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There’s a new guy in [showbiz] town generating some wonderful buzz as this bright-eyed, bushy-tailed sexy comer from Bohol. His name is Jan Alfred “Jerber” Mercado, a handsome 22-year-old mestizo who is one of the more prominent members of the Ramp Models Association of Bohol. This 5’9″-tall Nursing graduate from the University of Bohol is now in Manila to try his luck in the industry. Recently, he completed acting workshops in the Philippine Educational Theater Association [PETA]. He’s cast as one of the actors in the new Star Cinema flick I’ll Be There, plus appearances in the indie movies Pendong by Sean Lim, Taksikab by Archie del Mundo and Sponsor by Eduardo Roy, Jr.


Sexy swarthy model John Lopez is hardly seen these days. Too bad he missed the opportunity to up his street cred after his Survivor Philippines stint. [His Survivor contemporary JC Tiuseco is now most visible on tv – acting and hosting]. There was a time he was cast in GMA-7’s shows as one of the leading men. Since then, the offers have gone scarce. It’s a good thing he has a BS Computer Science degree from AMA University and an Associate degree in Automotive Engineering Technology + Technician from the Don Bosco Technical Institute, which degrees he can always fall back on.


Let’s see… enough of the glitzy, glamorous and totally made up Bench models first. Let’s go back stage in the heady, sweaty world of small bikini contests. The boys are also buffed and oiled, trim and up to snuff. Plus they are wearing teenie weenie ‘kinis with aplomb! From left: Abraham Brian Dabandan, Val Valdez and Rex Melchor. Who’s your best bet?


Handsome Monday boy is Benjamin Tang, who’s a favorite fly-in model of Bench these days. In fact, he even had an underwear billboard along EDSA a few months ago. This 23-year-old hunk claims to have a racial mix of German, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese. Pretty potent commixture, if you ask me, but the results are clear: he has this very distinct Eurasian look. Of course, his hotness level is way up there with that finely-chiseled bod.

Bulk and Bunch

Speaking of the forthcoming Bench show in July, sorely missed these days in the clothing brand’s underwear ads is original body model Jon Hall. Yes, the one with the big lump. The one who didn’t need a penis prosthetic for the photo shoots. Jon Hall remains as the quintessential model for undergarments – sexy and unique, tough and well-built. Here’s hoping Jon will be in the July fleshfest of Bench.


Is the slim look back? Are men these days going for the lean and tightly muscled build as against the muscled physique? Do you like your boys lean and fit as a fiddle? Slim but wrapped tight? Then bikini open regular Clint Narciza is for you. The 24-year-old freelance model has gone through the A to Z of bikini contests and racy underwear shows around the country. He sports a flat stomach, trim waistline and enormous confidence.


Twenty-two-year-old model-most-ubiquitous Mikael Banzon Daez is pretty fly for a nice guy. He’s a Business Administration graduate at the Ateneo, where his other siblings go, too [Mikael’s second in a brood of eight]. While at the Ateneo, he played for the Blue Eaglets basketball team, while doing modeling work on the side. Two years ago, he was listed by Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine as one of the hot and new bachelors in town. This 5’11-tall cutie, who is now blazing through the runways and fashion editorials in town, also plays the piano.


Remember the hairy guy named Oscar Ilada who participated last year in the May event of Star Group of Malls dubbed as Heatwave Bikini Showdown ? Well, he’s still at it, doing bikini competitions in the metro and in nearby provinces. Probably his furry-fluffy belly adds some appeal, don’t you think so? Incidentally, Heatwave is the same contest where Harry Chua was discovered when he won in the 2007 edition.


Speaking of Bench and its biennial show, do you remember this scene at the Blackout Show a couple of years ago when [l-r] Josh Ivan Morales, Johnron Tanada, Anthony Logan and Gabriel del Rosario went on stage with nothing on but a few accessories covering their knees and arms? This only means that the Bench show is not only an underwear fashion show [It is also an accessories show]. And in case you forget to wear your Bench briefs for the go-see, you can always go commando and strip down, citing this particular episode in the fleshfest.


Now that he has been proclaimed as one of the councilors of the second district of Quezon City, actor Alfred Vargas is taking a break from showbiz. Although he said that he’s not exactly abandoning the glare of the klieg lights, he’s more inclined to give priority now to politics, er, public service. This move by the 28-year-old swarthy actor could mean less sexy nekkid photo shoots like the one above. Too bad.
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