Who would have thought our favorite (whipping)-boy-of-the-moment would be playing senseless with model-of-the-hour. Shirtless. On the beach. Oh, such a delight to see young actor Enchong Dee enjoying himself and the company of hunky guy June Macasaet! I’m having impure thoughts, actually.

Will it be June‘s year? After slacking in the shadows as one of the prime consorts of the famed old and muscled queen for years, finally the 29-year-old model is, uh,  coming on his own. With his recent Manhunt International win, he’s beginning to be noticed in the modeling circle.  Hopefully, 2013 will be his banner year.

The Top 10 of 2012

It has been one whirlwind of a bikini-nekkid-cocky year. As the year ends, I’m listing down the top 10 stories based on unique page views on the blog stats.  Last year, our list was ranked on the basis of comments made [The most heavily commented in 2012 is an Aljur post, followed by Paulo‘s]. Now, the roll’s determined as supported by page views [as of 30 December 2012], in italics after the post title –
1.   The Brothers Roque, 8069.  You really love cute and sexy siblings. This post on the fabulous Roque brothers garnered the most-viewed feature for the year. 
2.   Star Turn, 8057. Piolo’s nephew, Benjamin Alves, all grown up and showing off his thick mound of netherhair  to prove that point. 
3.   Martin Plus One, 7694.  ABS-CBN’s star-on-the-rise Martin del Rosario and his plus one.
4.   Breakthrough, 7253. Enzo Pineda’s debut in his small underwear for a Bench Body ad.
5.   Whistle Baby, 7135. The VPL photo of Ian Batherson at the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash.
6.   Butt Monday, 6996.  Daniel Derramayo is representing the bikini and indie sector with his full-buttocks exposure for his new movie, The Escort.
7.   Sit!6949.  Our dick-a-day in a long, long while and boy, it came in a Kristofer King package!
8.   Point Break, 6762.  One of my first posts on puppy-dog-eyed Martin del Rosario and his huge bulge on the beach.
9.  Diegoh!, 6666.  Brazilians represent! It’s Diego Alves Furoni and his salacious photos in the shower.
10.   More Allen, 6283. Veteran bikini boy Allen Ong Molina in his sexy signature pose. 

The Year That Was: BYTs

Bright young things. These are the future centerfolds of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. The new leading men of the near course of events. The young hunks gracing Mens Health magazine and shirtless-hunks-on-the-cover pulp. This year they did good: ABS-CBN’s prized singer-actor Sam Concepcion [left] is venturing into hunkingdom come, thanks to exposure at the recent Bench Universe show.  GMA’s teen actor Derrick Monasterio [center] is getting noticed, what with lead status in the station’s afternoon soaps. Check out the December 12, 2012 episode of his fantasy series, Paroa: Ang Kwento ni Mariposa, where Derrick had some under-the-rain-and-in-shorts shots. Promising, really.  And of course, Aljur‘s brother, Avin Abrenica winning TV5’s Artista Academy. His station’s giving him all the shots – shows and soaps with top marquee actors by his side.  Who’s making it big in 2013?

The Year That Was: Pfft

Who in his right frame of mind would reject these two? I mean, saying No to Joseph Marco [above] and David Chua on the casting couch? These hot boys should be leading men by now in ABS-CBN. What happened?

Despite their readiness to do almost anything for a shot at stardom a la Coco or Paulo, Joseph and David are still relegated to the background. They are merely doing bit and support roles for big name actors in the station. We love these boys but their careers didn’t quite take off in 2012 the way we expected.  Maybe in 2013 then?

The Year That Was: Heir Apparent

Undoubtedly, it was the year of Enchong Dee, ABS-CBN’s prized talent. In 2012, Enchong finally graduated to mature and important roles in the station’s prime time and afternoon soaps. Notably, he headlined the Filipino edition of the Mexican series Maria la del Barrio, where he proved he can carry a show with his leading-man status.  The 24-year-old cutie is really being groomed to be the next Piolo Pascual [read: important star way up there].


Is this..? I would like to believe he is. All hot and nekkid, ready for his on-cam show. Reader PG sent this and asks if this is really him, the great exhibitionist. If not, I’ll just have to imagine it’s him, then. Hawt!

The Year That Was: Breakthrough

The boys who made some noise this year. Struggling GMA actor Enzo Pineda donned tight underwear for Bench Body and appeared in print ads and billboards to the delight of girls and girls alike. Of course, he got noticed big time. By the time he pulled his pants down in the sexy events Bench Universe and Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash, the excitement over this young man has waned. 

And then there’s puppy-dog-eyed Martin del Rosario who had his first lead role in an ABS-CBN afternoon soap, where he had to be shirtless most of the time. The sexy photos for the promo of the soap helped a lot, as rumors spread about his large member. The buzz also swirled around his closeness to a particular commercial model and bit player on tv who went by the name of Zuher.

Ah, there’s Benjamin Alves also, resurrected from showbiz oblivion. The former Vince Saldana, whose claim to relative fame is his blood relations with Piolo Pascual, is one of the busiest actors these days in GMA. His appearances in the Bench Body ads also upped his rankings in the sexy meter.  

The Year That Was: Bikini Boy(s)

Or Bikini Boy. In 2012, there were no notable boys out of the bikini open mill. No Jareds, Richards and Nelsons of the not-so-distant things-and-thongs past.

Instead, we only saw one who made a mark. Just one prominent cute boy who made the rounds of the bikini open circuit in his teenie weenie underthings. His name is Allen Ong Molina, a native of Tarlac City. He was so good in the contests, posing and primping, that he always won ’em all! Well, except in the Manhunt Philippines search where he finished runner-up to Guy Smiley.