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Survivors Vlad and Troy

So, how did you find the new season of Survivor Philippines in Palau? How were the guys? Say for example, there’s 24-year-old professional model Vlad Nesas [left photo] who is so 2002 with his “The Metrosexual” tag. In the press kit, he also describes himself as an “alpha male” contrary to what he showed in the initial telecast. He was meek and docile in tight jeans and constantly flexing muscles. And then there’s 27-year-old Troy Perez, who proclaims himself as “The Mentalist” whatever that meant. He looks different, too, on tv as compared to the photo above. Maybe he was playing tricks. Magic, most probably.

This Boy Looks Like …

He bears an uncanny resemblance to rising star Aljur. In fact, everywhere Aldrich Darren goes, people tell him that. When he competed at the Circle of 10 Image Model Search 2008, a competition for cutesy teens who want to be actors and models, he won the popular Internet vote. After that, he did the radical shift – he dropped his pants [see this image] and went to become a bit player in the Marco Morales movie, Walang Kawala. Lower photo shows Aldrich Darren in a skimpy bikini under Marco, in a still from Walang Kawala. Not bad, eh?


He may not have won the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 title, but 23-year-old JR Tirona is unruffled. The 5’11”-tall model, who was one of the favorites in the competition, easily landed projects on the runway after the Mossimo stint. He did Bench and the Philippine Fashion Week, held recently at the Mall of Asia. When he’s not busy with modeling work, he’s at school taking up Law at San Beda. Or so I heard. And then again, he’s a smart sexy guy who lives in a big house in New Manila, Quezon City. How’s that for your male model?


Male models and actors JC Tiuseco [top] and Victor Basa are two of the main guys of top clothing brand Penshoppe. One thing very common about these guys is that they are both painfully shy. They are quiet and reserved, but these guys are not airheads like some of their contemporaries at rival clothing brand Bench. Definitely not of the alpha-male type, they are nevertheless likeable and sweet-natured. I guess that is where their charm and appeal come from.


The question on whether Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario shaves or not has been answered. He does, of course. Big time. The rich lather of shaving foam on his crotch looks sexy enough without revealing his jewels. Imagine a depilated one down there. Anyhow, Gabz has not been making himself available lately. After his Climax magazine exposure [the one with Will] and the Kambyo flick, he has disappeared from the limelight. Anyone with news about our dear Gabz?


Male model Jiro Shirakawa is a go-getter. In a good way, of course, as he has a grand design for his success in the future, and that is in show business. The 19-year-old cutie conveniently dropped out of school to pursue his wish to be in the glitz and glamor of the modeling industry. After winning the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 just recently, he is all set to invade tv. Maybe he is going the way of the reality tv route, that is, as one of the contestants where people would get to know him better in candid and unguarded episodes. Something like ABS-CBN’s edition of the Big Brother series, perhaps?


Marvin Kiefer [left] and Piko Suzuki

Louie Ang [left] and Shaun Rodriguez
At the press launch yesterday of the second Philippine edition of Survivor, the highly successful reality tv franchise, the new castaways [contestants] were introduced in their swimming trunks. Most conspicuous were young models Marvin Kiefer dubbed by the show’s writers as the Ultimate Crush and Piko Suzuki designated as the Japinoy Hunk. Of course, there’s 24-year-old Louie Ang, an IT office worker tagged as the Walking Penis, kidding, rather as Chickboy whatever that meant, and late 30-something government employee Shaun Rodriguez nicknamed as Hot Dad. Sex really sells and that’s that. Hopefully Survivor gets through the ratings next week.

Jericho Rosales returns

Actor Jericho Rosales is trying to get back his leading-man status card. He is set to return on ABS-CBN’s prime time block through the soap Dahil May Isang Ikaw, which is a heavy drama series. He is headlining this one, together with big stars to back him up in the genre that catapulted him to relative fame a few years back. Too, it seems that all is well and good on Jericho’s side again as he gets to endorse big commercial products [e.g. Skyflakes Crackers, Extra Joss Energy Drink, Walker Underwear], sing [his self-titled album just got released] and act [tv series plus some guest appearances in his home studio’s shows].

Aljur does Cosmo

It’s the time of the annual list of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s top ten centerfolds and 69 hot bachelors. Guess who made it to the list – 19-year-old GMA-7 actor Aljur Abrenica, who recently had a sexy photo shoot for the magazine. It seems that his star’s really on the rise, as the top women’s magazine, known for its racy photos and articles, has acknowledged Aljur‘s flourishing career. And then rumor has it that local clothing brand Bench is getting him signed after his contract with little known Cotton Club gear expired most recently.

Red, Raph and Raw

What’s a Catholic school boy doing in a little red bikini? Beats me, but I’m not complaining. It’s Raph Almeda, a 22-year-old student of Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas. If he looks familiar, that’s because he has gone around the bikini pageant circuit from Mr. Sexy Body 2008 [won by Arvin Macu] of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall to Body Shots 2008. He eventually won the 2008 Summer Bodies competition. He got busy, too, with modeling for the A-list designers and brands on the runway plus stints at the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual Bachelors Bash.
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