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Hot Summer with Orlando Sol

The masculine name “Orlando” is Spanish in origin meaning “famous country.” On the other hand, “Sol” is the Latin name of the sun, and the modern word for “sun” in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Icelandic , Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages. Photo above shows Orlando Sol, basking in all his glory, perfect for the summer heat.

Gossip Girl

Photo: Models Larry Bril [left] and Vince Canizares

BORACAY. Let’s see: Delish Ram Sagad was early at the Manila airport, waiting for his mates by the entrance, on a noon flight to Boracay. Turns out, he was in the company of Lance Howard, and the muscled aging queen, moneyed and with a repute for surrounding himself with male models from Manila. There’s the aging queen’s constant companion Bill Elizerio and the strapping entourage of G-Ford Lara, James Zablan, Jadel Lee, and a host of others, including girlfriends. They were met at the airport by a shirtless Andrew Wolff. At night on the island, a very-ripped Adrian Racho was working his cute litle ass off at the hip Marlboro booth by the beach. Carl Rosadino, looking bedraggled, roamed the beaten path with two queens – both dumpy and advanced in years. Over at Guilly’s [next to Club Paraw], Andrew Wolff was in a small group that included the reclusive Chris Nepomuceno, who took off his top to reveal angel wings henna-tattooed on his back. At the bar, JC Cuadrado – cute but not buff, not sexy – was talking intently with a pretty girl. Later, shirtless Andrew was seen giving a back rub to an appreciative Chris. And the alcohol started to work its way, I had to go home and sleep.

Abel Jimeno, Mr. Sexy Body too.

Abel Jimeno, the dark and sexy male model from the Mapua Institute of Technology , landed as first runner-up at the Mr. Sexy Body 2008 contest held recently. One of the crowd favorites, the seasoned bikini open contestant has already done ramp and commercial modeling assignments, in between classes in his Mechanical Engineering course at the Mapua.

Huge Potential: Lance Howard

At last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas pageant, one mestizo stood out from the pack. Lance Howard, a 6’1″-tall hunk who represented Quezon City at the finals night, was one of the crowd favorites. During the pageant’s talent contest, he did a mean Harlem Shake [a dance which involves shimmies (shoulder shakes), pops (leg spasms) and ticks (robotic starts and stops)], totally different from the usual declamation and tribal-in-underwear-of-course dance by most candidates. Lance Howard landed in runner-up position at the finals. He has since gone off to Singapore for greener modeling pastures.

Cebuano models are hawt!

We don’t have to be reminded that Cebu is a bonanza-city of fresh-looking mestizo male models. Remember Cassidy Shun, Marco Antonio Aranas, Siegfred Schmidt, Martin Grogaard, Daniel Korber and Harold Dee? All from the Queen City of the South! Of course, top male mods who made it big, John Hall and Vince Canizares are from Cebu, too. Photos above are Gian Carlo Berdin [left] and Zalcris Shun, two Models Association of Cebu [MAC] members who are on the rise. Gian Berdin, who is 21 years old and a nurse by profession was Mr. Philippine Nursing Schools Association 2004 and Mr. Nursing 2003 at the Cebu Doctors University. Zalcris Shun, on the other hand, represented his school – University of Cebu [Main] – in the Mr. Campus Face 2006 [won by Spark Ding].

Swarthy: Lauren Novero

I was just thinking whatever happened to the dark-skinned hunk, Lauren Novero? Looks like the model-turned-actor has been quietly doing support roles on tv and in the movies. Last year, he was in the primetime soaps – GMA-7’s Bakekang and ABS-CBN’s Princess Sarah. Too, after his stint in the bump-and-grinder flick Twilight Dancers, he was cast in the movies Troika, Happy Hearts and Signos [Best Foreign Film at the Lone Star International Film Festival in Fortworth, Texas].

Congee Aragon gets cool

A Baguio City-based model and singer, Congee Aragon describes himself as a “fun outgoing guy” in his web profiles. He has also appeared in bikini contests and male pageants up in Baguio. He says he loves to sing karaoke, hang out with friends, and play on the computer. “Play on the computer,” he does, as reader H, who sent in the photos above to my email, also forwarded amusing videos of Congee Aragon playing on the computer.

Peep Through: Ram Ace Bautista

Ram Ace Bautista, another web sensation after his magazine photos in wet white undies came out, is back! This time around, he is not wearing those teasing wet swim suits. Rather, he is in the standard wispy underwear that betrays the young man’s power and the glory. Which makes for a fine Sunday treat, if you ask me.

Another Jay Santos

This one’s another Jay Santos, a veteran bikini open contestant and male model, not to be confused with the former Jay Santos posts. Currently connected with i-Media Productions, the 5’10”-tall hunk has appeared in bikini contests sponsored by queer stomping grounds Bed in Malate District and Government in Makati City.

Mishmash. Candid.

Some cleaning to do. These are varied photos sent in to my email, which photos are up for deletion. Might as well share them with you guys, on a slow Saturday morning. There’s Aga Muhlach sleeping shirtless, while Christian Vasquez is half awake in his boxers.

Diether Ocampo, rarely seen on tv these days and busy with his charities, takes off his shirt in a public function, while swimmer and teen actor Enchong Dee flexes for the camera.

And then there’s Angelo Ilagan [white shorts] , turning 18 this month, who caused quite a stir recently with his sexy photos released in the web. Joross Gamboa [middle photo] is making a comeback from a showbiz lapse but has reportedly turned down a gay role in a movie recently. There’s perennial bachelor Paolo Bediones [34 years old] in a rare amateur photo.

And the naked guy in the hazy photo is Omar Principe of the male dancing group Masculados.

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