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Zanjoe is busy

Zanjoe Marudo of the Coverboys is very visible on ABS-CBN these days. That is because he has loads of projects in his home studio – the prime time series Dyosa, concerts and tv shows with his strip-and-sing group Coverboys, and upcoming soaps Florinda and The Wedding.  Too, he just finished an independently-produced movie entitled Altar for Cinema One Originals. Which means that good looks coupled with, uh, talent and skills and determination make a successful male-model-turned-actor. 

Gerald Anderson in adult role

ABS-CBN’s heir apparent and resident cutie Gerald Anderson gets his first acting break as an adult in a new prime time series called Tayong Dalawa.  He’ll pit good looks and serious acting skills with another studio favorite, Jake Cuenca.  For the series, Gerald had to shave [his face] to do the clean-cut look of an Air Force officer.  The son of a Navy man in real life, Gerald says he draws inspiration for the role from his father.  

Walang Kawala extended!

There’s a new gay flavor-of-the-year and his name is Marco Morales – singer, actor and dancer. Thanks to the movie Walang Kawala which featured him in all his glory [glory meaning a generous exhibition of protrusion].  The photo above would have to be a hi-res image of the guy once you click on the image.  Marco is truly proud of what he’s got and what he did in the Joel Lamangan flick. Too, Walang Kawala is performing really well in theaters –  the regular showing is on an extended run at the theaters of Robinsons, Isetan, Gotesco Grand Central and ABC Guadalupe.  And, a German film distributor has already bought the rights over the film for international release.  

Echo to do Katy the Musical

Twenty-nine-year-old actor Jericho Rosales is gradually regaining lost ground as he gets flooded with movie and tv projects. A couple of years ago, everything seemed lost for this leading-man actor as controversies and bad luck manifestly hounded him. Now, he’s on a roll. There’s a tv soap, a movie for the December film festival, some singing engagements, other tv projects and now as the male lead in the acclaimed Filipino musical Katy. The musical is about the life of the “Queen of Vaudeville” Katy dela Cruz, and Jericho will play Pepe, Katy’s one true love. Katy will be staged right after the Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night on 27 December at the Hotel Sofitel.

Teacher Jon?

Imagine original Bench underwear model Jon Hall as your English teacher who is active in the after-school tutorial program. I was having a conversation last night with a friend and she mentioned that Mr. Hall is apparently connected now with an English language training school designed mainly for BPOs, call and contact centers. So it seems the ruggedly handsome male mod is now an English teacher based in Makati City. Now, if only I know the name of that school…..

What’s the latest on Harry?

I know I just posted an entry last Friday about one of my favorite guys, but read the thread of comments and there’s something going on in the life of Harry Chua.  Just when everyone thinks that Harry is in Macau as an OFW earning big bucks, here comes some back-fence talk that he lived in Pok Liu in Hong Kong with a Filipino architect, that he actually didn’t work but just lazed around in the island, that he is now back in Bicol province with his wife, and that he got fat. Horrors! There’s some part inside me that won’t attach too much weight on this matter. But then again, I’m also curious about this, so please any first-hand factual info guys? 

Chase the Monday blues away.

Hello Monday, the weekend killer!  It doesn’t feel like a Monday to me.  The thing is, I have always gotten through the Monday blues with a lot of nice things on my mind. Take for instance, the one photo above.  The big guy with the jangling neck piece and massive legs is Chris Albea.  He was a winner of the Wet and Wild Hunks contest at Lips Bar a couple of years back, with Dexter Castro and Jeff Bautista.  Happy Monday!

Victor Basa hones his craft

Victor Basa of the Coverboys is an actor quietly doing films outside his home studio backlot. Maling Akala was shown a few weeks ago sans fanfare. It is his first movie and he plays a gay role in most subdued nuance [I’m gushing because I loved the movie]. His first sci-fi movie, Xenoa 2: Clash of the Bloods recently hit movie theaters to favorable response from theatergoers.  So there, the glamor boy is now a movie actor seriously trying to perfect his craft.  

Old Pic

I found an old photo of Rico Barrera, who became relatively famous after his stay in the Big Brother house a few years ago.  His new photos came out recently to promote his indie movie Lalamunan, and I must say he’s quite different in those images [scroll down for the new pics]. I’m not so sure now but could there have been some surgery done on his beak or cheek? Or maybe just a personality shift – like those things that make people look good by heightening their confidence and demeanor and all?   I like the new look better, if you ask me.

Engaging Gabz

Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario is the only guy in the last issue of Climax magazine who did not expose his penis  and testicles and those body parts where the sun doesn’t shine.  He was rather “conservative” when he merely showed his buttocks in one of the photographs.  Apparently, the shy Provoq guy can’t do it just yet, unlike his contemporaries in the daring magazine.  Gabz was last seen in the road trip gay movie called Kambyo last summer.
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