The biggest male stars on tv in 2009 were the Bench guys: Gerald, Aljur, Dingdong and Piolo. Of course, the acknowledged kings of the rival stations – Piolo for ABS-CBN and Dingdong for GMA-7 churned prime time hits, one after the other. Waiting in the wings were the younger ones – Gerald for ABS-CBN and Aljur for GMA-7. Gerald and Aljur were even pitted against each other – as rivals – although Gerald’s off to a drawn out head start over Aljur. What does 2010 hold for these guys? Will they sustain their popularity and street cred? Will there be a newer and bigger star – someone who can sing and dance and act passionately? Whose star will shine brighter, brightest?

Guys Three

It’s always a visual delight to see tall and appealing guys on the ramp. Of course, the bonus would be the bikinis and long legs and smooth torsos. Take your pick: The leftmost guy is Danny Marco Odejar, a 26-year-old model from Laguna. This 6′-tall hunk was the winner of the Bodyheat 2007 Model Search. Middle guy is Jose Bernardo “Jobo” Roa, a 21-year-old model from Cagayan de Oro City. Jobo, who stands at 5’10”, won the Body Shots 2008 modeling competition. Rightmost guy is Martin Richard, a 25-year-old Manila native of Mexican-Filipino heritage. This 6’1″-tall hunk, who was a favorite Bench Body model for print ads and runway shows, was the first runner-up in this year’s Century Tuna Superbods.

Leaving Too

Who’s leaving Bench Body after modeling skimpy cotton bikinis for so many years? Rumors are rife that one of the guys above is hanging his Bench briefs for good to transfer to a leading direct-selling and networking business of footwear, apparel, bags and other fashion accessories. In fact, he appeared in the latest fashion show of that company. Just recently, Sam Milby bolted the Bench headquarters for a better offer at rival Folded and Hung. So who’s it going to be next? Will it be [clockwise, from top]: Jon, Jay R, Jake or Jafael?

Square Rooms

There’s a new boy in town and his name is Jeff Tatsuro! This comer is a second year nursing student and he’s starring in his first movie entitled Parisukat with veteran sexy actor Toffee Calma. Now, if it’s a movie with Toffee Calma, expect some hot and provocative action [and scenes]. In fact, Filipino-Japanese Jeff Tatsuro has reportedly four scenes in the flick involving the male genitalia – visually shocking and unsettling, as it is. Parisukat, directed by Jonison Fontanos under Phylum Productions, will be shown in February 2010.


The theme for today is unique names and brown underwear. The one on the left is Dart Kamboozia, ex-Body Shots 2008 contestant and now Masculados Dos member. The 22-year-old and 6’1″-tall hunk also appeared as one of the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s hot bachelors for 2009. The other guy on the right is Laxzy Rem Villar, who now lists himself as Laxie Villar. He was one of the contestants in last summer’s Century Tuna Superbods. The 22-year-old and 6’1″-tall cutie was also a Cosmo bachelor and a Bench underwear show model.


This coming year, Prince Stefan is poised for the big time. Although his contemporaries [particularly Aljur] have gone off to a speedy start in GMA-7 where they were discovered via the reality and talent search Starstruck, the 20-year-old charmer from Iloilo is gradually but surely inching his way up the showbiz ladder. His acting assignments in the network’s soaps and shows are getting him noticed and pretty soon he’ll be given choice and plum roles. Okay, that’s wishful thinking for now, I must admit. I like the guy, and he deserves a big, big chance in GMA-7.


I missed posting these photos before but just the same, I’m doing it now. It may be too late as Campus Crush, Crisaldo Pablo‘s latest movie before the much-maligned-title-of-a-movie Chub Chasers, has already been shown in gay-friendly Robinsons and Isetann malls. Who knows, the DVD or VCD versions might be out anytime soon, and maybe you can grab a copy to see former Lips regular Joeffrey Javier and cute newcomer Arjay Carreon bare everything on screen. How’s that?

Boxing Day Hunk

Today is Boxing Day, a legal holiday in some parts of the world. It is the tradition of giving seasonal gifts in Christmas boxes to workers, employees and social inferiors, which boxes are opened on the day after Christmas. Boxing Day has also been associated with sport in early village celebrations such that it has been traditionally believed that is a holiday for boxing. And then again I’m just trying to find means to post this hot photo of Martin‘s younger brother Luke Jickain, a full-time runway and commercial model who also has a penchant for wearing pants that seem to fall down to the pubis area.

The Sexy Chef

He got his groove back! Former male model Martin Jickain is now in fine form after gaining weight when he was with his former wife, the pudgy politician [or, corpulent councilor] from Quezon City. Martin now looks better than ever although he’s not regularly hitting the runways like his brother Luke does. These days, he’s busy honing his skills in the kitchen as he’s training to be a chef at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management [ISCAHM]. Delish, indeed!


Oh hi there, Lemmy! So I heard you’re in this afternoon show on GMA-7. I would have jumped for joy on this occasion – you getting into showbiz and acting and stuff. But I found out you’re in that show called Daisy Siete presents Bebe and Me. Now how could you possibly go wrong with that title as your platform to jump start a career in tinseltown? I’m telling you [and I’m pretty sure most, if not everyone, would concur]: everything is wrong, dear Lemuelle. No lead actor has gone insanely popular by acting with the skanks in that show. So, while you still have a fighting chance, fire your manager, get a good agent and of course, renege on your contract and skip Daisy Siete like it’s the Great Scourge. Oh wait, my other favorites Mike Tan and Edouard George are also there? Darn.