The Aga Muhlach Diet

When this new photo of Aga Muhlach was distributed to the press recently, many were
quite impressed by the loss of weight of the erstwhile fleshy actor. Yet, some also credited
Photoshop as the culprit in the new look of the actor. His handlers were quick to note that
noted photographer Jun de Leon, who snapped the photo, abhors digitally manipulating
his pictures. And besides, Aga Muhlach went on a diet-and-exercise regimen for a new movie.

This photo was taken last month at the Lago de Oro Resort in Calatagan, Batangas,
where the 37-year old actor went water skiing with his good friends. Judging from the
candid photo, Aga’s diet sure made some dents and cuts in the proper places. The actor
reportedly lost 50 lbs [from 225lbs to 175lbs], after a rigid 6-month high-protein and
zero-fat-salt-sugar diet coupled with a 6-day/week training at the gym.

Aga Muhlach is shown above for a photo shoot with another famous photog Steve Tirona for
MetroHIM magazine, that oh-so-gay magazine published by ABS-CBN Publishing. Aga has been
visible nowadays to promote his new movie, tentatively titled “I Don’t Want You to Go
or “Love Affair” with Maricel Soriano and Angelica Panganiban.

Mark Gil on Fathers’ Day

Eighties actor Mark Gil was on tv earlier on, doing a duet with his son, Gabby Eigenmann for a Fathers’ Day presentation in a noontime show. Although he has since turned gray with age, I would love to think of him from way back in the early 80’s when the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines [ECP] was put up. Back then a young, august and majestic Mark Gil of the famous acting clan was going all the way in such films as Company of Women and in the [in]famous Tanay waterfalls scene in Naiibang Hayop with an exotic ingenue, Irma Alegre.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

It’s Fathers’ Day today and all I can think of posting is a puppy-papi Jomari Yllana. Before he got old and fat, he looked like that in the photos above. Propelled to popularity by his large Bench underwear billboards in the late 90s, Jomari Yllana was then a young boy barely legal in small-sized and skimpy briefs, thongs and jocks. Today, Jomari has gained some years and heft, but he still looks so, uh, adorable. [Bit of back-fence talk: His kiss-and-expose ex-wife does not swear by the immensity of Jomari’s purple heart, but harps on the modesty – of his possessions, however dinky.]

Nooks and Crannies

Sorely missed in the biz because of his migration to Australia, Rodel Velayo‘s last feature film was Siquijor: The Mystic Island shown in March of this year. The movie, which was conceitedly touted as the local version of “Blair Witch Project.” was a dismal flop. Incidentally, Rodel Velayo was wearing his clothes on in the flick. So unlike his previous movies and photos where every nook and cranny of his seriously divine bod – both substance and substructure – get to be exhibited. Including those areas where the sun does not necessarily shine.

WITWI Marco Alejandro

Where in the world is Marco Alejandro? He was the contemporary of strip-all-the-way Martin Gonzalo and then-lush-twinkie Joshua Diaz in sexy-comedy flicks in the early zeros. Aside from that, he was also the token wallpaper in soaps and other tv shows during his time. After doing the movie Radyo, a fast-paced dark comedy from Viva Films in 2001, he simply removed himself from the biz. Too bad, he could have made it even bigger as an actor, what with those brooding eyes, goopy lips and of course, come-hither bod. Oh, I didn’t mention talent.

More Dante Balboa photos

Dante Balboa [Elmer Anisco, in the real world], was one of Seiko Films’ racy male leads in the early zeros, when the era of sexy flicks was coming to a temporary close. Dante Balboa then transferred to small productions, still in the same genre, after that. Apparently, it was back-fence talk at that time that Seiko Films’ big boss Robbie Tan lost interest in Dante after noticing himself that his “stud” was getting a bit gentle and fair.

Jericho in Boracay!

I ran into Jericho Rosales in Boracay yesterday, apparently shooting for his new soap on ABS-CBN. In his latest project [which premiered last week], Jericho plays the role of a girl. The series is called Ellay Enchanted, obviously an originative and visionary take by the creative genius of ABS-CBN writers on the movie Ella Enchanted. According to the press kit, the story goes this way:

Ellay Enchanted is the story of womanizing bandman Elloy (Jericho), who dates Mayette (Candy Pangilinan), the sister of his bandmate (DJ Durano). When his practice is exposed, her siblings seek revenge and decide to curse him by turning him into a girl with the help of witch-cousin Madam Keller (Eugene Domingo). The hocus pocus turns out well: Elloy turns into Ellay. But Madam becomes a man. The only way to reverse the curse is for a girl to love Elloy not as a man, but as a woman before the full moon sets in. Joey (Iya) can break the curse, but she sees the man inside Ellay. What can make her fall for another woman?

Of course, it is a given who the director is, once you see the name Deejay Durano in the credits. Incidentally, Jericho,who still looks delish in his Boracay tan and despite gaining some weight, will soon start another project called Pangarap na Bituin with plain-jane actor-singers who go by the names Sarah and Yeng.

Back to School!

[Gerald Madrid, topmost photo, and Marcus Madrigal]
“No more swimming, no more fun, no more lolling in the sun!” It’s back to school – from the grades to the university – today for millions of young persons in the Philippines. Which means, more pencils, more books and more teachers’ dirty looks. Photos above are of Gerald Madrid [now 26 years old] and Marcus Madrigal [also 26], resident twinkie fantasies in the late 90s and the early zeros. Both actors, who have taken contrasting career paths after appearing together in the 1999 films Burger Boys and Batang Pro, now play father roles on the telly.

What’s Allen Dizon doing now?

Allen Dizon, the oldest member of the vanished Viva Hotmen [VHM] male group, is one resilient guy. Allen Dizon, who is now 29 years old [according to his bio], may be considered way past his prime, but he is still in the biz despite some setbacks in his clothes-free career. He first appeared as a scraggy contestant in Coverboy male personality search on Channel 2’s noontime show, SangLinggo nAPO Sila. Although he did not win the contest, he went on to appear in skin flicks, followed by a steamy stint with the VHM. Now that the VHM has disbanded, Allen Dizon has again taken a solo path in the movies [last appearance: Twilight Dancers, as an aging male prostitute] and teevee. Realizing that showbiz will pretty soon get too crowded for him, he has put up small business ventures in his native Plaridel, Bulacan, foremost of which is his Top of the Line Auto Sales and Insurance Agency.


To me,the best-looking and hottest among the Eigenmann brothers, sons of noted Filipino actors, is Ryan Eigenmann. At the recent IndieSine, an independent cinema festival, held at Robinsons Galleria Mall, his latest movie Baliw [literally, deranged] was a big hit among indie film lovers and critics. Ryan was the lead in Baliw, as a messed-up orphan who grew up to be a serial killer. The movie was megged by a California-based Filipino, Redd Ochoa.