’s a favorite of designers – he’s practically in all the shows for menswear. Of course, he deserves the projects because he takes care of his body well as the perfect fit for male clothes. Raph’s star on the runway is on a steady rise, if you ask me.

Caption This

Friday’s smooth and hot guys in bikinis are Lloyd Barredo [left] and Jack Mendoza. Lloyd’s a freelance model, appearing in bikini shows and contests in town for a few years now. The 5’10”-tall looker has also done bit roles for the movies [e.g. Rafael Rosell‘s Bikini Open] and tv [Dingdong Dantes‘s Encantadia]. On the other hand, Jack Mendoza‘s the cute guy who never made it in bikinidom come despite the nice skin, boyish looks and the nice fully-packed package. Happy Friday everyone!

Super Matic!

Look what happened to cute boy Racel Matic! See, that’s what appears when you put in some weight, build lots of muscles and slather fake tan on your bod. Racel, who won the 2006 Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open, was one of the contestants in the Slimmers World Great Bodies 2009 contest, held a few days ago. The 26-year-old hunk, who represented the Binondo branch of Slimmers World Gym did not win, unfortunately. He is still cute, though I would have preferred his boy-next-door look a couple of years ago. Upper photo shows the official picture of Racel in the program, while lower photo was taken during the contest [with a smiling Mr. Photogenic in the background, Hiro Torobu].

Green and Bare

So, it’s December already and I’m thinking it will be summer in a few months. I’m dreaming of the beach and cool drinks and long vacations. Plus the mandatory bikini competitions during that time. Think of all the boys in outdated tiny underwear prancing on stage. For example, here’s Christopher “Chriz” Villarba, featured more than a couple of times here already. He’s another one of those familiar faces [and crotches] in ’em bikini shows in town. He has won quite a few and still he’s going at the prizes next summer. The neon green thongs look sexy, too.

Justin and Julian

The bulge, the bulge! So who’s it going to be? Will you choose contestant no. 18 or 19? No. 18 is Justin Royce Dizon, a very familiar face in bikini open competitions. Twenty-year-old Justin won Subic Bay’s Istilo Modelo contest a year ago. From then on, the 5’8.5″-tall cutie has participated in almost all the flesh-and-tease contests in the metro. No. 19 is Julian Binarao, a 5’10”-tall freelance model, also a regular in bikini contests. He was last seen in the Mr. Philippines International screening.


He’s done practically almost everything in the indie scene. Kristofer King has also shown a lot on screen. In the movies, he has boldly gone where no newbie has traveled. Moreover, his exploits beyond the movie backlots are fodder for the paid-sex mill. One thing that he has not yet done, though, is tv. His contemporary Coco Martin has crossed over to the small screen, and he has been generally accepted by regular viewers. Will he find similar success on tv, once he guests on soaps and shows? Will his reputation follow him to the general patronage sets? What do you think?