Jeff and Gino

Our Bulge Special for the Day is not just one but two bikini models in marigolds and tangerines. The person on the left is Jefferson Payumo, a 19-year-old cutie from San Fernando, Pampanga. He’s won quite a number of titles in his home province. On the other side is Armando “Gino” Quintana, a 5’7″-tall regular of the metro’s underwear competitions. He recently appeared in the indie flick Santuaryo, where he flashed his jewels.

Body Heat

Can you feel the heat? Shirtless models in a row, who is your pick among the four? Would you like the dark one on the far left. His name is Alvin Aguilar – tall and exotic and one of the in-demand runway models of late. Or that chinito guy next to him – a product of searches and contests where the guys wear short shorts and tight undies. That’s Ian Porlayagan. How about the guy in the buzz cut? He’s a former varsity player and now a fashion model. He goes by the name Derick Hubalde. And finally, if you prefer wan and wizened guys, that’s Marco Odejar on far right.


Before he made it relatively big in the underwear competitions and the legit fashion runways in the metro, Roxas City native and former Mr. Bulacan Province Jerby dela Cruz looked like this. He has gone a long way from the sleaze- and fleshfest in the small bikini bars to the bright lights of the catwalks for designers.


Dear GMA-7: Please make him a big star. Prince Stefan, your homegrown talent, deserves a shot at stardom the way you held Aljur up there. He has a winsome smile, sunny at best. He is sexy, and his body’s on the way to Bench-Bodyhood. Plus he’s not a ham actor. So what the hell are you guys doing, giving all the breaks to those sissified little boys from your recent talent search? Give the good jobs to Prince Stefan, for crying out loud. Pretty please? Love, Prince Stefan fantard.


Time changes some things in a man. The size of his hips. The color of his skin. Maybe some growth of little hairs in his body. The breadth of his chest. Throw in a few pounds on the buttocks and the legs. In the early 00s, Christian Medina was a fledgling Bulacan lad who entered a national bikini contest and had his picture taken back stage [left photo]. A year ago, he resurfaced as an indie flick actor in Heavenly Touch, mighty and muscled. His more recent photo is the one on the right, and the improvement shows. He is now trying his luck as an actor in digital films.


Male model James Zablan is extra busy these days. After slowing down for a couple of years in the scene, the 6’2″-tall hunk with the unconventional look is now lining up again for go-sees and auditions for modeling jobs. So far, commercial brands and fashion designers have been getting his services.