Hey look! The skanky underwear worn by bikini open contestants [e.g.,  Harold “Aeron” Cruz below] to win the nod of drooling, slobbering audiences in small bars and venues, is now donned by primo modelo John Spainhour!  I won’t ask who wore it better.

Candy Cutie

Isn’t he a cutie? No 411 on this guy yet, but I’m pretty sure there
are lots of images of him in various states of undress coming soon. 
Maybe a feature under the R.N.G. title, too.

T-back Thursday

And on Thursdays, we do t-back. 

Dennis the Menace

Witness how Dennis Trillo manages to torture us with his constant teasing. Somehow he still arouses, cranking up the heat in some ways. Like this one, when he’s supposed to show us the full tighty whities shot. Maybe we’re up for some raw bulge or so. Maybe in the near future.

Another Victor

And how’d you like our new underwear model so far?


Just like the glorious, lickable underarms of his dear hunky cousins, Bodie Cruz is flashing dem luscious pits! Who wouldn’t want to go pit diving on this boy? Imagine your face in his sweaty armpits for hours! 

In Bed

Lazy Saturday. Perfect time to stay in bed. And maybe snuggle-cuddle 
with a cute guy like Gerard Sison, cotton briefs, huge balls and all. 

Metro Body: Victor and then some

How about Victor Basa wearing nothing but some manly scent and his privates covered by a Ferragamo bag? No? Not doing it for you again, eh?
Well, maybe this one? Victor for his new endorsement Cotton Club underwear, formerly worn by Jason Abalos and Aljur Abrenica


Daniel so hot, he’s getting better with age. Don’t you think so?

Stiff and Strong

Ex-underwear model and showbiz bit player Jon Avila is now back where he came from – the UK. Will he ever come back to Philippine shores and continue his, uh, career? I meant on tv and the movies, like he used to do before. Or will he stay in the land of his birth, where – as he claims – he used to be an investment banker?
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