No doubt, 27-year-old John Lloyd Cruz is the most popular actor these days. He’s practically everywhere – lording over the box office, topping the tv ratings with his soaps, and hamming it up for tv commercials. But he’ll never go sexy. He won’t take off his shirt, he won’t wear briefs for photo shoots, heck, he won’t even show us his nips and pits. So the photo above would have to be the closest encounter with some JLC skin. Yeah, knees and skinny legs. We’ll have to make do, of course.


These photos could very well be the front and back covers of The Anatomy of the Male Bikini Open Contestant book. Someone should write one! Maybe the psychology and sociology of it all. How Ram Ace [in photo] and his gang go in and out of the tiring go-sees and competitions in small metro bars and clubs to the town fiestas in far-flung areas. Just an idea…


How about model, host, actor and occasional dancer Victor Basa to counter the onslaught of Bench Body images? This 25-year-old primary endorser of rival Penshoppe brand is busy doing quirky independently-produced films when he’s not on tv taking on some cutesy job. This year, he hopes to concentrate more on the movies as he claims to have done everything on the telly already. [Psst, Victor you haven’t done the penis shot on tv yet].


He was asked about his role in the Bench Uncut show and Aljur‘s asking why we want to see him in briefs. Well, it’s like electricity maybe – we can’t really explain it; we haven’t got the words; it’s a feeling we can’t control. And then again maybe he’s the only main man left in Bench – along with Gerald [and we’ve lost huge interest in that other endorser, the older gay guy] – who has not worn the cotton-lycra briefs of the underwear company. We’d love to see Aljur wear the briefs on stage in the coming show. So, please Bench people, bring him on!

Popstar Researching Oblivion

That’s the title to the song by Flotation Toy Warning that plays in my head every time I see this guy, JC de Vera. Yes you have all the pieces they said that you had to collect/ But what did you expect that all to amount to?/ Trying, trying to understand it all/ To understand it all just makes your head hurt. The 24-year-old actor is waging a determined battle for superstardom at new channel TV5 after his near-miss at the top in GMA-7.

The Brothers Ataellahi

Oh, I found twins who pose in their undies sans qualms and misgivings . They’re Robert and Albert Ataellahi, natives of Tehran, Iran but they are here now for medical studies at the Manila Central University in Caloocan City. If they look familiar, the 27-year-old hunky twins appeared in last year’s edition of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot and new bachelors. They are also favorite featured models in the Philippine Fashion Week series and the upcoming Bench show.

HD Cleaning

It means hard drive cleaning. Like spring cleaning. I’m clearing up my hard drive and the first ones to go are the big files. The Lips Bar files, more specifically. So once in a while, you might encounter some posts like these of Danilo Lee at the famous tiled Lips steps and you can’t complain because they’re mostly penises and buttocks and perinea [“Pateros” in local parlance, as one reader puts it, LOL]. Capisce?

Bunch Up

Now that it has been confirmed that gorgeous guy Hideo Muraoka is coming back to Manila next month to do some projects, the remaining nipo-brasileiros Fabinho and Daniel [in photo] and Aki must feel threatened with their day [and night] jobs. Hideo‘s the in-demand Brazilian guy before he left for home to get married and raise a kid. Surely the modeling projects [and some tv work] will keep coming in Hideo’s way, as he still has the body and face to die for.