And more Piolo Pascual!

The abs! The abs! Piolo Pascual is flexing and he is hawt! This came from a series of photos in one of his scenes in the fantasy series Lobo, a ripoff of the movie Blood and Chocolate and the Korean series Forbidden Love. Looks like, with the low ratings of the series, the producers of the show are trying to sex up the scenes to rake in the viewers. If it’s going to be a half-naked Piolo in the next episodes of Lobo, I wouldn’t mind staying up late to watch.

Who’s hotter?

Who’s sexier? At the Be Bench Finals held last year, three guys were made to stand next to each other [photo above, l-r] – the tall mestizo Jon Mullally, twinkie Jake Cuenca and moreno Bruce Quebral . If you were to choose, hypothetically, among the guys, who would it be? Will it be the Filipino-British Mullally, who seems bland but tall and goodlooking anyways? Or the young tease Cuenca, who is the IT boy of his home studio these days? Or maybe, you prefer the hunkier baller Quebral, with typical Filipino looks?

Jack and Joseph

Jack Mendoza [left] and Joseph Kidwell started out in bikini contests and shows until their respective showbiz career paths headed to different directions. Jack Mendoza went on to do sexy B-flicks and small bikini fashion shows. On the other hand, Joseph Kidwell won Man of the Year 2005 Model Search, and the tv commercials and modeling assignments started to pour in. So far only Joseph Kidwell has been visible on tv and print lately with his ads.

Intoxicating: Rhum Palermo

With the summer season, expect more daring men to bare themselves publicly in contests and shows and publicity photos. A few years back, one guy unhesitatingly dropped his skivvies. Now 24 years old, Rhum Palermo used to model for the bikini [and non-bikini] series of shows that started the trend in daring mainstream spectacles. Of course, that is his screen name, as he is known also with the name Golden P___. He now works for a major broadcasting company, according to sources.

Love ’em fresh!

“Burlington Industries Philippines Inc. recently launched its new product line for Biofresh Brand. Introducing! Biofresh Underwear Love em’ Fresh briefs and undershirt now available in the market specializes on the killing of microbes in contact on the surface of the cloth. ” So goes the pr for the brand. And the image model for the underwear line is 24-year-old Manila-based Ilonggo model Francis Quito Treñas. The 5’9″-tall chinito has been modeling for some time now in Manila, having done ads for tv and print commercials. He is under the Victor Rio Modeling Agency.

Exotic: Hamudi Khileifat

Summer’s definitely here, and it’s the time for bikini contests featuring boys who want to have a shot at their 15 minutes of half-naked fame. One of them is half-Jordanian, half-Filipino Hamudi Khileifat, who first appeared in the infamous All Out series, before he had a falling out with his handlers. The 19-year-old is now a freelance model, usually for bikini shows and contests around the metro.

See-through summer

Roman de Dios is such a sheer wonder in this black see-through bikini. According to, there is such a thing as the opacity variant, which is “a bikini fashion variable on a six element scale that varies from the completely opaque, through openwork, see-through-when-wet, transcluent, transparent, to invisible.” Apparently, Roman above is wearing transparent bikini, which allow an unrestricted view of the body beneath. Now I’m wondering what the invisible bikini looks like.