Fresh Start

Brazilian model and actor Daniel Matsunaga hopes 2012 will be his year. The 26-year-old hunk with the thick underbrush and juicy buns has been flying high lately on Philippine showbiz as one of today’s hottest leading men. With his hot bod, disarming smile and boyish appeal, his guaranteed stint in GMA’s shows and soaps will further secure his popularity among Filipinos, enough to make his fans and admirers swoon over him even more. Now, when will F&H release the obligatory underwear shots?

The Top 20 of 2011

It has been one whirlwind of a bikini-nekkid-cocky year! As the year ends, I’m listing down the top 20 stories based on the number of comments [figures in italics] that you posted. Nasty or polite, fantasy or trite, your opinions are all there. Here we go –

1. WTF! It’s Neil! Hysteria on Neil Etheridge’s first take as an underwear model. 187
2. Return To Temptation, Aljur’s refusal to wear white briefs on a movie revival. 165
3. Terrence Baby, about a varsity basketball player’s exploits in showbusiness. 162
4. Boards Down, on the controversial board of the rugby players in Bench briefs. 156
5. ‘Told You So, a few days after Piolo Pascual was outed by the showbiz girlfriend. 142

6. Carry On, JR Cawaling as the face and body of varsity basketball and more. 139
7. Vintage Sunday, featuring the hot Guesande brothers and their huge assets. 128
8. Salvo, Gerald Anderson and Aljur Abrenica as the new breed of leading men. 127
9. Dayum!, on a varsity player, a suspect in a near-fatal stabbing of a director. 125
10. Aljur, Too, about a new shirtless photo of the guy, as featured in a magazine. 124

11. Swoon, featuring Aljur’s tender, juicy hotdog. 124
12. Psst, regarding Aljur’s caveman costume in Machete. 120
13. Wild Imaginings, Lemuelle Pelayo’s nekkid, raunchy past. 119
14. Posing 101, Piolo Pascual posing for a study of a statue. 118
15. Captain Barbell, on the merits of Richard Gutierrez in costume. 116

16. Lady’s Woes, about Piolo’s troubles in his relationship with a female. 114
17. On Being Gay, Prince Stefan’s denial as a happy homosexual. 110
18. New Paulo featuring Paulo Avelino’s big billboard for Bench Body. 110
19. You Are Also What You Drink, on the common traits of Dennis Trillo and Piolo Pascual. 109
20. Marked, introducing the newest briefs boy for Bench Body, Mark McMahon. 109

The Year That Was: Pfft

Aww c’mon! You know why I had to put them here. We all love these boys [except one] but then again, their careers didn’t quite take off in 2011 the way we expected. For some reason or another – manager’s problems, career shift, tired of showing penis in public, dad’s money won’t work anymore, gay scandals, falling in love – these boys didn’t make the successful cut this year. How about a vote?

The Year That Was: Indie Boys

Did you watch a gay indie movie this year? Although no one came close to the daring feat of one Marco Morales, a few boys stood out [and hard] from the dime-a-dozen pack. Some were coy. Others showed some balls, literally. A few went to great lengths, flashing their members. Of course, most of them showed their butts – all plump and juicy. Who was your favorite indie boy in 2011?

The Year That Was: Breakthrough

The year 2011 saw some boys rise from being unknown to instant celebrities. These were the boys who made their marks in showbusiness – plucked from relative obscurity to the glaring klieg lights of the industry. From left: Mikael Daez was busy modeling before he was thrust into a major GMA prime time show, Amaya and a campy movie, Temptation Island. Neil Coleta did the highly successful tv ad for iced tea and became one of the easily recognizable faces in town. Mart Escudero moved to TV5 and worked with the veterans in showbiz as he got noticed in his solo starrer, Zombadings.
Of course, Paulo Avelino made leaps and strides in his career this year: Bench Body and ABS-CBN. Love him or hate him, Rocco Nacino is getting prime projects in GMA. Model boy Jome Silayan was touted as the next leading man in Amaya, until the deal fell through. He did snag a major appearance for a Bench Body campaign and a TV5 soap. Lastly, Tom Rodriguez was toiling in the sidelines until he was cast in a major production, Temptation Island, and everybody noticed how he could be the next leading man of his time.

