John Does

Fans of teenybopper Elmo Magalona might notice his cute friend in the GMA afternoon soap Villa Quintana. His name is John Arsenio Erquiza, one-time Ginoong something in 2010. The 5’10”-tall John has since hung up his bikini in favor of a more lucrative career as an actor on tv.  


Filipino-Scottish Mark McMahon is perhaps the most ubiquitous model around the metro. He is in practically all the major fashion shows, tv ads and commercial billboards. Probably, too, he has the biggest penis in the local modelling world. Tee-hee.

Wonder Jock

For throwback Thursday, we have a dose of another rangy sizable man, with miles and miles of legs to cover. Neil Etheridge once blazed through the underwear scene in this Folded and Hung campaign. It turns out he was endorsing “enhancing underwear” then called the pouch technology, designed to show off a fuller package. We were convinced.

Jiro Selling Underwear

And this, folks, is how one sells underwear! Jiro Shirakawa has a crazy-ass bod, perfect for underwear modelling this part of the globe.  He has been doing it for quite some time now, it could be his second skin already.

VPL Monday

Is John Spainhour cut or uncut? No stranger to penis-hugging underwear as he’s been modelling them for quite some time now, John’s still at it in these skimpy skivvies. With a handsome mug and a sexy bod, which do you prefer – cut or uncut?

Rafael Then

This used to be Rafael Rosell, hale and hearty before he became gaunt and ghostly. This was taken when he was just starting out, showing a lot of promise and determination to succeed in showbiz – come bikini or high water. He did make it alright, in fact he was one of the favorites in the underwear brand’s stable of talents. These days, he’s playing bit roles in GMA.


One more serving of Tom. This time, it’s all about legs, legs and more legs. Flawless, meaty, strong legs. It seems like Mr. Mott can never go wrong these days, what with his newly-acquired leading-man status in showbiz.  TGIF!

throwBack Luke

Front or backside, Luke Jickain looks good at any angle. The veteran model has practically done every ad, TVC and runway show in town for A-list designers and commercial brands. He was once an underwear model for Bench Body.


A few years ago, a then fledgling model and ex-varsity player from San Sebastian College who went by the unique name of Zanjoe Marudo suddenly came into the exclusive models club of local brand Bench. The rest, of course, is history as Zanjoe made a huge leap into tv and the movies.  He’s now one of the more recognizable faces in ABS-CBN’s stable of talents. 

Model Man

It’s James Zablan and he’s smoldering! He may be old in model years [33 years old] but he can definitely give the younger ones a run for their catwalk money, what with a finely chiseled torso to boot. James used to play for the Far Eastern University Tamaraws basketball team.
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