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Rico’s Progress

In 2007, then 23-year-old Alexander Rico from Baguio City won the Mr. Talent prize at the Mr. World-Philippines contest, a national pageant held to select the country’s representative to the Mr. World competition in China. In 2008, the 5’10”-tall model busied himself with work as a stylist and makeup artist. He did the makeup of Johnron Tanada and that Izon guy in the movie Love Birds. In 2009, he decided to hit the gym and do the roids. In 2010, he won the year’s Ginoong Pilipinas national pageant – primped, primed and pumped up. Oh wait, that’s just my dope. The national finals is yet to be held tomorrow, 26 May 2010 at the Metro Bar along West Avenue, Quezon City.


These are two of the lead actors in the new digital movie Pendong by Oxin Films under director Sean Lim. Top photo is Felix Roco [formerly of The Studs] who’s getting plum roles in indie flicks recently. And then there’s model-actor Will Devaughn [formerly of the Coverboys], who is venturing into serious acting this time on the big screen. Pendong, which is a road-trip movie involving hundreds of beautiful VW Beetle cars, will be shown starting 25 June 2010 in SM Digital Cinemas.

Coy Boy

Underwear model and actor Haroun Morales is taking a break from tv for now, after the series where he had top marquee status ended last week. This 25-year0ld Be Bench runner-up is not alarmed though [at the prospect of becoming jobless in showbiz land] as more ABS-CBN shows and soaps are coming his way. Haroun’s slowly inching his way to the top and he’s patiently waiting [and working] for that moment. Or episode, for that matter.


Speaking of Bench underwear and gorgeous Cebu models, the underwear brand did a go-see a couple of years ago down South and came up with this bunch. Quite a group of slinky-spicy men in cotton-lycra briefs, eh? Let’s see, I can name a few. Top row, leftmost is Persian-Filipino dentist Aref Kiasati. Then there’s Harold Dee, of course. You might recognize Norwegian-Filipino Hans Grogaard and Mexican-Filipino Marco Aranas [5th and 6th, respectively, from left, top row] from the Be Bench reality show. Spanish-Chinese-Filipino Cassidy Shun [top row, green briefs] is standing next to French-Korean Stephan Urtizberea [red underwear]. In the front row, there’s hairy Ian Tan [leftmost] also of Be Bench, Jazz Lazaga of “Spanish ancestry” [3d from left], and hunky Jerrymie Ferrer [rightmost] Whew!


Cebu’s male supermodel is a 32-year-old half-Filipino, half-German stunner who goes by the name of Harold Dee. This 6′-tall hunk has done all the Bench shows in Metro Manila, and he’s still at it. In the Queen City, he’s one of the more dandy-favored male mods for the top designers in their runway shows. Talk about lastingness.


Actor and underwear model Jason Abalos is still waiting in the wings. In his home studio, that is. Despite the fact that he’s one of the more sensitive and believable actors of his generation, this 25-year-old cutie just can’t seem to break into the leading-man mold. Or roughly translated, he just could not get prime roles the way his contemporaries and other younger nonebrities have snagged solo spots in big shows in ABS-CBN. Maybe he doesn’t do the casting couch much?

Will Lord

When I first posted Willord Tacay‘s picture here, the one thing you guys noticed was the matter of his pits – how white his underarms were. Now, he’s one of the contestants in the annual competition of boys from the provinces in gauzy underwear otherwise known as Ginoong Pilipinas. Will Willord lord it over the competition on 26 May 2010 at the national finals in Metro Bar along West Avenue, Quezon City? Catch Willord on that day in tiny underwear. There will also be a pre-pageant tomorrow 23 May 2010 at Music Avenue in that dark area near the Central Market in Manila.

Uncut + Another Go-See

The first poster for the biennial underwear show of Bench is out and it’s a relatively conservative shot of Big Brother winner and actor Ejay Falcon. Pretty soon, the models-in-thongs-shots will start to trickle in as the day comes. That day would have to be 2 July 2010 at the Araneta Coliseum as Bench stages its big, big fleshfest entitled “Bench/Uncut: A Bold Look At The Future [The Bench Denim and Underwear Show].” Incidentally, since there are no more provincial go-sees for the July event, there will be another audition at the Isla Ballroom of the EDSA Shangri-La Manila on 24 May 2010 from 1:00 p.m. onwards. My favorite Cebuano models should book a ticket now!


It’s freaky Friday! Time to relax and unwind, as the weekend’s here. Our TGIF guy is former Viva Hotmen member James Mercado a.k.a. Jerwin Mercado , who starred in the 2007 digital feature Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat. In the movie, he’s the young man who’s the object of affection [and affectations] of two older homosexuals. Reportedly, he had frontal nudity scenes in the feature. Jerwin also did a couple of straight-to-video soft-porn flicks for Viva Films. He’s now retired from showbiz.


He can sing, dance and act well. He is fairly handsome. And tall. But what is Orlando Sol doing with all the baring and stripping? He didn’t quite get his big chance on tv and in the movies. That is quite unfortunate because this guy has the talent to make it in the industry. Well, not really in Rodel-Nacianceno-as-leading-man proportions but at least Haroun-Morales-in-remarkable-bit-player parts. Now this former theater actor is relegated to membership status in Masculados Dos, a group of naked boys singing double entendre songs in Bohol fiestas and bars. Was it his manager’s choice? His lover’s bidding?
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