Jheem and JM

Sexy big boys in bed. That’s the theme for Hump Day!


Here’s one more of those in-bed shots of bikini boy Jheem Kazumi. Makes you want to stay in bed all day. It’s one of those mornings: struggling out of bed, making your way to the shower and hurrying off to work. Don’t you just wish you were in bed all day, lazing around, with no worries? With Jheem, of course.

L1090307 copy

And here’s JM Martinez. I can imagine he’s reeking of the smell of the bed – a combination of Bounce, stale cologne, night juices and someone else’s nocturnal emissions. Just a perfect day, indeed. Who wants to stay in bed with him the whole day?

Man Friday

IMG_7388 copy

Top model Maverick Kelvin Mangilit is one of the more in-demand male mannequins on the runway and in TVCs, easily outshining and outstripping the nipo-brasileiros in the go-sees. His good looks, physique and height, plus professional attitude towards work have all combined to his good press in the modeling industry.

Fuck Yeah Buzz Cuts!


Mark Onir3

This is 5’10-“-tall Mark Onir, once a sought-after model on the runways.  The 29-year-old hottie used to be in every single fashion show, photo shoot and campaign a few years ago. Of course, Mark (who posed nude once for a spread) is still in fine hawt form, just enough to give younger models a run for their money. He also played  varsity hoops for Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba.




You all know Marx Topacio, right? The underwear model, part-time actor. You’ve seen him in various states of undress (except maybe some penis shots). The 30-year-old model is still, well, modelling as he’s one of the most in-demand male mannequins on the runway, print and commercial ads. Marx has certainly gone a long way from his native Kawit, Cavite and San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite [where he played in the varsity basketball team, the Baycats].

Nearly Naked

IMG_2097 copy

Summer’s not yet done with these bold boys who strut their sexy stuff in all the platforms around town – from small bars to barangay plazas and big venue halls.   Reza Moico a.k.a. Richard Moico is one of dem daring dudes. The Filipino-Iranian hottie is a constant competitor in bikini contests.

Sweet Disposition

L1420397 copy

Allen Molina is really the king of bikini contests now. Front and back, he’s flawless and come-hither in his skimpy underthings. Here, he’s wearing his signature bandage bikini [think Hervé Léger bandage dress without the dress, but in gravity-defying anti-wardrobe-malfunction straps].


IMG_5884 copy

Another boy with a cute mug, eh? This is Rookie Renz Dilla from Baguio City. He looks familiar because he’s been in the male pageant circuit for quite some time already. Rookie is a veteran in dem contests. The 5’9″-tall hottie has also worked in Macau before.

Star Turn

IMG_2974 copy

Happy Monday everyone! Today is all about cuteness and sexy stuff. JM Martinez is an indie actor who has done quite a number of flesh-baring films in the past. Of course, he’s ready for his close-up for his entry into mainstream showbiz. Isn’t he a cutie?


L1420904 copy

Isn’t he the cutest bikini open contestant ever? That crooked naughty smile, actually. It helps that AJ Cruz has a smokin’ hot body, too. During the bikini open season, the 22-year-old hottie goes around the metro and the provinces in his tiny-tight skivvies. When he’s not busy competing, AJ’s one of the featured Bikini Boys on Saturday nights in the dance club, Bed.

Hottie Agassi



It’s pretty amazing how Carlos Agassi has maintained his hot bod for years. It is all about discipline and hard work, of course. It helps that he has a handsome mug, too.  Here, he celebrates the end of summer by dipping in the pool and showing us a piece of heaven. Just a bit.

The Other Padilla


He may not be as famous as his younger brother, the teen sensation Daniel Padilla, but 25-year-old RJ Padilla is slowly making a name for himself in showbiz, too. Once a part of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited [c. 2011] on ABS-CBN, he’s now with GMA as a sexy sweaty dancer in the variety shows and a sensitive actor in the afternoon soaps.

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