WITWI Lorenzo “Tata” Mara

Where in the world is Lorenzo Mara? Launched in the early 90s, together with hunky Richard Go aka Ricardo Cepeda, in Regal Films’ string of campy sexy flicks, Lorenzo “Tata” Mara is still active on tv and in the movies, although in two-bit roles. Lorenzo is the son of that actor who always gets to play the Philippine President in soaps and movies, Lollie Mara. He was last seen in Pamahiin [2007], Mano Po 5 [2006], and Txt [2006].

Pleasant Enough: RG San Jose

He looks old but he is only 20 years old. RG San Jose is another struggling “model” who is a third year BS Information Technology student at the Informatics International College. He is originally from Sta. Cruz, Laguna province but he is now residing in Muntinlupa City. The 5’8″-tall wannabe joined the Second Leg of Style Eyecatchers Model Search, wherein he didn’t win any of the special awards, runner-up prize or the title.

What are you doing today?

It is one of the secrets of Nature in its mood of mockery that fine weather lays heavier weight
on the mind and hearts of the depressed and the inwardly tormented than does a really bad day
with dark rain sniveling continuously and sympathetically from a dirty sky.
~ Muriel Spark, Territorial Rights, 1979

The weather is glorious at being partially cold, plus the dark skies, heavy rains and blasting winds. I am loving this weekend because of this condition. In all probability, we will just stay home for the day and postpone Imax and stay in bed. Maybe a DVD would be played – the 16-in-1 kind would be great, non-stop, and some cooking later. It will all be fun. Now, what was that again with Rihanna singing about letting the rain pour and coming in to me?

Marimar Again on TV [plus Jestoni Alarcon]

When I was younger, I needed something to be obsessed over so I turned to the soaps on local channel tv. I’m thinking about it now, and the only reason I can validate is that probably I needed something to satisfy my closet drama queen – ego. I remember watching the Judy Anns and Claudines slugging Life out in the celluloid closet full of intrigues, backstabbing, cliches, and a despicable actor who went by the name of Gladys. My friends whose idea of a soap would have to be Days of our Lives or General Hospital back then, seriously snubbed Filipino tear-jerker soaps, so I naturally kept things to myself [except to our eager-beaver maid at the time] – anticipating the next episodes with a certain thrill. Then came the Mexican soap Marimar, which introduced the concept of a fast-paced telenovela to Filipino audiences. It was a phenomenal hit, as everyone went apeshit over the show – even my friends. That was ages ago. Recently, with my obsession over soaps a thing of the past, GMA 7 once again revived Marimar and made it a Filipino-language-and -cast show. I watched the pilot episode out of interest, and saw that it was, say, good – with a Spanish mestiza in the lead [Marian Rivera] and a miscast Sergio [Dingdong Dantes]. And of course, the father of Marimar there is played by the dishy Jestoni Alarcon [photos above]. Despite his age, Jestoni is still eye-candy, and an awesome actor. Now, if only I can snap out of this soap-opera neurosis again. Darn.

Harry Fever

A lot of readers have been emailing me lately requesting [or better yet, insisting] on more features of Provoq discovery Harry Laurel, aka Harry Chua. Reader harrychuachika, however, was gracious enough to send me the photo above [with the woman cropped], with a pre-Provoq Harry joining some small bikini contest a year ago. No details were given though, if the cute chinito won. Just the same, Harry’s debut flick, Ang Lalake sa Parola will be shown on September 3 at the UP Film Institute, where – as Screenplay writer Lex Bonife would promote – you will see the family jewels of the lead actors. Tickets will be sold at the site, at Php 100. For more information about the movie, you may pester and badger Lex at lexbonife@yahoo.com.

Poor puppy

That’s dark wannabe Ronnie Magallanes cramming a hapless mongrel up his wiener. Now 22 years old, Ronnie Magallanes is a freelance model from Olongapo City. His 15 minutes of bikinidom fame came when he won 2nd runner-up at the Campus Face 2005 pageant. He has since joined underwear fashion shows in Metro Manila. Although he joined GMA 7 station’s acting workshops, his chances of landing roles on tv, however bitty, is still in the nether regions. Moral of the story is that, never use a frightened puppy to cover your weenie when posing naked for a magazine shoot; otherwise you won’t succeed. That, and you must be really good-looking.

Scenes from a Cruise

My gratitude to mean girl Barbarella who sent these photos of the show Cruise – The Provocative Tour. First photo would have to be the opening sequence where the boys are just about to peel off their white hot pants to show their flesh-colored G strings. Frisky Niko is the best dancer in the lot, and handsome Harry looked nervous and awkward, which unwittingly added to his charm. Middle photo is the Japanese Yakuza scene with Anthony, before Harry and Justin made a scene when their fundoshi were also stripped by the girls. Last scene is the Fat Tuesday Carnival in Rio, with the boys in shiny shimmering string [bikini] splendor. Later, they went down the audience area to invite the people up the stage. The scenes of the show were videotaped, which will soon be released as the second Men of Provoq video. Of course, the most memorable scenes would have to be Justin’s near-miss wardrobe-malfunction episode, Niko’s monkey bar antics – in a string bikini, Chester’s butt-crack sequence, and Harry, just one stunning Harry performing on stage. Details of the video release will be announced here soon.

Floods! [plus Leandro Baldemor]

Today, Manila was hit by torrential rains, which flooded large sections of the metro. Since I couldn’t get out of the house as it was getting nasty outside, I just worked from home today, with the occasional naps, YM chats, and internet browsing. I discovered mybagyo.com, which tracks in real time the Super Typhoon Sepat [or Egay in the Philippines]. It is expected to land Thursday, tomorrow.

By the way, that’s Leandro Baldemor up there. I thought I could put him there, with all the water around him as an appropriate illustration for this post. The former Seiko boldie was in the premiere two nights ago of GMA 7’s version of the Mexican soap Marimar, for a good 2 minutes only. He was shirtless as the contracted paramour of Marimar’s mother. Obviously he’s gained some poundage, but the moreno actor of Seiko Films’ sexy movies of yore still retained his boyish looks. If only the bubble butt actor can get more projects again.

Justin Backstage

That’s Justin de Leon after the Cruise show. I noticed I haven’t posted any of his photos during the show, and this one picture of Justin shirtless and deliberately careless with his gym pants and jockeys, is too good to miss. He celebrated his birthday that night, making him all of 29 years and still delectable [if you ask me]. The good-natured Provoq member also reminded me that night that he is also in the movie Ang Lalake sa Parola [The Man in Lighthouse], where he played the lover of cutesy Harry Laurel. When asked whether he went overboard in the “graphic sex scenes”, Justin laughingly told me to just wait for the release of the movie.

Comer: Earl Eric Avelino

He looks like a cub but Earl Eric Avelino is already 20 years old and a student at the Jose Rizal University in Mandaluyong City. He was a finalist at the Mr. & Ms. Jose Rizal University Search in 2005. He was also seen in the exploitative male bikini show-contest called Boylets 2007, where the guys got to wear freshly-cut banana leaves, transparent g-strings and gravity-defying underwear.