Head Turner

One of the many reasons, which I only recently discovered, to tune in to afternoon tv on ABS-CBN is this guy. A gorgeous 6’1″-tall actor who goes by the name of Edward Mendez or Eddie Mendez! The 26-year-old looker is always seen in the afternoon soap Alyna in his speedos, by the pool, day and night [see photos]. Eddie – who studied Sports Science and Medicine from the University of Maryland, College Park – is also the current endorser of the skin clinic Forever Flawless.


There’s a new sexy movie coming out soon and the title’s Sponsor. One of the male leads is the nekkid guy in the photo above, Tony Lapena. He’s also the same daring actor in the hit indie flick Ben and Sam, which was shown last year. Sponsor, which is the 4th movie of director Mark Shandii Bacolod [Fidel, Ben and Sam, 5 Minutes], is “a tale of sex, poverty and violence.”


Didn’t you see him here first? That time Jome Silayan was a virtual unknown, a student modeling part-time. The first post on him generated some buzz, more on the who’s-that-interesting-boy queries. Fast forward a few years later and he’s got lots of top media exposures, in Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine and Bench ads and billboards to name a few. Now under the same manager handling Jake and Jon, he’s set to star in a prime time series on GMA-7 as one of the leading men. Not bad, eh?

The Other Legaspi Brother

There was a time when actor Zoren Legaspi [who is turning 39 years old today] acknowledged that “Zoren” is actually not his real name but the birth name of his older brother. Since he was the first of the Legaspi brothers to enter show business, he took on the name for more recall. In photo is older brother Brando Legaspi [who is turning 41 on 4 February]. He entered showbiz rather late, full three years after Zoren. He’s now an assistant director for Zoren’s shows.

Vintage Sunday

His name is Albert Montañez or Arnold Montaño or whatever his “guests” wanted to call him in his dancing heyday. He was the “star dancer” or main attraction in the now-closed Club Maginoo located in Monumento Circle in Caloocan City. Just like the more famous Paul of Adonis, he had a great bod, and greater bonbons. Now, I wonder where he is now?

Where is Johnron?

So, where is Johnron Tanada now? Remember him? That fresh-faced guy with the dance video [see photos]. A member of the sexy boy-group Provoq, he also starred in some movies with gay themes, e.g. Love Birds, Kambyo. After some teasing in the movies and gay rags, he went to Macau to be an entertainer. Apparently, he had one too many spats with the leader of his group and was sent home. If he’s back in Manila, have you seen Johnron lately?

Daniel for Veet

It’s really a viral video. That Daniel Matsunaga vid that hit YouTube most recently. Here’s the PR:

This February, win a date with hottie Daniel Matsunaga who will help you VEET your way into smoother legs! “In a survey we asked our target market ‘Who would you like to be stuck with in an elevator?’ and Daniel topped the list. There is a natural match between VEET women and the nippo-brasileiro hunk. He is a rising star, hot, and is desired by many women,” says VEET assistant brand manager Isa Marfori. A clip which showed Daniel lip-locking with an unknown lady inside an elevator spread like wildfire on the internet. In two days, the clip posted in You Tube amassed at least 250,000 hits, and was even featured in various news programs. It turned out to be a teaser for a summer activity being cooked up by VEET featuring Daniel. The winner will have a date with Daniel Matsunaga where he will personally VEET the winner’s legs. She will also bring home an Apple i-Pad. VEET is also giving away an i-Pod touch, an i-Pod nano, iPod Shuffles and Veet gift packs. So how to win that date with Daniel? The promo involves sending videos or a photo story showing why he should date you and show you using VEET on your legs. Watch out for the promo coming out soon on February 8.

Do you think Daniel needs VEET, too? Google previous images of him in Leslie Kee’s Superstars photo book. Tee-hee.

Mr. Brazil

There’s another gorgeous Brazilian model in our midst. Quiet, tall and strikingly handsome. His name is Luciano Stranghetti, and he’s got a Mister Brazil title tucked somewhere under his abs and bulges. This 22-year-old hunk from São Paulo has been in the country for quite some time now, doing modeling jobs on the runway and in print ads. If he looks familiar, he’s the catalog underwear model for Avon. Yes, “the company for women” has a men’s line.