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Luis Manzano accepts gay role

The title is not really earth-shattering as the fact that local clothing brand Human has a line of underwear [see photo above], TV host, VJ and actor Luis Manzano has finally agreed to take on a gay role in a major movie with his popular mother.  This effectively dispels rumors that the 27-year-old actor is quite queasy on the matter of homosexual themes because of long-standing rumors associating him with his best friend in the biz, a diminutive actor-dancer.  For whatever it’s worth – and while the kissing-and-making-love-with-another-guy scenes are “being ironed out,” here’s hoping that Mr. Manzano will finally get his acting due in this movie part.

Kurap preems

The movie Kurap had a successful premiere last night at the UP Film Center. For those who were not able to catch the director’s cut of the Sherwin Ordonez-flick, Kurap will have a regular screening starting 12 November at Robinsons Galleria Mall, Robinsons Place Manila, Gotesco Grand Central, Remar in Recto, ABC Theater in Guadalupe and Isetann Cinerama. Kurap is the story of Ambet [Ordonez], a pickpocket lurking in the busy streets of Manila. Together with his gang of young criminals, Ambet  steals things and sells them the easiest way possible… through bribery and corruption. Along the way, he falls in love with a photo journalist until things go out of hand. In photo,  Jeff Luna, who plays support to the lead characters in the movie.


Is lalamunan the larynx or the throat? I’m just wondering because there’s a new movie coming out of Leo Films as directed by Jigz Recto and it’s called Lalamunan, where the theme’s gay in some ways and there are Jordan Herrera, Rico Barrera and Randolph Dungo  [aka Ran Domingo] doing nasty sexy things like sodomy and all.  The preem is on 13 November at the UP Film Institute [uncut again, of course] while regular showing starts on 19 November.  Photos above are some scenes from the much-vaunted sodomy episode between the characters of Jordan Herrera and Ran Domingo.  

Reminder! Kurap tonight!

Tonight will be the premiere night of Kurap, the movie topbilled by Sherwin Ordonez. This movie is brought to you by the Sikil tandem of director Roni Bertubin and scriptwriter Ome Avellanosa.  If you have seen Sikil, which was noted for its lyrical presentment of rural gay love, then Kurap will have to be the opposite. It is a raw and fast-paced psycho-sexual picture of inner city, er, gay love.  Plus, the occasional and gratuitous show of skin, of course. Make it a date, tonight! Sherwin and the cast will be there, too.

Estibador in Fear Factor

The producers of Fear Factor – Philippine edition required their contestants to don Speedos for their publicity photos. I’m not complaining. One of the guys to watch out for is 20-year-old Bernabe “RJ” Calipus, Jr., a dock laborer [billed by the show as a “stevedore”, Spanish estibador, or loosely translated into Filipino as kargador] from Tondo, Manila.  The Filipino-French [yes, he claims to have a French dad in the press kit] is already a father of two kids, and his goal in entering the reality show is to be famous and make a name for himself in showbiz. I’m just kidding, I made that one up. Really.  

Rico Lazaro for Kurap

Rico Lazaro plays a deaf-mute street hustler in the upcoming movie Kurap.  He figures in some gutsy-gritty sex scenes with Jeff Luna, as the two develop a secret passion for each other while they go on with their daily chores as thieving junkie scumbags.  The naked romp of Rico and Jeff is one of the scenes to watch out for in the movie, which is slated for showing on 8 November at the UP Film Institute.  Kurap [Blink] is the latest offering from the makers of Sikil [Roni Bertubin,director and Ome Avellanosa, screenplay]. 

King’s back!

I was thinking butts today, and all I could visualize was this picture of Kristofer King for Climax magazine, and I sure hope Mr. Caw – the publisher – wouldn’t mind if I share this photo with you guys, because this is just too good to pass up.  It bears stressing that Mr. King, who seems to have an aversion for any piece of clothing, is the only contemporary Filipino actor who has gone to the renowned Festival de Cannes twice.  So there, we can now lay claim to have seen his ass cheeks. And his penis in the Cannes movie Serbis

Walang Kawala tonight!

Now, if you click on the photo, you’ll get a hi-res image of singer-actor Marco Morales, with all the lines and creases and all those little flaws that make him sexy and desirable, sans photoshop and photo editing.  Marco Morales is, of course, one of the guys with very important roles in the movie Walang Kawala.  The premiere night will be tonight at the UP Film Institute, 7 pm and the tickets will be sold at the gate.  The cast will be there for a meet-and-greet before the screening, so you might want to bring your cameras. Too bad, Mr. Morales will not be in a tiny bikini at the preem, but you might want to stay fixed on the big screen once his dance sequence comes out because I heard he is going to flash and flaunt his penis. See you later!

Light and breezy

Let’s keep things light, guys. A friend sent a cheer-up note yesterday and it gave me more than a cheer reading his email, which came with all those gay question-and-answer jokes. My favorite, of course, was this: Q. Is there really evidence that Man descended from the apes? A. [gay contestant looks behind him] Thank you so much for that question. Yes, I believe so. Just look at contestant no. 3. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud last night. And the guys above, posted for illustration puposes only, are [from left]: Hamudi, Fhons and Gabriel.

Don’t forget WK!

WK is, of course, Walang Kawala, that independently-produced gay-themed movie directed by award-winning director Joel Lamangan.  The cast includes Polo Ravales and Joseph Bitangcol in sexy scenes, plus Marco Morales who gets to do a frontal-nudity scene.  And then there are the other boys lurking in the background, with nothing but the skimpiest briefs on, e.g. Dexter Castro [photo above, foreground].  The movie will have its premiere night at the UP Film Institute tomorrow at 7 pm. Uncut, most definitely. See you all there!
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