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Sexy Sweaty

Question: If you were to choose among these sexy, sweaty men on a hot, hot night on the beach , who would it be and why? Will you choose Carlito Gonzales [middle], top model of recent Fashion Week history? Or campus heartthrob and commercial model Mauro Lumba [right]? How about ex-varsity baller Paul Nuilan with the hot bod?

VPL Monday

Surprisingly, the bikini-open subculture is alive and kicking! The competitions, featuring scantily-clad men in penis-hugging underwear and held in small bars and venues, have a loyal following. Proof positive would be the select few familiar faces in the audience and the sponsors in these contests. What happens after the competitions, of course, is best kept within speculation and wild imaginings. Image: Rommel Torres.

Jon With Hair

In the olden days, Bench was a fledgling brand and Jon Hall was a hot underwear model with lots of hair on his head. Plus he has this amazing bod and bulge, too! Of course, the Cebuano model, who has since ventured into showbiz, is still looking sexy these days, sans the thick mane.


That was another time. This daring see-through phase of the bikini contests and shows of yore. That’s John Miller, erstwhile Men of Provoq member who was reduced to doing sexy shows after the band folded up. Now retired from showbiz, the half-Australian ex-hunk is now private citizen Miller up North.


I don’t have the 411 on the uncut Pinoy guy. Let’s just call him UPC [uncut Pinoy guy].
And he sometimes retracts the skin on his privates.

Like this one, when he’s hard. The whole enchilada!


Question: Do you like your man inked big-time like 22-year-old Filipino-American 

model Paul Drake here? Or maybe, just the plain old squeaky-clean type, 
sans piercings and body art?

Rock Hard

There is actually a certain demographic that favors big, burly brown boys like Richard Solano. You know, the rough-and-tumble types, cuddly-sexy cubs. Richard who is a constant competitor in the bikini shows, is also in training as the newest member of the song-and-dance group, Masculados Dos.


Cute guy in birthday suit is Diego Biancatti. If he looks familiar, that’s because he’s in Eat Bulaga’s Los Viajeros group of handsome models. The 21-year-old hunky Brazilian is a recent addition to the popular group doing the opening segment of the noontime show.

Mac’s Bottom

Male-model-of-the-moment Mark Manicad has a cute bottom. 
One reader asks: is it true he has a private video, done when he was a relative unknown
in then-popular alternative web chat sites?

Diamond in the Rough

It means someone that has exceptional qualities and future potential but needs some work and polishing. This is Stephen Dorschner, a frequent fare in the bikini competitions of late.  He is 23 years old, and in case you’re wondering about the name, he’s of German descent. Looks promising, right?
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