I nearly forgot to put in this image of Xian Lim as one of the top ten naughty and raunchy guys of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year. The baller-actor is making giant leaps and strides in ABS-CBN despite the fact that he just came on board a year ago. Xian – who is 19 years old and a [former?] management student of the University of the East – was one of the 69 “hot new bachelors of 2008” for Cosmo mag, prior to landing in the top ten this year. He can be seen regularly in the weekly drama series Katorse.

So Cosmo!

Gerald Anderson

l-r: Aljur Abrenica, Ejay Falcon and Joem Bascon

l-r: Daniel Kenji Matsunaga, JC Tiuseco, Phil Younghusband and Sid Lucero

Let’s take a short Lem break and focus on the new centerfold guys of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. There’s cute boy and hugely popular Gerald who edged out rising star Aljur for the cover boy position. Both are hot and handsome, if you ask me. The best-est pose, however, would have to be that of ballsy Ejay followed by hunky nekkid guys Joem and Daniel. JC and Phil and Sid Lucero are forever gorgeous, too! Enjoy!


“Like an apple hanging from a tree, I pick the ripest one.” That’s a line from Katy Perry’s Thinking Of You song and it might as well apply to the photo above. This was during the finals of the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 where the boys were made to wear latex-like skimpy bikinis. Delish! Of course, this angle’s a nicer view, too, as their backsides are displayed and compared. And the Best Plump Ass award goes too …. Angelo Cacciatore, fourth guy from right. Lem‘s next to the rightmost guy, Andre.


In 2005, a then-20-year-old Felipe Flores from Tijuana,Mexico landed in our shores to firm up his modeling resume. The tall long-haired boy landed projects on the runways and tvcs – he became a familiar face in Manila at that time. He left after a year to do other work in Thailand and China. He came back in 2007 and 2008 and he did numerous accounts such as Folded and Hung, Bench, Master Facial Care, Pizza Hut, Hope cigarettes, Kisa Papaya Soap [gasp!] and the most famous Coke Zero giant billboard in EDSA Guadalupe as a centaur. The 24-year-old hunk is now based in Los Angeles as a sought-after model.

Bayaw Gets X

The Paolo-Janvier starrer with lots of dick shots recently got an X rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB]. Bayaw was scheduled for its commercial run starting on 2 September 2009 at the Robinsons Galleria and Ermita theaters but it seems this will be delayed for a bit as the producer, Climax Films tries to file for a reconsideration of the harsh order of rating by the MTRCB. The producer wants the movie to be shown in its integral version as was done in the Cinemalaya festival a month ago at the Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP]. Hopefully, the MTRCB will reconsider and give the go-signal for the uncut version in its commercial showing.

Joem So Sexy

The 22-year-old actor is ready for the big league. Joem Bascon is one mighty fine actor who can whip up a dramatic storm and award-worthy moment in a movie scene and tv episode. Of course, he is also sexy and come-hither in those Folded & Hung ads where he is one of the endorsers. This year, he’s cited by Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine as one of the top ten hot new bachelors, proof-positive of his rising status as a serious actor with stunning [and sumptuous] looks.

Parola Anniversary

A couple of years ago a little movie called Ang Lalake sa Parola premiered at the UP Film Institute to a big happy crowd. It launched the showbiz career of one Harry Laurel later re-named Harry Chua, an innocent-looking and fresh-faced bikini open regular. Of course, he was a big revelation in the movie, which was written for the screen by Lex Bonife and directed by Jay Altarejos. The movie had a successful commercial run a month after, and people were clamoring for more of Harry. Sadly, he put on a little poundage and the movie offers got scarce until he disappeared from the scene.


Twenty-eight-year-old actor James Blanco is now contented with his acting career. Although he plays bit parts in ABS-CBN’s shows and soaps, this erstwhile teenybopper who was groomed for leading-man status over at GMA-7, can’t complain. Too, it helps that he’s moneyed now, with a big house and a fleet of cars. Plus, he is into producing concerts and events these days. Talk about wise investments and smart moves.