Getting Firm

It’s the Philippine Fashion Week again, and I just can’t help notice male models who are, uh, stiff and determined in the runways. Take for example Aaron Tuiza [left] and June Macasaet last year when they walked on stage in their tacky shirts and finespun underwear. The bulges are very prominent, and you’d think it’s a hard and fast rule to have an erection prior to coming out on the catwalk. It’s a delight, of course, to most but sometimes it can be a bit awkward and scandalous to the prissy. Do you think it’s a requirement for male models to whack-the-penis in underwear fashion shows?

Pretty Boys

Pretty, pretty boys, shirtless and in denims. Who’s the fairest of them all? Is it Be Bench runner-up John James Uy [leftmost], now a commercial model and bit player on tv? Or maybe ABS-CBN’s new boy-of-the-moment Haroun Morales [2nd from left]? I bet some dig ex-Manhunt International contestant Marvin Wijangco [3d from left] more. Others like former Big Brother housemate and model Kian Kazemi [rightmost] . Catch these boys in July when they go on stage in their briefs for the biennial Bench underwear show!


Since I’m off on a long trip tonight and I might not be able to put up some posts tomorrow, here’s some food for thought for you guys on the pesky issue of sharing some numbers of varsity basketball players in the metro. Let’s see…there is a small group of gay guys who have basketball players as boyfriends, not usually the romantic stuff but more on the supine, stretched out, horizontal matter, if you get my drift. The varsity players are straight, most preferred by these group of men who have fantasies of big and tall, sweaty younger men on their beds. Since these are the students surviving on meager allowances from their folks and the school budget, they would prefer a sponsor, someone who can buy them their latest gadgets, shoes, shirts and sometimes, a car. Of course, there are some trade-offs, like laying down with their sponsors for the newest iPad. Now, if you want this kind of arrangement it is never easy. This is a very small group, selfish to the queries and needs of the curious others. They prefer these boys to themselves, exclusively. So, if you want to get the contact numbers of the boys – the best ones from the University Belt in Manila – that will never happen in a jiffy. They have handlers, who filter out the plain curious, the poor, the cheapskates and the sleazebags from the moneyed, determined ones. So there. Now you can begin commenting by enumerating the varsity boys with sponsors…. By the way, the photo’s baller Macky Escalona, for illustration purposes only.

Santuaryo Today!

The DVD of Santuaryo will be released today in major stores. The features of the disc are – [a] full-length movie sans cuts, which means the censored scenes in the commercial run will be restored for viewing pleasure in the privacy of your own home; [b] DVD extra feature of more than 30 sexy photos of the actors in the film; and [c] mini poster inside the case. As for the poster, the DVD will have a slip case, which when removed will reveal the folded poster within the transparent cover sleeve of the DVD case. The photo of Justin Dizon above is part of the bigger picture of all the Santuaryo actors posing without their jockeys for the bonus poster. Cheapskates who buy bootleg versions of the movie won’t be able to see the poster or the photos. Buy the original DVD, natch!

Santuaryo DVD

Remember Armando “Gino” Quintana? He was the guy [with dong a-dangling] who streaked past a nekkid group of boys marooned on an island in the movie Santuaryo. The good news is that the DVD of Santuaryo is slated for release this weekend in major record and movie stores [read: SM malls]. What’s so special about this DVD? According to the producers, this will be a full-length film without cuts “so all the frontals that have been darkened or removed in the theater version will finally be shown in its integral version.” More features will be revealed tomorrow, plus some cheeky picture of one of the actors in the movie!

Finishing Hole

Well, waddya know? Erstwhile model and tv goofball Zanjoe Marudo will be holding his, take this, 1st invitational golf tournament at the Villamor Golf Club this weekend. It’s a celebrity tournament that he sponsored, which means he’ll be forking out some dough, lots of it, for the event. Zanjoe, who just separated from his girlfriend according to recent reports, will be doing putts, birdies, double-bogeys and hopefully, a hole-in-one with Piolo Pascual as his special guest.

Heatwave Vote

More of the Heatwave boys. Top to bottom [It’s a bit tedious to tag under the photos]: Sephore dela Cruz, R-Jay Basbas, Paul Duque, Paolo Esteban, Migz Enriquez, Jhon Mark Marcia [remember this boy from Lips Bar?], Jake Mendoza and Ivan Belmonte. This contest is one of the summer shows of the Star Group of Malls [Starmalls] and it’s a free event. Just for fun there’s a poll on your best bet for the contest, based on the photos of course. Cast your vote for your favorite guy and there might be an award on Finals Night [13 June 2010] for the no. 1 vote-getter here. By clicking on the picture, the file name is the boy’s name.


Now that the Ginoong Pilipinas has been proclaimed [John Erquiza of Pangasinan won the title], summer’s last few bikini contests for hot and new boys are underway, too. Remember that contest where Harrison Chua was discovered [Then unknown Harry got the top prize]? It’s called Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown. This year, there are about a dozen sexy boys competing for this Starmalls-sponsored event. Five of the boys are posted here, from top-bottom: Raymond Fortunado, James Versoza, Jachin Trillo [Jachin Delovieres in the real world], Enrico Sarmiento [a.k.a. Paolo Dionio] and Don Velasco. The schedule of activities for this free event is as follows: pre-pageant on 28 May 2010 [Friday] 5 pm at the Starmall EDSA Shaw and on 31 May 2010 [Monday] 5 pm at Starmall Alabang. The Finals Night will be on 13 June 2010 [Sunday] 7 pm at Starmall Las Pinas. Admission is free. Call 842.2513 for details only and not for booking. Capisce?

Flashy Jerby

There’s a Jerber and then there’s a Jerby. This is Jerby dela Cruz, former winner of the Ginoong Bulacan contest and now a regular guy in the runways of the Philippine Fashion Week series. He now wants to be known as Juancho “TJ” Roxas, probably taken from the fact that he’s really from Roxas City plus he could be running away from a sordid past, I can only surmise. Now, don’t you think faux fur and junky jockeys make a nice combination?

Trio Complete

Hey look, Dani‘s back from Brasilia after a vacation! He’s now ready to take on his commitments to GMA-7, which commitments were inked prior to his weeks-long R & R. His return to the Philippines completes the nipo-brasileiro triumvirate in modeling and showbiz. Of course, there’s charming Aki and cute Fabio in the picture. The three Brazilians, who are sought-after and well-liked in fashion shows and shoots, are also now on tv and the movies. I guess they’re really here to stay!