Where’s Hideo?

Oh where, oh where can Hideo Muraoka be? Now that the three nippo-brasileiros are making waves in Manila’s showbiz and modeling venues, the fourth guy who made an impact on our collective consciousness as the handsome Brazilian who posed provocatively for F&H in his undies has gone missing from our shores. Some say he has gone off to an Asian country for greener pastures. Others reveal that sexy Hideo has returned to his native Brazil to get married and settle down. He should come back, don’t you think? Hideo’s awfully missed these days.

Super Star!

You’ve been waiting for this and it is hot, hot, hot! Brazilian sensation Daniel Matsunaga is nekkid and cute and sexy and oh-so yummy in these shots for the photobook Super Stars by Singaporean photog Leslie Kee. It’s the charity book of 300 mostly bare Asian celebs and models for the benefit of the tsunami victims four years ago. Fellow D’Survivors co-star Rocky Salumbides also appeared in the photobook showing his penis. Incidentally, D’Survivors is still showing in selected theaters. TGIF everyone!


With colorful plumes like that, how could he not get the attention of the judges and win the title Mr. Ilocandia Bikini Open 2010? The winner’s name is Cargean Racho, a 20-year-old student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines [PUP] in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Cargean, who was also Mr. PUP 2008, is a native of Laguna province and how he got to faraway Ilocos Sur to compete in the bikini contest is beyond me. He will next be seen as a contestant at the annual Ginoong Filipinas fleshfest.


Mister Bulgy Pants is Wallison Ramos, a Brazilian model in our midst who’s busy modeling for TVCs, fashion shoots and the occasional runway projects. While the Daniels and Akis and Fabios are making some noise, this 21-year-old Brazilian chooses to work quietly in the country, before leaving again to look for other modeling assignments in Asia.


After two days, the runaway winner of the poll on the hottest Brazilian model in town is Daniel! Out of the 2025 unique votes, Daniel got 51% over Aki‘s 26% and Fabio‘s 21%. Incidentally, today’s the opening of the three guys’ new movie D’Survivors in selected theaters. While Daniel’s enjoying his grand entrance in showbiz via numerous guest appearances [and spots] in GMA-7’s shows, he announced that he’s going back to Brazil for a two-week vacation this month. That’s quite hasty, don’t you think, considering the busy schedule he got himself into? Or is he going to Hong Kong to do some work? Hmmm.


Ooops! Justin de Leon is caught taking a dive for Gio Gapas‘s burrito! It’s actually a scene from the new Monti Parungao [Sagwan, Bayaw] and Lex Bonife [Parola, Antonio] movie Pulupot. According to Lex, “Pulupot is about the sexual adventures of a hunky hosto [Gapas] with a discreet gay man [De Leon], a pragmatic sex worker and a loving transgender and the complications that come with it.” The movie premieres 7 May 2010, 8pm at the Robinsons Galleria. Tickets at Php200. Commercial showing starts on 12 May 2010 in selected theaters.


Summer is still driving out the boys in their bikinis out in the open. This cute 20-year-old guy has already appeared in a number of gay flicks, e.g. Discreetly by Cris Pablo, and now he wants to try his luck in modeling. Ian Mesias was recently seen as one of the models in the Fabulous Armando Fabia Now fashion show, a “Vegas-type experience with 35 male and female models taking Fabia’s sexy couture to a whole new level.” Ian stands 5’9″-tall and has joined bikini contests in the past.

Mister Earth

While no one was looking, someone was proclaimed as Mr. Earth-Philippines 2010 just recently. His name is John Adrian “Ryan” Reyes, a 20-year-old student [BSBA major in Financial Management] at the University of Santo Tomas. The 5’11”-tall cutie has been modeling for quite some time already and it is only now that he had a major pageant exposure. He appeared last year at the Bench fashion show and the Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelors Bash.


This is the image of 22-year-old actor and Bench Body endorser Jake Cuenca on a giant billboard somewhere in Quezon City, along EDSA. It’s not scandalous as the last board he had for Bench Body briefs a few months back. Just the same, Jake establishes himself as the current favorite of the top clothing brand. On tv, he’s also a prime time lead actor, validating his status as one of the more important actors in his home studio.


Who’s your choice? Three Brazilian guys with Japanese roots – Aki, Daniel and Fabio. They are all in showbiz now, as they make the rounds of tv shows, plus their new movie D’Survivors is showing this coming week in selected theaters. It’s an independently-produced flick featuring models, sexy shirtless in a bright and green island. Among the three models, who is your best bet in the hotta-meter? Poll’s shown above.