For Flashback Friday, Dennis Trillo Now [left] contemplates on his showbiz past and realizes that Dennis Trillo Then was a blue-eyed unitard-wearing, bulge-showing, space-flying cadet on prime time tv. Of course, the guy’s always cute. And hot.


Dennis Trillo makes hearts swoon. After the success of his prime time gay series in GMA (with that adorable underwear model Tom Rodriguez), Mr. Trillo’s stock has gone up to greater heights. He may not be visible on tv now, but surely there are some meaty projects in the pipeline for this in-demand actor. 

TomDen Again

The TomDen pair is back! This time though, they’re not canoodling as tragic lovers. On Saturday prime time, 1 March  2014, watch Magpakailanman where Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo portray Mixed Martial Arts [MMA] fighters who struggle hard to gain recognition in their field.  Expect some heavy drama, but bonus would have to be the boys shirtless in MMA shorts with side slits.

Dennis the Menace

Witness how Dennis Trillo manages to torture us with his constant teasing. Somehow he still arouses, cranking up the heat in some ways. Like this one, when he’s supposed to show us the full tighty whities shot. Maybe we’re up for some raw bulge or so. Maybe in the near future.

TomDen Forever

It’s the battle of the pits as 2013 tv’s most successful couple raise their arms [and lower their pants] for the Body Issue of Metro Magazine. Who’s your pet, err, bet? Is it Tom Rodriguez, baring his best pit shot? Or Dennis Trillo, gamely posing with a pricey bag to cover his privates?  

Part Two

Now that the sensational prime time soap of GMA, My Husband’s Lover has ended, many are still itching for another pair, a handsome-boys tandem to portray happy but ill-fated lovers on screen. In the mold of TomDen – Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez, of course.
 Maybe a Jake CuencaPaulo Avelino partnership? They do well on tv, plus they have no qualms with the butt-baring, bulge-brandishing scenes, thanks to their experience modeling underwear for local brand Bench Body. Portmanteau: PauJake or Jakulo

How about GMA performers, Enzo Pineda and Rocco Nacino as a couple? They can and will do anything for that elusive thing called fame.  Portmanteau: EnCo or RoNzo
Oh, the boys have grown! Arron Villaflor and Sam Concepcion, erstwhile lanky-sissy teens have all emerged from baby fat. Perhaps they can be a duo on tv, kissing and making out. Portmanteau: SamRon
 Or Piolo Pascual and Coco Martin? They will have to do the adult version, of the hopeless and angst-ridden romance variety. With lots of physical and intimate contact, of course. Perfect for late prime time.  Portmanteau: PioCo or CoPio  

 Teejay Marquez and Zuher Bautista for the TeeHer love team [to the chagrin of you-know-who]? Why not? It will be a launching of sorts. But then again, I’m digressing. Silly me.

Bumps and Pageantry

The boys really went out to play. And pose and preen to the delight of girls and girls alike. The Cosmo Bash this year offered some surprises. Cover boy Alden Richards came out in tiny shorts with a noticeable lump.

A very Clen, uh, clean and cut JC de Vera surprised every one on stage. 
He’s poised to make it big this year in ABS-CBN.

GMA’s leading man Aljur Abrenica is still at it, this time teasing in white shorts. 
He had a boner and happy to see the screaming fans.

Oh, and Rayver Cruz was force feeding his banana to a guy in the audience! Gasp!

While brother Rodjun Cruz danced with his fly open.

The loudest shrieks of the night? The TomDen duo! 
Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez played up the crowd in their MHL form. Sweet!

Plus, there were streakers wearing masks.

And guys showering on stage in their tighty whities!

Cosmo Night

It’s Cosmo Night later! The boys and the men are out to play for the girls. Of course, we’ll see the usual wet, sweaty bods on stage. Some may pull down their pants. Others will just have to be prissy with their jeans on. But just the same, it will be one wild night with all the half-naked men.  Here are some moments in the past Cosmo Bachelors Bash that I remember.
 The water gun was introduced in 2008, to douse the guys, including Bruce Quebral.
 Many were surprised to see the transformation of singer Christian Bautista in 2010.
Bonus: hair!

 Actor Dennis Trillo first appeared in the Cosmo event in 2005 looking cute and hot.

 Dingdong Dantes went nekkid on the cover of the magazine and he was the night’s star in 2007.
 An unknown youngster by the name of Enchong Dee failed to elicit loud screams in 2006.

 Newbie Jon Mullally was still a bit player in 2006, relegated to the fly-in models group.

 Daring actor Marco Morales was the opening act in the 2007 edition.
Surprisingly, he didn’t pull his shorts down.
 Actor Marco Alcaraz had his undies cut into pieces and threw them into the crowd.

 In 2005, Will Devaughn boldly stepped out of his pants.
Zanjoe Marudo, then a fledgling model, also showed up in his underwear 
at the 2005 edition [with Iago Raterta]

Gettin’ Ready

Oooh, this Dennis Trillo is getting hotter! Buoyed by his sudden fame via GMA’s top prime time soap My Husband’s Lover, Dennis is one of the featured centerfolds in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual treat. To prepare for his runway spot next week in the Cosmo Bash, the young actor is hitting the gym every day. I wonder what surprise he’ll bring in the show.

Centerfolds 2013!

It’s that time of the year. You know, Cosmo Bash and lewd boys on stage. This year, Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine came up with the “naughty schoolboys” theme. There are familiar faces. Probably they got sexier this year.

Here we go with the 10 Centerfolds. Who’s your top in the batch?

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