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Franz in red!

If you like the dark and brooding type, here’s veteran bikini pageant contestant Franz Sioson. He is a 24-year-old native of Meycauayan, Bulacan and a graduate of BS Management from the Philippine School of Business Administration. At the 2008 Summer Bodies contest held at Filinvest Mall, he was declared the first runner-up to eventual winner Raph Almeda. During summer, the 5’8″-tall Franz can be seen in the bikini contests around town.

Reading Sam Milby

Sam Milby is a nice boy. And still very popular.  He breaks up with his girlfriend and it is big showbiz news.  The reason for the end of their relationship – according to Sam, is that he needs spiritual direction, that there are things they cannot do together. This is a novel way of explaining a breakup.  And media will keep guessing and second-guessing about this conundrum no matter how personal this may be for Sam Milby.  Just the same, there’s a new movie coming out on December 3 and he’s the lead – title’s Cul de Sac, an action-thriller independently-produced.

Smooth or Hairy?

Do you prefer the baby-smooth guy or the hairy one? Some go for the hairy ones – bearded and bushy, fluffy and furry. Others choose the silky soft bodies of sexy men. It’s a matter of preference, really. If you ask me, both seem fine – as long as the person is naturally smooth. It’s a bit of a disappointment for me if the guy did some big-time trimming, shaving, waxing or any form of manscaping. How about your preference – smooth or hairy? [Photos: Danilo Lee, left, and Errol of Lips]

Wake up, it’s Monday!

Did you wake up happy?  It’s Monday morning, and maybe you have the blues again?  There’s a surefire solution to that: Build on the moment.  This means that the only thing we can do when faced with problems and troubles, is to accept things the way they are and just be happy in the moment.  The logic of this thought is that one moment is carried into the next.  This is also called switching up the energy. When we put all our efforts into seeing the nice, good and beautiful, to pushing back all dark thoughts and to injecting light and happiness, we go into the next moment carrying that energy. Happy Monday! [Image: Richard Lopez

Niko Arellano does modeling

For the meantime, while movie and tv projects are scarce, erstwhile Provoq guy Niko Arellano a.k.a. Aiman Manuel Perea, takes hold of his modeling career.  The tall, bright and bubbly Hiphop Bro of Provoq was in the Bench Blackout [underwear] show last July, and at the annual Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash last September [shown in photo].  Too, he is now sporting mean dreadlocks in stark contrast to the clean-cut do when was still stripping for his group.

Sexy Amateur: Vonn Vasquez

Here’s another amateur, beefy and chunky in some ways, but still sexy and cuddly.  His name is Vonn Vasquez, 25 years old from Bacolod City.  Vonn Vasquez once planned to enter showbusiness via the strip-and-tease route. Last year he posed for the then-popular gay rags. He is now reportedly abroad earning a living as a seaman. Do you think he’s hot enough?  

Heady: Warren Adami

Oh, I figured we can do a bit of the saucy-racy post for this morning after all those entries on shirtless mainstream actors.  How about Warren Adami, previously featured here as one of the better-looking regulars in the wicked contests at the bar-formerly-known-as-Lips in San Juan?Also known as Warren Bautista, the 5’10”-tall looker was a winner of Manhunt Bikini Open 2007 at Lips, one of the contestants in Hataw Superbodies 2007 [ won by  Kish McBride] and a regular underwear model in Malate District’s annual gay pride events.

Shirtless Friday: Diether, Luis and Dennis!

The supposed showbiz scoop for the week was that thirty-two-year-old Diether Ocampo, one of the original ABS-CBN talents, has reportedly inked a four-year contract with rival station GMA 7.  While this has been reported as fact already in major dailies and tabloids, Mr. Ocampo has not yet issued a formal statement. His agency, Star Magic has stated that he still remains a talent, while GMA 7 has also hinted that indeed the charming actor has signed on for the network.  Diether Ocampo deserves to succeed wherever he goes, if you ask me.

On the other hand, Luis Manzano, who accepted recently the gay role in Star Cinema’s A Mother’s Story, is happy with his acting career in ABS-CBN. He’s in the fantasy series Dyosa, plus he’s doing the hero-series Flash Bomba [again, I’m not making this up, and I hope Luis will flash and do bomba] and another still-unnamed show.  Next year, he revealed that he’ll be flying to New York for the shoot of his movie, which reportedly has a kissing scene with his co-actor.

And, as for Dennis Trillo in the GMA 7 backlot, the 27-year-old actor is overjoyed since his prime time series Gagambino is posting record highs in the teevee ratings.  A few months back, many thought that his showbiz career won’t recover anymore due to the negative publicity that shook and stirred his rise to fame.  Now, his series is a big success and he’s getting a lot of acting breaks lately. He says that he has learned his lessons very well and that he’s off from love and sex in favor of his career.  Happy Friday!

Felipe Flores, fly-in model.

A foreign male model who has been in the country for quite some time now is Felipe Flores. He has been featured in the Cosmopolitan [Philippines] Bachelors’ shows for a couple of years now. Aside from that, he has appeared in the campaigns for major clothing and commercial brands. The 5’11”-tall Mexican model is being handled by Ideal People Model Management, one of the first agencies that started flying in those good-looking models from abroad.

Carlos Agassi returns

Original ABS-CBN hunk Carlos Agassi is back on tv soon as one of the interesting characters on the hero-fantasy series Dragona: Ang Superhero na may Ibubuga. Tee-hee! [I’m not making the title up, and it is really funny and amusing].  The 28-year-old actor and failed rap artist is making a comeback in the series, after hieing off from showbiz for a long time.  He revealed that he had to attend to their family business while tv and movie offers got scarce along the way. Now, as he celebrates his 29th birthday in December, Mr. Agassi “feels happy” to be working on cam again. 
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