May Day!

It’s International Workers’ Day or Labor Day today – a holiday in celebration of the economic and social achievements of workers. Which means, it is a day to commemorate the struggles of, and at the same time pay tribute to employees, workers and other –ers, who are constantly toiling for honest pay. On this marked date, the working classes in a number of countries have found different and new ways to express their angst and joys. In our site, the expression is one of joy a.k.a. Golden.

Hamudi and the driver’s son

Sounds like one short story, eh? Fortunately, it is not one novella about Hamudi and the driver’s son. I just want to position Hamudi Khileifat‘s photo side by side with an image of Ryan [right photo] a.k.a. the driver’s son in this site [refer to previous comments on Boylets]. They are wearing the same, er, underwear. But the photos were taken at different occasions and places – Hamudi’s at Lips Bar most recently, and the driver’s son’s image at Spirits Coyote Bar in Malate District two years ago.

Peter Ojano exposed

At the Ginoong Pilipinas-Metro Manila 2008 search, 21-year-old Peter Ryan Ojano was a standout and crowd favorite – tall, mestizo with a nice body. However, when the winners were called, his name was not in the list and many were baffled. Of course, it was a pre-arranged contest, and Peter Ojano was not in the favored circle then. Now, the Adamson University-student who has so much potential, is making his moves to be known.

Back stage

There are different ways to calm one’s nerves before a show where one has to come out on stage nearly naked. Or naked, in some cases. Top photo was taken at the back stage of the Be Bench Grand Finals and Underwear Show held last year at the huge Araneta Coliseum, where Bruce Quebral and Jon Mullally wait for their turns. Overexposed Ian Porlayagan, on the other hand [bottom, left photo] takes a shot of alcohol to relax or maybe to ham it up a little on stage at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash at the NBC Tent. Of course, nothing beats cigarettes for smokers to ease the tension of going out before a live audience in Lips Bar, with no crotch cover [bottom, left photo].

Franz Sioson’s back!

Franz Sioson is back! It ain’t that bad, guys. Look, he has a nicely sculpted back. And abs! This 24-year-old native of Meycauayan, Bulacan was the first runner-up at Filinvest Festival Mall’s 2008 Summer Bodies [next to Raph Almeda] . Franz Sioson stands 5’8″ and is a graduate of BS Management from the Philippine School of Business Administration [PSBA].

Red-hot: Martin Richard

The 6’1″-tall Martin Richard never fails to appear in Bench underwear’s campaigns and fashion shows. The latest – for Bench’s summer campaign called White Gold, shows Martin Richard under the sweltering sky in Bangui Bay, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Too, he was in the underwear brand’s shows such as Dingdong Dantes‘s launch, China roadshows, Be Bench Grand Finals, and Bench Fever. Martin Richard is under Monaco Modeling Agency.

Body Shots 2008 Launched

In 1984, the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines [FDAP] launched Body Shots an annual modeling competition that launched the careers of models and actors like: Eric Quizon, Laurenti Dyogi, John Estrada, Emilio Garcia, JR Valentin, Ricardo Cepeda, Zanjoe Marudo, Hayden Kho, Lauren Novero and AJ Dee among others. This year, Body Shots is back and after a series of screenings at the Banahaw Room of Century Park Hotel, and at Hyatt Hotel, 13 women and 14men were chosen as official candidates from a pool of more than 200 aspirants. Here are some interesting highlights:

1. AdrianRacho and Raph Almeda both made it to the official list. Modeling industry observers are watching with glee as the two guys, who have been the subjects of constant comparison – Adrian as the former talent and Raph as the current ward of a known talent manager – battle it out for the top spot.

2. Sassan Shokouhi also made it. The tallest in the batch at 6’3″, this will be the first competition for the 22-year-old Filipino-Iranian model. Also in the batch is Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 runner-up Harold Oide, at 5’9″ or thereabouts.

3. One familiar face stood out: Eric Eleazar [first photo, third from left] who’s tanner and buffer this time around. Standing next to Eric in the first photo is recent Hataw Super Bodies 2008 contestant Suzuki Aragon,now sporting a different name: Piko Suzuki. Also in the first photo on the rightmost part is veteran bikini open contestant Marvin Miranda, who also made it to the official list.

4. Nico Deyro [third photo, sitting rightmost] surprisingly made it to the official selection. He is the shortest in the group,at 5’7″.

5. Jonas Cabuay [third photo, standing second from left] ex-candidate of Sta.Lucia’s Sexy Bodies 2008 is also in the circle, along with ex-Mr. Philippines 2007 finalist Jobo Roa [third photo, standing third from right], and Carlo Guevara‘s best friend Harvey Cruz [third photo, standing center].

6. There’s an interesting newcomer [between nos. 16 and 18 in the second photo] who made it to the list – Mario Zamboni. He is muscled, mestizo [probably German in origin] and with long tresses. Someone to watch out for.

7. And the best part of the screening was how the sleazebag talent manager made a riotous scene, trying to enter the screening room to railroad his ward’s entry into the official list. He is known in this site as The-One-Who-Posts-Comments-Passionately-In-Capital-Letters or simply, JP. Of course, the decent and well-meaning organizers put him in his place: he was not allowed entry and his ward – a lanky guy who won a male contest recently at Metro Bar courtesy of his manager [of course], was shut out from the official list. Now, it’s back to seedy shows for the manager.

Ivan Maxwell Misc.

Ivan Maxwell‘s been trying to make a name for himself in the biz for some time now. He was first seen in Lips Bar’s Tropical Bodies 2007, where he won first runner-up. Then he did some shows, mainly the bikini kind, around the metro. Too, he went around town participating in bikini contests, the last one being at the 2008 Pagudpud Bikini Open [that’s in Ilocos Norte, 430 kms. north of Manila] held recently. Ivan was also one of the male leads in Erotika: M2M 2 [The Art of Striptease and Sensual Dancing, a video that, uh, demonstrates the art of sensual dancing.

Weekend Scorcher: Rico Lazaro

Piolo doppelgänger Rico Lazaro is our weekend guy! Rico Lazaro just wrapped up an indie movie with a sexy theme, slated for showing in July and in the festivals abroad. Too, he is one of the models of designer Renee Salud in a fashion show next month. Of course, he is still the go-to guy for Mr. Pascual‘s needs for a body double, like in the recent Clear shampoo commercial campaign.

Smokin’: Chriz Villarba

Christopher “Chriz” Villarba is smokin’ hot this summer! The 22-year old native of Quezon City [born in Ilocos Sur] was the second runner-up in Summer Bodies 2008, a bikini contest sponsored by Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Chriz, who stands 5’8″, was also a previous contestant in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall’s Mr. & Ms. Sexy Bodies 2008.