Indie Boys

The indie boys are groovin’! Sometimes we get diamonds in the rough in the indie and bikini open circuit. The one on the left is John Canterbury, half-Brit veteran of bikini contests. He also starred in a couple of indie flicks of the gay genre. The guy on the right is Richard Bradley Arma, half-American veteran of bikini contests, too.  He has appeared as bit player in the movies and in tv soaps. Who’s your bet?


Romance. Erotica. There’s more to the story in the new indie flick Lihis as Jake and Joem explore gay relations and fornication and Marxist leanings.  In the movie, Jake and Joem play two activists who go up the [Brokeback] mountain and fight not only for the country’s redemption against the dictatorial regime in the 70s but also for their love for each other. Nice. Lihis will be shown in SM Cinemas from 11-17 September 2013 as part of the Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival All Masters Edition.

Ode To Forbidden Love

Mark your calendars: 11 September 2013!

The much-awaited movie of love beyond the pale – Lihis will start its commercial run on said date, a Wednesday. Jake and Joem, of course, will provide the drama and the fireworks in this tragic story of two communist rebels who fall in love in the turbulent 70s.

Lihis is Director Joel Lamangan’s entry in the first Sineng Pambansa All Masters Film Festival exclusive in SM Cinemas nationwide this September.

The Escort Showing Tomorrow

Mark your calendars tomorrow, 21 August as the new provocative indie flick The Escort starts its commercial run!  One of the actors in the movie is Jommel Idulan, who plays the hustler friend of lead Miko Pasamonte. The Escort is the latest film of Monti Parungao, the director behind blockbuster gay indies Sagwan [Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Main Competition, Italy] and Bayaw [Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival].  The movie will be shown at Remar Cubao, Roben Manila, and Isetann Recto. 

Naked As He Came

Our favorite indie boy Miko Pasamonte will hit [heat] the indie movie screens this August as his much-anticipated movie The Escort finally gets a schedule. The Escort is about a pragmatic sex worker [read: practical prostitute, wily whore] who learns what it is to fall in love. From a story of Hawaii-based writer Lance Collins and the direction of Monti Parungao [Sagwan, Bayaw], watch out for The Escort this August!   

Spanking The Jakey

What is new with Jake Cuenca? Let’s see. He practically wore all the new underwear styles of Bench Body. He’s done butt shots in public. He made love to a guy on screen in the most cinematic rump-thumping gay sex scene ever on Philippine cinema. And now, he’s smacking the monkey in the Cinemalaya movie Nuwebe! Too bad he didn’t  turn around for the all out show. And then again, that particular scene [see screen caps] is hot enough. Maybe the full frontal next?