Geron and JR at Bench show

Yesterday, cute guys Geron Lontoc [left] and JR Tirona, castoffs at the recent Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009, walked the runway for rival Bench Body underwear’s Philippine Fashion Week collection at the SMX Convention Hall of the Mall of Asia. The guys were hot and come-hither in their colored briefs.  Although they were unjustly deprived of the major titles at the Mossimo competition, Geron and JR are undaunted as they pursue their modeling careers.  

Dingdong inspires Will

Daring actor and singer Will Sandejas [right] is channeling his inner Dingdong Dantes in this Bench Body look, complete with the, uh, aluminum foil.  Speaking of Bench, the local underwear brand and clothing company will be holding its fashion show later at the Mall of Asia as part of the Philippine Fashion Week: Holiday Collection 2009. Dingdong might be there, along with the usual celebs who do the runway for Bench. I’m not so sure with Will though, as he might be off somewhere in Isabela or Bicol for a bikini [and briefs] contest.

Will Devaughn Bared

These are the actual photos of actor-model Will Devaughn for the Jag Jeans billboards and posters released for the Philippine Fashion Week.  Top photo shows Will fastened and hoisted by a rope and some chains in a room. The billboard showed Will hanging in chains from a tower. The lower photo, on the hand, was used for the Black Magic Denim Show poster. Both pictures just show how sexy this 26-year-old multi-racial [German, Filipino, African-American] hottie is.

Adorable Michael Koegel

Twenty-one-year-old Michael Koegel first appeared in the local scene when he won as first-runner-up at the Mister Philippines 2007 contest [title went to Porlayagan].  Born to a Filipina mother and a German father, Michael Koegel was also the Philippine-Europe Supermodel 2007 winner. Together with his sister, they came home to compete in the local beauty and modeling contests. He has since stayed to do work for runway, print and tv commercial projects.

Dashing Diether

It’s dashing Diether Ocampo for a Saturday treat! The soon-to-be 33-year-old actor once created some buzz when his camp announced that he was jumping ship to rival station GMA-7 for a princely sum.  That move did not fully materialize, though, as his home studio since 1996 [the year he was launched as one of the homegrown talents comprising what used to be Star Circle] – ABS-CBN, offered him a better package, e.g. more shows and soaps plus some bonuses. These days, Diether loks fit and fab [and younger] as he endorses Pizza Hut, Bench and Bench Fix Salon.  

Big League: Lance Howard

Philippine Fashion Week started a few days ago at the SMX Convention Center and SM Mall of Asia to showcase the top designers’ Holiday Collections.  Of course, it will be one big show where models get to strut some sexy stuff. Say, for example, last season, male model Lance Howard was wearing this. Lance Howard is a 6’1″-tall model from Quezon City who made the fine transition from a frowzy contestant in Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 to an in-demand model for top fashion designers.

Earthy: Verlyn Hizon

Tall and sexy male model Verlyn Hizon is our TGIF guy.  This twenty-nine-year-old freelance model has been in the bikini pageant circuit after he won the top prize at the Caribbean Nights Bikini Open 2003 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City.  The year before that, he was one of the finalists in the annual Bodyshots modeling competition.  He’s not that busy anymore in the scene but he still packs that fine form. Verlyn lives in Tondo, Manila.

Mark has a video, too?

While we’re on the very pressing and vital national concern regarding racy amateur videos of prominent persons dished out in cyberspace, here’s another one concerning an up-and-coming model.  A reader sent word [email] that Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 second-runner-up Mark Manicad reportedly has a video akin to Paolo Serrano‘s choking-the-monkey romp on cam. This was reportedly done while the cute model was still a relative unknown, when he was still fond of, uh, chatting with people in the net.  

Clint is back

Ripped and reedy Clint Narciza is back for one more pose! This 24-year-old bikini pageant veteran has not won a major award yet in the competitions that he joined. Yet, he’s hopeful that he’ll snag a title one of these days. Clint was a regular also in last year’s out and out bikini shows in Quezon City, where he was able to show off his, uh, form. And shape. And also size.