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A Fine Specimen

Twenty-six-year-old Nate Burkey is our Tuesday sizzler! Born and raised in the US to a Filipino mother and an American father, this 6’2″-tall hunk is here for the meantime as he’s playing for the Philippine club Kaya FC in the United Football League [UFL]. Nate first appeared as a forward for the Philippine national football [or soccer] team, The Azkals. He has also done commercial and ramp modeling on the side.


If he’s being groomed as the next big leading man of GMA, then the station should pump-prime his career fast – really fast – before his contemporaries edge him out of the game. Aljur Abenica

looks really fine these days – chiseled and carved, shaped and sculpted to movie star looks. It’s a shame to put all that to waste.

New Jiro

Former Bench Body model Jiro Shirakawa shifts and changes his underwear in a prime direct-selling catalog. The Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 winner tried to penetrate showbiz after a successful stint on the fashion runways. Although his teenybopper star turn in ABS-CBN did not actually pan out, he’s slowly re-establishing himself as a supporting actor this time.


These days he’s really on top. Paulo Avelino‘s prominence in the Bench Body advertisements of late, i.e. summer campaign for 2012, is proof-positive that he has actually made it to the A-list. While he was languishing before as a supporting actor for less-talented and least handsome actors in GMA, he’s now lording it over the prime time slots of ABS-CBN as an important young actor.


Oh, my stars and garters! It’s Jake Cuenca! Apparently, he’s in the summer campaign, too, of Bench Body, except that his underwear photos were not published or featured in the Bench site. Jakey’s wearing board shorts in the released pics, a far cry from the annual images of a nearly-naked Jake in tight briefs posted by Bench for the past few years.

The Brothers Gutierrez

Identical twins Richard [left] and Raymond Gutierrez were Bench models when they were teens. People saw a lot of potential in dem two – tall and fair and handsome in lots of ways. Photo above was taken, I think, 12 years ago when they were just 16 years old for the Bench clothing line.

And then Richard went on to become a teen heartthrob then a Cosmopolitan centerfold [leftmost photo] and a hunky Bench model, who walked the runways shirtless. He also starred in a lot of movies and prime time soaps on GMA. On the other hand, Raymond became a tv presenter because he couldn’t fit into the leading-man role. Plus he got fat along the way.

These days, Richard’s hosting Survivor Philippines and gained a bit of poundage.

And Raymond? Well, he lost a lot of the flabs. Recently he was launched as an endorser of Sexy Solutions, “a holistic fat reduction clinic that specializes in breaking the plateau, by helping you lose those last 10 or 20 pounds that never seem to come off despite diet or exercise.” So there. [And Chris Cayzer is also coming home from Oz. But that’s another story.]


Top actor Piolo Pascual won’t be left behind in the Bench summer ads. The hot season will never be complete without photos of a shirtless Piolo. Tall, dark, ripped and handsome, Piolo is still the main man in showbiz, the ultimate Filipino leading man of the moment, come hell or high water.

Summer 2012!

True to form, Bench Body is opening its summer campaign with sexy and nekkid it-boy Paulo Avelino! It seems like the guy’s on a definite roll. He’s been getting all the good breaks on tv, movies and even print ads. Of course, we’re more than happy to see him in those tight briefs!

Top Resort

To those wondering where Aljur hangs out when he doesn’t have work, he hies off to his father’s resort in Batangas City – Patio Alfonso. Named after his father and paternal grandfather, the resort is located in Barangay Tinga Labac, where daddy Alfonso also manages an entertainment center.

Quashing ugly rumors that the resort was given by Aljur’s wealthy gay lover, his father says that the property was purchased way back in the 90s and only developed in 2010. The move from their native Pampanga to Batangas, according to daddy Alfonso, was triggered by the Pinatubo volcanic eruption in 1991. So there!


Quietly busy doing his work in show business is Bench discovery and ex-bikini open contestant Ron Morales. Although he’s not taking on the leading-man parts, the 27-year-old beanpole is a constant fixture on tv as a prominent supporting actor. His recent outing in the movies was the best friend role of Derek Ramsay‘s character in the hit campy flick No Other Woman.
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