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R & R

Oh, these brothers! These fine young men with great muscles.
Rodjun the Elder and Rayver the Younger. 
They’re blazing, blistering under the hot, hot sun.

How do we describe them again? “Broad shoulders, narrow hips,
and their abdominal muscles ripple as they walk.”

Rez Fil

That’s the name he’s using. Rez Fil . Quite unique for a name. A couple of days ago, he was the surprise first-runner-up to Allen Molina in the Daragang Magayon  2014 Bikini Open.  The Lubao, Pampanga native looks so boyish and naughty, isn’t he? Maybe we’ll see more of him in the bikini season.


Sex sells. Underwear endorsers these days are really more daring.
Gone were the days of paddings and baskets to hide the shape of the genitals.
Just look at John Spainhour, the ideal underwear model, who’s not too timid showing off.

Or this fly-in model who is doing the catalog for Bench Body. The Bulge is really here to stay!

Allen Molina is the king of bikini competitions

Well, Allen Ong Molina just won last night’s biggest bikini competition in the South – the Daragang Magayon Bikini Open 2014.  You have to see him in action how he does it. It means winning every title and award from every nook and village in Luzon. Take for example this Magayon contest.

The minute he stepped into the stage for the introduction, he owned the crowd 
(that sweaty-wet shirt giveaway never failed).

The fantasy wear segment featured him in “snow angel” costume.
No matter how ridiculous the outfit, Allen came out ultra fine.
And sexy.

He knew how to turn on the charm.

With a bonus of buttocks.
The contest had a program called the “showdown” where the contestants had to dance.
Allen gyrated, to the delight of the girls and girls alike.
He swayed to the left, too.
Of course, he had to do his signature moves.
The push-up.
The awesome handstand.
No one can top him.

He had to win eventually.


Legs make the man. Well, partly. You have to add in a good mug, taut skin, fit bod, large functioning penis, powerful arms, etc. Randy Cailles has nice legs – smooth with scattered baby hair. They look tight and strong, too. Who wants to go for dem legs?


Model Christian Arno Williams has no qualms posing in his cheap-ass underwear that’s so flimsy and gauzy, his dick’s quite detectable. Delectable. Whether it’s big as life or not, we’re only too happy to see him endorse the undercrackers.

Fresh Boys

Making It
I know you love Miko Raval. Tall, cute and a former varsity player who knew the ways of the world. This 21-year-old hunk of a man is now in showbiz, as he’s all set to star in Moon of Desire on ABS-CBN. Now, if only he’ll be more daring in the baring.
A cute guy in showbiz with a nice bod has to disrobe to be noticed. At least that’s how it goes in Philippine showbiz. Twenty-year-old Raphael Robes, who came out of nowhere to land a gig in the annual Metro Bodies feature of Metro magazine, is doing just that. We’re only too happy to notice.

Twenty-three-year-old LA Aguinaldo may not be a familiar face in Manila’s modelling scene but he’s sure to create waves in the weeks to come. The Filipino-Italian model has been booked for the season’s shows on the runways. In the meantime, we get to ogle at his fine bod for the summer.

Out in the Sun

Summer’s here and the boys are still donning Speedos. It’s good actually, since I am not too keen with long board shorts on boys with hot bods. Unsexy, that is. Jay Gonzaga is one crazy-abs guy and he’s working his Speedos just fine. He can be seen sometimes as one of the merpeople in Dyesebel.

Clean, Shaven

Hair or no hair? Shaved or not? There are some who are more inclined towards guys with tufts of hair in all the manly places – pits, pubes, heck, even that part where the sun does not necessarily shine [the gouch! between the ball sac and the butt hole]. Some like it smooth as a baby. Or at least a depilated part. Which do you prefer? Model: Reza Moico, who likes ’em shaved

A Handsome Boy

Twenty-one-year-old Daniel Velasco just needs the right break to make it big in showbiz. The 21-year-old commercial model has been around for quite some time already as he’s landed practically all the tv commercial projects in town. This time, the AB Interdisciplinary Studies graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University is trying acting just like his equally-cute big brother Vince.
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