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Big and Furry

Don’t you just love big and tall and furry men on Throwback Thursday? Well, Vince Ferraren is one, except for the furry part because he’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. Vince is one of the more popular models in town. An underwear appearance for this 6’5″-tall cutie is always anticipated, like this photo at last year’s Bench show.


In a perfect My Husband’s Lover world, where the gay guys have cute faces and fit and cut bodies, who among the boyfriends, the bit-player actors flirting with the leads, would you choose and why? Pancho Magno [leftmost] seems to have a naughty side. Rodjun Cruz [middle] is adorable and sweet. Victor Basa is come-hither. Your choice?

ID Man

Who is this guy? He was at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash, and I thought he resembles AVO in a smaller way, if you know what I mean.  He looks like a fly-in model, and then again I could be mistaken. One thing’s for sure though, he shows a lot of promise in dem boxer briefs! Do you know him?

Make Up

Would you like to do Mike Tan‘s body make up? And see his pores up close. Or maybe take a whiff of his masculine scent.  Mike’s still an endorser for Guitar undergarments. Although he’s a bit bigger than his previous outing [see Xray magazine] the GMA talent is still one cute and cuddly sexy cub!


Matteo‘s gorgeous, sexy, hot a million times over. Even if he’s full covered. Right?


Last year, Manhunt Philippines chose Batangas representative June Macasaet [left] as its winner, and the rest was, well, he went on to win the international competition. This year, the contest is taking a step back as it picked Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija native Jamiel Ventosa as the country’s delegate to the main event in Shanghai next year. Jamiel is 18 years old and 6’2″ tall. Your thoughts?

Wrecking Ball

Long before the nudity-and-wrecking-ball visuals became a fad, Zanjoe Marudo was already rockin’ it years ago for the promo of Bench Fever, the 2006 version of the biennial underwear show of the local underwear company. He was hot then as he is now.
Here is how he looked like then, when his management agency still had no restrictions on wearing underwear [and gaudy clothing] in public.    

Baller ID

And so the exodus of cute and tall and daring varsity ballers to the glitzy world of modeling and showbiz continues. Miko Raval, a varsity basketball player made the leap ages ago from the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons. He’s a regular model for the Fashion Week designers, commercial events and runway shows and in Bench Body shows and ads.

New Underwear Model

The newest comeback kid in the Underwear Endorsers Club is model-actor Victor Basa, who’s getting another career revival via the controversial My Husband’s Lover series.  Victor was recently signed up by Cotton Club underwear, previously worn by Aljur Abrenica and Jason Abalos. Victor is no stranger to modeling skivvies as he has already done Bench Body and Penshoppe.

What If?

Here is another what-if post on rising hunk Vin Abrenica.  What if he had his nose done to a finer beak? What if he wore tiny shorts at the Cosmo Bash? Would the crowd go a-shrieking? Will he surpass brother Aljur‘s looks and prominence? Will he become more popular?
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