Of course, we have the hunky sports boys – The Azkals and the Philippine Volcanoes. King Neil Etheridge [center] lorded it over with his jaw-dropping underwear ad for Folded & Hung. Team mate Aly Borromeo [3rd from right] followed suit in his Bench Body campaign. Fellow Azkals Phil Younghusband [3rd from left] Anton del Rosario [rightmost] and Rob Gier [leftmost] grabbed major endorsements and walked the runways for major fashion events. And then the Volcanoes erupted with their controversial Bench Body billboards on EDSA. Ken Stern [2nd from left] and Chris Everingham [2nd from right], along with other team members gamely posed in their underwear for the local brand and caused a lot of buzz [and trouble].

The Year That Was: Bikini Boys

These were the top boys you lusted for in 2011. Bikini boys in contests around the country. Some from sleazy rinky-dink bars. Others, from national competitions. Just the same, they all wore that endangered piece of clothing called the bikini! So, who’s your favorite bikini boy of 2011?

Hollywood or Bust

So there. Sam Milby‘s calling it quits [for now] in Philippine showbiz. He’s leaving February next year to pursue his, ironically, American dream. Apparently, he got himself an agent in New York and was promised some casting calls in some shows. Here’s wishing him all the tough luck in the US, so that he may be successful this coming year.

The Year That Was: BYTs

Brightest young things. These are the future centerfolds of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. The new leading men of the future. The hunks gracing Mens Health magazine and shirtless-hunks-on-the-cover pulp. This year they did good: Enrique Gil [leftmost], after his Cosmo sleaze and tease, had a pit, I meant hit prime time show. Meantime, JM de Guzman [middle] landed his first starring role on a tv series. And lastly, Alden Richards is the newest teen sensation in GMA.

The Year That Was: Deaths

Gone too soon. In 2011, we lost some boys and men. Sometime in February, model-actor Leo Rabago [right] died of colon cancer at the age of 48. Leo was one of the popular sexy stars in the 80s and 90s, after a highly successful career as a model. A month after, John Apacible [left] was killed at the age of 38. Like Leo, he was also one of the more prominent sexy actors in the 90s.

The most shocking loss occurred in April when promising young actor AJ Perez died in a car accident. Tall and handsome AJ was being groomed to be the next important young actor of his time until fate interfered tragically.

Early December, singer, actor, theater performer RJ Rosales died of unknown causes at the young age of 37. To fans of 90s Sunday noontime shows, he was one of the hosts and singers of ABS-CBN’s ASAP. He then went to Singapore for a successful career in theater and on television.

The Year That Was: Resurgence

The year 2011 saw a lot of careers getting revived, each pump-primed to a second life and how! Topping the list is Derek Ramsay. After years of relative success, the hunky actor suddenly struck gold with the crazy box-office take of his third quarter movies, the campy drama No Other Woman and the inane comedy The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin, the two highest-grossing Filipino flicks of 2011.

In runner-up position would have to be Dennis Trillo. After a series of bad luck [and bad press] in the past, Dennis got busy in 2011 – three movies and two tv soaps where he played leading man. Such feat, in retrospect, is unmatched by his peers in the industry.

Honorable mention [from the top, clockwise] – Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka disappeared after his hugely popular tighty-whities ad campaign for F & H and came back with a bigger bang as top model for leading department store SM. Actor Jericho Rosales, on a career slump for the past few years, is slowly getting back into lead actor position with new soaps and shows for ABS-CBN. Model Borgy Manotoc is suddenly all over the ubiquitous Bench Body boards in the metro, after retreating from the limelight for years.
Bikini boy Johnron Tanada who hastily left the Philippines for a Macau gig also re-appeared – still in fine come-hither form – and did a couple of daring indie flicks. GMA exclusive Mike Tan, after languishing in supporting-actor roles for years in the station, greatly benefitted from the Paulo Avelino departure and quickly grabbed prime roles. Brazilian model Daniel Matsunaga recovered from his past Bangkok scandal and quickly transitioned into doing TV, some movies and major TVC deals.