White briefs make the man

DomConsider Domenik Padovan, with Filipino and Italian genes. Oh, such a heady brew of potent manfulness! A real man. A gorgeous male specimen brimming with testosterone, complete with six pack. Here’s a fitting send-off to this hunky model who is going back to Italy after his sexy stint in the country.

Free Transform

dm21How old is Derrick Monasterio? Eighteen or 19? He was cute as a button when he was just starting out as a tween actor in GMA. Now, he’s sexy as fuck. He’s completely different now, “emerged from baby fat to the delight of girls and mothers alike.”

Dangerously Low

GeorgeDon’t you wish sometimes you can just pull his undershorts down? That pair of undergarments is too low, it might as well be down. Below the knee, or whatever. That’s Brazilian model George Irineu, who is showing off his shaved pubis already in them low-waisted briefs. What’s next, the base of his penis?


MaverickLegs make the man. Well, partly. You have to add in a good mug, taut skin, fit bod, large functioning penis, powerful arms. Top model Maverick Kelvin Mangilit has nice legs – smooth with scattered baby hair. They look tight and strong, too. Who wants to go for those legs?

GErard ge43Yes, hot legs and hot bod. It’s male mod (and actor, now) Gerard Garcia basking under the sun without any care in the world. Legs slightly apart, with a hint of crotch and some gouch, you know, that area between the balls and the hole. Oh, this cute guy’s tempting and taunting. He’s blazin’ in dem rigid undies!

Varsity players say Hi

The boys are shirtless, sexy in the gym, on the studio floor. These are the basketball players of the big city schools. Some are famous. Some notorious, well, for different reasons. Although they are not conventionally handsome, they are sexy as fuck. Must be the strong arms and hard legs. Or the abs. Whatever. Take your fantasy pick.

AteneoFirst, the Ateneo Blue Eagles boys (from left): Kiefer Ravena, Gwyne Capacio, Tonino Gonzaga, Von Pessumal, Nico Elorde. Seated in the middle is Chris Newsome.

UPThe UP players are also hotties! Wait till you hear JR Gallarza‘s smooth voice and accent (leftmost). Or maybe see Mikee Reyes‘s sick abs (middle). How about Dave Moralde‘s court moves?

FeUMeanwhile at the University Belt, the Far Eastern University Tamaraws line up smorgasbord style. I don’t know their names, though. Fire away!

Hump Day High

SebHooray for Wednesday! “Hump day” Wednesday is a reference to making it through to the middle of the work week as “getting over the hump.”  I hope you are on a certain high, as the weekend’s coming.

Phytos photos

PhytosHave you heard about this kid who goes by the name of Phytos Ramirez (Phytos Kyriacou in the real world)? The 19-year-old Filipin0-Cypriot is one of the bets of GMA station for 2015 stardom, along the lines of hunky and sexy guys doing lead roles in soaps and shows. Someone to watch out for, then!

New You

MikeTanMikey201Mikey210 A new year, a new you! This is Mike Tan now, all lean and mean. He’s used to endorsing underwear and he has no qualms about the undressing part. He’s got the best bod since he joined showbiz a few years back! Maybe we’ll have more daring shoots and photos of Mike this year! Happy New Year everyone!

Super Eddie BTS



Eddie403aOne more time, here’s Edward Mendez in raw shots during his photo session. Of course, everything’s not photoshopped as he has that body to die for! I can never get enough of this chunky hunky man!

Relentless in a bikini

IMG_5865 copyThis season is good enough reason to stage contests to ogle at able and willing men in their teenie-weenie bikinis. Since there has been a decline in the number of men wearing budgie smugglers for the past few years – as men’s swimwear has evolved into the long board shorts, bikini open contests remind cute boys that scanty is the way to go. Flawless contest veteran Rookie Renz Dilla shows us how.

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