Victor Always

Model-actor Victor Aliwalas is on a roll in his home studio. After only two years in the country [he grew up in New York City], he has already done four prime time soaps. Guest appearances in the movies also came along. Right now, Victor is busy with shows in GMA-7, making him one of the more visible actors in the tv network. When he’s not on tv, the bandy-legged hunk, who stands at 5’10”, also models for the top clothes designers in the metro.

Float On

Bench Body model and singer-actor Jay R keeps on truckin’ in showbiz, as he’s not over and done with. He is busy with his noontime show with GMA-7 plus some movies on the side and guest appearances in his home studio’s soaps. He produces his own music, which is pretty impressive. Of course, the 28-year-old self-proclaimed “Philippines’ Prince of R&B” models for the underwear line of Bench and he still looks awesomely sexy after all these years.

Real Man

Dear Folded and Hung people, please do not drop actor Joem Bascon from your roll of models because he is steamy and sexy, worthy to wear your clothes, and although he is short, he has this boy-next-door image, you know, next door somewhere in inner city Manila where the streets are tough and the men are tougher, which is how Joem is like – lusty and hardy, rugged in other words [he is now sporting a real tat!] and although Hideo put on some bulge-defining briefs for your new underwear line, Joem can do that, too, as he did some short shorts billboard for F&H a season ago. P.S. Isn’t he channeling Piolo for Bench in this photo shoot wearing bespoke denims by Viktor Jeans?


He’s done practically almost everything in the indie scene. Kristofer King has also shown a lot on screen. In the movies, he has boldly gone where no newbie has traveled. Moreover, his exploits beyond the movie backlots are fodder for the paid-sex mill. One thing that he has not yet done, though, is tv. His contemporary Coco Martin has crossed over to the small screen, and he has been generally accepted by regular viewers. Will he find similar success on tv, once he guests on soaps and shows? Will his reputation follow him to the general patronage sets? What do you think?

Level Up

I would like to believe that Coco Martin made it in ABS-CBN because of sheer talent. Well, the fact that he is cute also put in the plus factor. From his small and humble beginnings as an indie movie actor, usually with gay themes, Coco has jumped into the small screen as one of the leading men. It is not actually a sellout to commercial and cutesy fare as Coco still portrays his roles with the same versatile and natural ability, full of nuance, as he did in his indie flicks of yore. Now, he’s gotten popular mainstream, to countless viewers of the station’s shows, thanks to his exposure on the prime time hit Tayong Dalawa.


Model-turned-actor Christian Vasquez is busy still on tv. He’s playing support these days in ABS-CBN’s shows and soaps. The 32-year-old hunk is not complaining, though, as he gets to work continuously and on a regular basis. He is also a favorite lately in the indie movie circuit – he has finished three flicks already this year. Christian Vasquez may not be as lustrous now as the time he started his career in showbiz, but this hunk daddy from Bacolod City is still very much around, quietly working in the background.

Dennis Up and Close

Erstwhile tv and movie hearththrob Dennis Trillo is keeping it steady. After his career hit a snag on the way to leading-man status, he is slowly picking up the pieces of what’s left of his once-flourishing showbiz job. He could have been the next big star of GMA-7 if not for the series of unfortunate events [and bad press]. Lately, however, he’s accepting all the projects and offers that are coming his way. Regardless of how inconsequential or trivial or inferior the show is, Dennis still grabs ’em jobs “as long as there is work.” Of course, now he’s a good exemplar for the adage that goes this way: There are no small roles, only small actors. Tee-hee.

Aljur is Happy

He is happy because of the projects that are going his way. Aljur Abrenica, at this time, could not ask for anything more. The once-fledgling actor who won a reality search on GMA 7 is off to the path of stardom. His recent runway experience at the Cosmo Bash firmly established his street cred. Too, his new movie – formerly named I’ll Be Waiting For You now changed to some kilometric title – is up in the queue and he’s excitedly waiting how it does in the box office. Of course, a prime time soap is in the offing , most probably with his love team still.

Luis’s Movie

Have you seen his latest movie, In My Life with his real-life mother? Although the reviews were mixed, Luis Manzano‘s acting was praised. He was reportedly a revelation in a gay role. Too, he gets to shine in shirtless sweaty glory in a scene where he plays frisbee with Rafael Rosell at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center [disguised as a NYC park]. I’m thinking of watching it this weekend.

Geoff bridges

The problem with Geoff Eigenmann is his voice. No one takes him seriously as a dramatic hunky actor because of that pip squeaky articulation. Too bad, because he’s cute and he’s starting to get that body – you know, the defined and muscled type. He is already 26 years old and his contemporaries are making a go at adult roles with ease and appreciation. Geoff, on the other hand, has formidable acting genes and good looks but is still struggling with mature roles. Maybe it is high time for some image [and voice] enhancement. He deserves to be big.
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