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The few, the half-nekkid! These are the proud and hot boys of Reco Models, which is hosting the fly-in male mannequins for the time being.  Who is your top choice?  From left: Caio Paiva, Christian Arno Williams, Alireza Brithardan, Pierre Trintignant, Kevin Cote and Marneil Anthony. They’re making some appearances in the Cosmo Bash this September. Watch out!

Gettin’ Ready

Oooh, this Dennis Trillo is getting hotter! Buoyed by his sudden fame via GMA’s top prime time soap My Husband’s Lover, Dennis is one of the featured centerfolds in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual treat. To prepare for his runway spot next week in the Cosmo Bash, the young actor is hitting the gym every day. I wonder what surprise he’ll bring in the show.

Not-So Vintage Sunday

I found this one in the old files. A few years ago, Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila was one of the few it-boys in the Bench Body block. He was in practically all the major campaigns, ads and shows of the underwear company. A number of more daring ingenues and upstarts later, he’s now out of the whole scene. He’s also hardly seen in showbiz circles these days. 

Miscellany Saturday

Today I am posting your contributions – photos of half-nekkid boys that went through the mail. Some are too good not to share. Young and not-so young actors and celebs. They are all here!

 Model and part-time actor Alizon Andres shows what stuff he’s made of.
 Arron Villaflor gives a hint, size-wise.

 Of course, the two Sams – Sam S. a.k.a. Vince and Sam A. are such sights to behold.

 Bit player Carlo Aquino tries sexy.
 Athlete and chef Erwan Heusaff is bulge-y.
 Young actor Albie Casino is bulging.
 And this is how racy Hideo Muraoka can get these days. Boxer briefs!

 Budding actor and singer Sam Concepcion looks mighty fine!

 And Jake Cuenca runs in the neighbourhood shirtless with perky nips.

 Has-been JC de Vera prepares for his ABS-CBN casting couch.

 Theater actor and tv bit player Jay Gonzaga is out and proud of his hot bod.

 June Macasaet is still a runway model. In tight and sexy clothes.

 Singer Kris Lawrence makes up for lack of height and face value with his well-sculpted body.

 Luis Alandy sells his meat, man meat!

 Mark Bautista has a smokin’ body. In the rain!

 Paulo Avelino got bigger and cuddlier. 

 Piolo‘s always ready.

 The Semerads have bubble butts!

Alden’s Body

One of the much-awaited “models” in the annual fleshfest called Cosmo Bachelor Bash is actor Alden Richards for only a year after his entry into showbiz, emerged from baby fat. The cute 20-year-old actor is expected to do some major baring and teasing on stage, as he headlines the show this September. He is, of course, prepping hard for the big event.

Hall of Fame

Those were the days. That time when the male models were rough and raw. Bold and daring. Hard edged, actually. With lots of body hair. The time of Jon Hall, in tiny underwear, posing and primping for a fledgling undergarments brand called Bench.  Unabashedly walking down the ramp for Cosmo Bash, after his centerfold shot in the Cosmo [Phils] magazine.  Bring it all back Bench and Cosmo!

Mirror, Mirror

Who’s the hottest of them all Mercator models? Well, this is the best in the backyard of one of the top agencies in town. There’s AJ Hanson lying in front.  Nat Kiefer is standing at Hideo Muraoka‘s right. The skinny model at the back is Terrence Lloyd. Seated in the middle is ex-fatso John Daryl Rose. The dark-skinned one at the back of model-of-the-moment Sam Ajdanii is Jovic Susim, part actor. Tattoed guy is newbie Rob Ricafort, behind the only guy in shorts Edward Raven. Rightmost guy is 18-year-old Kevin Redder, all of 6’2″ and a budding model. Who’s your best bet?

Lihis Showing Today

Troop to the movies y’all! Today is the start of the commercial run of the much-awaited and much-buzzed about movie Lihis starring moonlighting-underwear-models  Joem [in photo] and Jake.  Lihis – directed by Joel Lamangan from a  screenplay by Ricky Lee – is part of the first Sineng Pambansa All Masters Film Festival exclusive in SM Cinemas from 11-17 September 2013.

William Can

If you look at fly-in model William Nunes‘s photo-sharing social networking account, you’ll be floored by an abundance of the hunk’s candid photos of Speedos and VPLs. Well, that’s because he’s a model. And Brazilian. He’s licensed to do so. Hopefully, he’ll wear dem VPL-friendly undies in this year’s Cosmo Bachelor Bash.


On the occasion of the release of the annual Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s centerfolds 2013, here are notable boys and men in the 69 “naughty schoolboys” theme list. Some are awesome. Some are not. Who will “fire up your campus hookup fantasies”? And the awards go to …….

Best Job
[This one’s my favorite in the bunch. 
He’ll clean your pipes]

 You-Oughta-Hit-The-Gym-More Award
[Since you’re planning to be a runway model, too]
 Aren’t-You-A-Tad-Old-To-Be-A-Bachelor-Still? Award
[But you have a hot bod]
Cute Puppy Award
[Heck yeah, the cutest in the bunch!]

Jailbait Award
[Isn’t he adorable?]

You’re-A-Model? Citation
[Maybe this is just a bad angle]

Best In Hair
[Of course]

Most Promising Model

Naughty-Baller-Look Citation
[He’s giving me that vibe!]

Promising-Underwear-Model Award

How’d-You-Get-In-The-List-Again? Award
[No, really.]

Are-You-Sure-You’re-Still-A-Bachelor? Award
[But you’re cute, still]

Sultry Asian Look Award

Big-Things-Come-In-Small-Packages Award
[Shortest in the batch]

Cutest Coach
[He’ll take care of your core training]

Sexy Student Award
[Finally, you’re getting noticed!]

Best Baller
[Hot and ballsy!]

Best Baller, Too
[Remember his last feature here, two years ago?]

Exotic Award
[Looks huge. And Interesting.]

Cute Chinito Award
[He had me at “personal”]

You’ve-Come-A-Long-Long-Way-Baby Award
[You’re in the big league now!]

Cartoon Face Award
[ Igor.]

Beefy Award
[Big boys rock!]

You-Should-Be-Modeling Citation
[Cute student with a lot of promise!]

And the PLU Award? Of course, you know who gets it!

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